Friday, March 9, 2018

Deadmines Pet Battle Challenge Guide

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Stage 1. Foe Reaper 50

deadmines pet battle challenge foe reaper 50 guide recommended world of warcraft wow

Though this is technically a boss battle, it is not too difficult. You can use any elemental type pet with strong elemental attacks.  I recommend a Pandaren Fire Spirit, Fel Flame, or something similar.  This guy does AoE damage that will effect your backline pets, so use a throwaway pet for the third slot (I like to keep another strong Elemental in the second slot in case something goes sideways and the first pet dies).

Stage 2. Terrible Tunnel

deadmines pet battle challenge unfortunate defias guide recommended world of warcraft wow

Unfortunate Defias - For this is used a group of three nice frogs.  You can use just about any kind of frog.  Any pet that is Aquatic Type with Critter abilities will be able to mow this guy down.  I soloed him with a Benax.  I recommend keeping a pet with Beast and Flying abilities in one of your other slots to deal with his backline pets a bit quicker.

deadmines pet battle challenge angry geode guide recommended world of warcraft wow

Angry Geode - Anything with good Aquatic damage will work here.  I use a good old fashioned Rip + Blood in the Water combo, like Toothy or Chuck.  Keep a pet with Beast and Flying attacks in your backline to clean up the enemy backline.

Stage 3. Mining Monkey

deadmines pet battle challenge mining monkey guide recommended world of warcraft wow

A good mech is what you want here. I like to bring pets with Shock and Awe and Ion Cannon, so I brought a Darkmoon Tonk, a Menagerie Custodian just in case, and a random third pet to help clean up the backline if needed. Just burn the monkey down.

Stage 4. "Captain" Klutz

deadmines pet battle challenge captain klutz guide recommended world of warcraft wow

I used the Unborn Val'kyr melt method for this guy.  I had my Val'kyr in my top slot, pass the first turn because you get stunned, then use Curse of Doom, then Haunt.  I switched to Ikky (you can use any Black Claw + Stampede move pet here), used Black Claw, then Flock.  He melted easily.

Stage 5. Trash Pets

deadmines pet battle challenge klutz battle monkey bird rat guide recommended world of warcraft wow

Klutz's Battle Rat - I use a Zandalari Kneebiter, and used Black Claw and Hunting Party.

Klutz's Battle Monkey - Alarm-O-Bot works well on this fight.  Use Interrupting Jolt, then Decoy, then spam Batter.

Klutz's Battle Bird - This guy is easily taken out by using a Nexus Whelpling, open with Arcane Storm, then Mana Surge.  You could also use a Stormborne Whelpling.

Stage 6.  This is just some random roleplay.

Stage 7. Cookie's Leftovers

deadmines pet battle challenge cookie's leftovers recommended world of warcraft wow

The best pet against this guy is a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.  I always keep two on hand because they're just so great.  Use decoy and mash Breath, and you're good to go.  If your first Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling dies, any Dragonkin can finish up.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wailing Caverns Pet Battle Challenge Guide

I finally got around to doing the new pet battle challenge dungeons, so I thought I'd do a little write-up of how, even if it's really late.  I have a LOT of pet so I have a lot to choose from, but for someone with a smaller collection, this may be quite difficult.  I'll give my recommendations for pets in each section.

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 Stage 1. Deviate Trash

Deviate Chomper
Deviate Smallclaw
Deviate Flapper

These are all white quality and go down easily.  For these guys, I used a Hydraling, Arcane Eye, and Jade Owl.  I just switched them to the front based on which enemy was the frontline pet.  The Hydraling is best against the Smallclaw, The Jade Owl is best against the Chomper, and the Arcane Eye is best against the Flapper.  They were easy fights.  If one of your pets die, just switch in something similar.

Stage 2. Son of Skum

This fight is also pretty easy.  Just choose a few mechanicals with good high-damage abilities like Ion Cannon, Launch Rocket, or Shock and Awe.  He goes down pretty fast.  If you don't have many mechanicals, and you will need them later, maybe only have your mech in your top slot and have filler pets in the back slots so you're not burning your mechs too early.

Stage 3. Snakes


These guys are all elites so they take 50% reduced damage.  They are all beast types, so that's why you want most of your mechs for this stage.  For Phyxia, I nearly soloed them all with a Darkmoon Zeppelin, then one hit from an Enchanted Broom finished them off.  I like to put a pet with Decoy in the front line for each fight so I can make the pet last a bit longer.  For Dreadcoil, I just switched in an Alarm-O-Bot in my first slot since my other two pets were fine.  For Vilefang, I switched in a Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar into the first slot to replace my dead pet.

Stage 4. Hiss

Oh hey, another snake.  I used a Menagerie Custodian in my top slot and opened with Shock and Awe, burned him down with Zap, and hit him with Ion Cannon when he got low enough for it to kill him, or if your pet is about to die anyways. Keep in mind that he cannot be dealt more than 35% of his health in one shot, and he takes 50% less damage since he's elite.  Just burn most of him down with your first pet and clean up after it dies.

Stage 5. Growing Ectoplasm

I recommend having two Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings for this fight because they're really just that good.  If you only have one, or none at all, you can get by using a few dragons, preferably with healing abilities.  I used Crimson Whelpling and Spawn of Onyxia for my backline pets, and just switched in a second Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling for the second fight.  A similar Dragonkin will work as a first pet if you don't have enough Mechanical Pandaren Dragonlings.

Stage 6. Budding Everliving Spore

This guy can be a pain because he will whittle down your backline pets with AoE damage, so when you get him down all your pets die anyway before you can get his backline down.  What I did was use two pets with the Rip + Blood in the Water combo (I used Chuck and Toothy), then I used a mechanical pet in my third slot to make it easier to take down his Beast type backline quickly.  Just Rip, Blood in the Water, and Surge when those are on cooldown.  My first pet was only at half health by the time I got the Everliving Spore down, so this isn't too much trouble at all.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Zandalari Troll Forms: Welcome to Jurassic Park

So, if you've been paying attention to the World of Warcraft news, you may have noticed that the Zandalari troll druid forms have recently been datamined.  And like... they're something else.

On one hand, I'm pleased the devs aren't afraid to think outside the box when it comes to something we pretty much already know.  People expect the Guardian druid form to be a bear, the Feral form to be a cat, and so on and so forth.  It's cool that they're breaking the mold, and changing it to be more in line with Zandalari troll lore, which is all about the dinosaurs.  It's interesting and unique.

zandalari troll moonkin form dinosaur balance range dps

I just really can't get behind the moonkin form. It's just so weird.  Panser of TradeChat said it best when she surmised, "This looks like the Geico lizard hatefucked an arakkoa and this is the baby that they had."  My god, that is so accurate.

zandalari troll tank form armadillo turtledillo turtle guardian dinosaur

As far as the other forms, except the feral form which has not yet been datamined (saber-tooth cat maybe? Smilidon?), I think I can warm up to them.  The tanking form looks kinda cute and looks like a stegosaurus (Panser called it a 'turtledillo'), like Spike from Land Before Time.  Anyone remember Land Before Time?

zandalari troll flight form travel pterrodax flying dinosaur mount

zandalari troll travel form ravasaur dinosaur running mount

All pics from WoWhead.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

My Least Favorite Zones in World of Warcraft

Or, Why Bugs Suck

We all have those zones that we avoid like the plague.  I certainly have them.  Those zones I will not step foot into no matter the reason.  Something these zones have in common is...


I really, really don't like bugs.  So the best way to make me hate a zone is by filling it with bugs.  Unfortunately, there are quite a few zones just chock full of them.  Here are a few.

Hated Zone the First: Dread Wastes

warcraft zone dread wastes world of least favorite bugs

The Dread Wastes is actually the least oppressive zone on my list.  Though it does have that pesky bug problem, it's not actually that bad visually.  Sure it could use some sunlight and a sky that doesn't look like it's about to collapse on you, but it's not that bad in most parts.  Except for the bugs.

Hated Zone the Second: Eastern Plaguelands

warcraft zone eastern plaguelands world of least favorite bugs

This has to be the most disgusting zone in World of Warcraft by a rather wide margin.  The air is yellow and it always looks gassy.  It has those disgusting giant mushrooms and the weird ground that looks like a prolapsed anus.  It's like the mushrooms had a revolt and decided they wanted to poison the air to get rid of all the humans.  Clearly, they did a great job.

 Hated Zone the Third: Silithus

warcraft zone silithus world of least favorite bugs

God I hate Silithus.  Again we have the prolapsed anus ground, except here we get bug tunnels and giant fidgeting bug legs lodged in the ground.  Those things creep me out, man.  I always feel like a giant bug boss is gonna jump out of the ground and eat me.  They make me twitchy with their twitching.  I don't know why but the designers just have this real unadulterated love for bugs.  I mean I don't mind a tarantula or two but damn, all these nasty bugs.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Favorite Extensions for Chrome for Privacy, Security, and Convenience

I am a Google Chrome user, but I would never be able to use it without some important extensions that make my life easier and my Chrome experience better.  Some of them are for privacy, some for convenience, and some are for good old shopping.  I hope this might give you some ideas on what to add to your browser.  Some of these have versions available for browsers other than Chrome, so if you don't use Chrome, fear not!  Your browser might have an equivalent extension.

1. Adblock for YouTube

chrome extension adblock for youtube privacy tracking ads
This one gets rid of any ads in a video on YouTube.  If you do want to support a creator and view their ads, you can choose to turn it off.

2. Adblock Plus

chrome extension adblock privacy tracking adsI can't begin to tell you how much I love this.  It removes ads from every web page.  If you want to show ads on a page, you can whitelist the site to view their ads.  Make sure you whitelist this one!

3. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

chrome extension amazon assistant shopping easy
This one is pretty nifty.  You can take a product from any website and add it to an Amazon wishlist of your choosing.  I like to shop around so I've definitely found this handy.

4. Amazon Wish List Total

chrome extension amazon wish list total shopping easy
This one just keeps a running total of the cost of a particular Amazon wishlist.  It kind of makes me sad because it shows me how materialistic and broke I am.

5. Disconnect

chrome extension disconnect privacy security tracking ads
This one removes social media icons from all websites you visit.  I personally love it because it reduces a lot of the clutter on a website.  I'm not the type to share things to social media and I prefer a crisper layout.  It also keeps websites from being able to track you.  Like Adblock, you can whitelist a site and see all the icons on it.  Remember to whitelist this one!

6. HTTPS Everywhere

chrome extension https everywhere privacy security

For those who don't know, https is a security protocol that shows a web page is secure.  This extension forces all website to be secure and use https encryption.  At least that's how I understand it.

7. Just Delete Me

chrome extension just delete me privacy information
This is a godsend if you're paranoid like me.  I HATE having my personal info floating around, and if I have an account on a website I no longer use, this extension helps you to delete that account so it no longer has your information.

8. LastPass Password Manager

chrome extension lastpass passwords manage encrypted
Another one I couldn't live without.  This keeps a highly encrypted list of all your passwords, and auto fills them in when you go to a website.  It is incredibly useful.

 9. Personal Blocklist

chrome extension personal blocklist easy get rid of website
This one's pretty simple.  If you do a Google search, this will give you an option for blocking a certain website from coming up in the results.  Mostly I use to to block EVERY country's version of Pinterest, because it annoys the heck out of me.

 10. PureVPN Proxy

chrome extension purevpn proxy vpn easy privacy security
Another one I use because of my paranoia!  This makes it much more difficult for people to track your location and IP address, plus more security features.  I also use their non-browser VPN service, which you can take a loot at here.  This is an affiliate link.

11. Session Buddy

chrome extension session buddy easy tabs saving
This one is super useful if you're like me and stay up way too late getting lost researching in the Google rabbit hole.  This lets you save all your tabs so you can come back to them another day.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

VicTsing MM057 Mouse Review

So a while back, my beloved Bondidea N86 mouse decided it had enough of life and wanted to die.  I am INCREDIBLY picky about my peripherals, so it was hard for me to find another mouse I liked.  I needed something wireless, with 5 buttons, that was also cute.  This is a surprisingly difficult combination to find in a mouse.  The Bondidea N86 wasn't available in pink anymore, and I was dead set on pink.  It is still available in blue and black, however, and it is a really good mouse, so you can purchase it here if you like blue or black.

pink victsing mm057 mouse review gamer girl cuteAfter perusing Amazon, eBay, and Google shopping for a long time looking for my perfect mouse, I found the VicTsing MM057.  I'd never heard of this brand before, and a few reviews were iffy, but I thought it was cute and hit my criteria so I bought it.  Gotta say, good decision.

This mouse is adorable.  It's pink and white, and fits comfortably in my hand.  It's a bit wider than the N86, which at first felt odd but now feels good.  It has a little rest ledge for you to put your ring finger.  It certainly helps the mouse feel more comfortable.  It has that rubbery textured stuff on the right side which is great for keeping the mouse snugly in your hand and not slipping.  I just wish the same rubber was on the right side next to where my pinkie grips it, because sometimes if I lift up my hand, the mouse falls out.

It has 5 DPI options: 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400.  Chances are you'll find one that feels right to you.  It's also good for if you play shooters, like Overwatch, because that customization is great for aiming.  It comes with a mini USB dongle you just plug into your computer.  It's basically a plug and play mouse.  I have had no issues with compatibility on Windows 8.1.  A few reviews said that the mouse pointer jumps and the scroll wheel has a mind of its own, but I've had it a couple months and encountered no such problems.  The 5 buttons are great.  I'm sure some people need more, but I only need 5 to heal effectively.

The mouse has an automatic 8 minute shut-off timer.  To make it come back on, you just have to click it once and it will work again.  I know the shutoff pisses some people off, but I like it.  The one other gripe I have is that it doesn't come with an on/off switch like the Bondidea N86 does.  I feel like, even with the automatic shutoff, this would help save on battery life.

Overall, I really like the VicTsing MM057 mouse, and I hope it lasts as long as my old pink Bondidea N86 did.  If you're on the fence about it, I can say it at least is working wonders for me.  At less than $10, it was an absolute steal, and proof that you don't need to spend $150 to get a great mouse for gaming.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Least Favorite World of Warcraft Races

In honor of the release of some new allied races, I recently just did a post on my two favorite World of Warcraft races.  But what about the ones I don't like? I think we all have a race or two we just REFUSE to play.  We see them in the world and think 'eew, I would never make one of those'.  Or maybe our favorite class only is available to a couple races, but one of them is terrible so we always choose the other (I'm looking at you, Tauren druids!)

Race 1: Humans

Humans are just so mundane.  I'm already a human in real life, why would I want to play one in a game?  I'd rather be something I can never be in real life.

warcraft races human female silly dumb least favorite

Race 2: Dwarf

Dwarves are just weird.  They have those weird faces, and armor looks weird on them.  I can't explain it, I just have a distaste for dwarves.

warcraft races dwarf female silly weird least favorite

Race 3: Cows

I mean Tauren.  I mean cows.  They're COWS, guys.  Why would I wanna play a god damn cow?  They MOO.  I mean I like how they're sort of an homage to Native Americans (I'm part Cherokee myself), and I'm into the whole respect for the earth thing.  But cows.

warcraft races tauren female silly dumb cow weird least favorite