Thursday, October 15, 2015

Console Wars

Blaugust Day 30
Blaugust 2015

A lot of gamers seem to have one platform they always use.  Their "master race", as they say.  Some people swear by the XBox, and some swear the XBox is shit and won't use anything but a PlayStation.  Then there's those of us who have a PC and look at the XBox and PS people fighting and scratch our heads in confusion.

Personally, I'm a PC girl.  99% of the games I play are on the PC.  When I do play on a console, it's strictly a PS3 because of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.  That's the only reason I have a PS instead of an XBox.

I like PCs because they're more long-term than a console.  When you buy a new console, in 5 years it'll be obsolete again when the next generation comes out.  PCs aren't like that.  You upgrade the parts and the operating system, but your PC will last forever if you treat it right.  It's like a best friend.  Or a dog.

I'm quite fond of my PC.  It's my baby.  I don't name objects because I think it's weird but if I named any of my objects it would be my PC.  If I want to upgrade it I can just switch out the graphics card or something, I don't have to buy a whole new system.  It's my longest-term relationship ever.

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