Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Daily Grind

Blaugust Day 1 (catch-up)

Blaugust 2015

I usually don't mind grinding out things in-game.  Reps, items (still need 1 more Skyshard...), raids, I'm down for all of it.  I'm a completist and an achievement hound.  Making lists and keeping busy and feeling productive is something I really enjoy.

world of warcraft reputations draenor warlords
For some reason this expansion I've been slipping on the grinding front though.  Haven't been doing the things I used to do.  I'm missing exalted with most of the Draenor reps, haven't even quested through Nagrand yet, and don't have Pathfinder.  Some of this has a bit to do with clinical depression, wherein you tend to lose interest in the things you used to like.  I'm working on that.  I like to plan things but not necessarily do them.  Oh, I'll just do it tomorrow.  I'll start tomorrow.  IT'S A TRAP.

To tackle long grinds, I first research into what the grind entails.  Do a quest, kill a mob, dance a conga?  I can do that.  Then I plan out how I'm going to do it.  What order I'll do the quests in, the most efficient way possible to accomplish what I want to do.  I really love spreadsheets and lists.  If necessary, I plan a route (like my mount circuit of awesomeness).  I find that these things really help me accomplish what I want to do.

world of warcraft molten front
A grind I really enjoyed was the Molten Front.  I love how the further you went, you unlocked more things, and the zone itself changed.  I would love another thing like that.  The quests fueled the story.  I don't really like grind where all you do is mindlessly kill things, though I have ways to cope with those awful boring grinds.

It helps with long grinds to watch a TV show or listen to a podcast to help me get into my zen place.  I'll do a post on my favorite podcasts some other time.  Right now I'm binge-watching Scandal on Netflix.  In the pre-new expansion slump I'll probably tackle the grinds I've been neglecting.  That feeling of accomplishment and getting things done is good to go into a new expansion with.

world of warcraft garrison draenor
Just listening to a podcast over here...

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