Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Obligatory Introduction Post

I feel like it would be kinda weird for me to just jump into blogging without some sort of introduction.  Kinda like how you don't just go up to someone on the street and talk to them without at least telling them your name. So here it is, the obligatory introductory post.

super mario noob gamer

Real-life wise, there's not much to say. I'm a boring 21 year old girl who plays a lot of video games. I live with my mom and 13 year old brother, and 3 dogs.  I work as a dietary aide in a nursing home, which basically means I'm a lunch lady.

world of warcraft blood elf mageMy gaming life, however, is much more interesting. From a very young age I played games. My elementary school had those cute candy colored iMacs, and in our free time they let us play on them. Mostly I liked to play Bugdom and Oregon Trail. My grandparents also always had a PC and my grandma would buy me the corresponding Jump Start game for whichever grade I was in. I also played a Barbie detective game, but let's not talk about that. I'm also very fond of city building games like Pharaoh and Zeus, Zoo Tycoon, and the Sims.

world of warcraft blood elf death knight

My grandparents also had a Super Nintendo. I'd play Super Mario on that. I remember I could never figure out how to get past Bowser's first castle, so when I go to it I'd just go back to the beginning of the map and start over. I know, what a noob. My aunt had a Nintendo 64 and I looooved playing Super Mario World. I remember thinking how it was such an absolutely pretty game. I also have a PS2 that I don't play too much, I mostly use it to plays DVDs.

world of warcraft blood elf hunterMy first MMO was Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. I was in total awe. I can play a game, and other people around the world are playing it too? At the same time? OVER THE INTERNETZ?!?!?! Mind. Blown. I played that game for a while. Then I started playing City of Villains and City of Heroes. I played those off and on for years and really enjoyed them. I've played a few other MMOs a little bit. Flyff, Tera, DaDO, Rift, just started trying out Wildstar.

world of warcraft troll druidBut WoW. WoW is my crack. I started playing WoW a few years ago, about during 4.2. My first 85 was my blood elf mage. I'm a Horde girl at heart. Leveling her, I did not get the whole rested xp thing so I'd log her out wherever I decided to stop. People would say log out in an inn, log out in an inn and I was like 'wtf whyyyyy'. No one told me so I never did. I know. What a noob.

world of warcraft blood elf priest
What's with all these blood elves?
I got into raiding a little with my guild, leveled my second 85, my restoration druid and current main. I love my druid. She's my baby. I also play a hunter, holy priest, and blood death knight. Right now I'm looking to transfer servers and get into a good heroic raiding guild. Until then, I'm just playin my games.

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