Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Glass Cannons

Blaugust Day 28
Blaugust 2015

Some people, no matter what game they play, have the tendency to play the same types of characters.  I am guilty of doing this.  Typically I tend to play the "glass cannon" type of character.  Someone with high ranged firepower but can't take much damage.

My first glass cannon was my FOnewearl in Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.  She was an adorable little elf spellcaster girl.  FOnewearls were very good at magic but had terrible survivability.  She was the first character I played regularly, leveling her up quite a bit before I quit the game.

My second glass cannon was a Defender in City of Heroes.  She was a storm type with electricity powers.  I focused on her offense instead of her healing but I could heal in a pinch.  I loved floating back above the ground behind the melee and throwing lightning at the bad guys.

When I started playing World of Warcraft, my mage was my main from the start.  I liked standing back and flinging spells.  I played her for a long time and raised her to max level.  Pretty soon I met a rather annoying guy who played a resto druid who thought he was hot shit, so I leveled a resto druid just to prove I was better at it than him.  Yes, I was a lot better than him.  That resto druid eventually became my main character and the rest is history.

Now I primarily play healers, but sometimes do still play ranged DPS.  It's funny how sometimes you get pushed out of your comfort zone while playing games and find you like it better that way.

I don't typically form an emotional bond with my characters like some gamers do.  They're just pixels to me, in a detached way.  I see them as me in a virtual reality and that's it.  Because I'm a redhead in real life, I always give my characters red or pink hair so it's easier to feel like they're an extension of myself.  I never get it when people make characters of a different gender than they are in real life.  I always wonder how anyone an relate to a character like that, maybe because I rarely relate to my characters at all.

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