Saturday, June 20, 2015

Little Boxes

I have to say I'm fairly happy with how garrisons are going.  They're good moneymakers and they're a good hub to hang around in.  That being said, I wish there had been a lot more customization.  All the buildings look the same, the terrain looks the same, you get no say in where it's going to be.  The Alliance gets a beautiful zone for their garrison, and I, being Horde, have... a snowy slab of rock.  Have I been Punk'd?

Best case scenario, I was hoping for maybe Sims-style customization, like designing buildings and decor, terrain brushes, garden arrangements, ets etc.  Obviously that was way too much work for the devs.  My garrison doesn't really feel mine.  All my alts' garrisons look the same, and so does everyone elses' on my faction.  There's no way to make your garrison your own.

If I had the option, my garrison would look like a legit fairy village.  Very green and flowery, with rainbows and butterflies, maybe a nice waterfall.  And the houses made from natural green things.  But there'd be no bugs, because I really just can't even with bugs.  If anyone has played Wildstar, you know what the Aurin houses look like.  My buildings would be very similar to that.

wildstar aurin house cute fairy game
Yes, I am secretly a 5 year old.
I imagine my buildings as very organic and whimsical.

wildstar aurin house whimsical cute

There would also be a family of Sprite Darter Hatchlings living under the porch.

tinket bell fairy house
Tinker Bell says hi.

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