Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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Blaugust Day 11

Blaugust 2015

I mentioned I enjoy listening to podcasts while I do things in-game, so I decided to make a little list of my favorite podcasts (in no particular order).  I'll tell you why I like them and where you can listen to them and find out more.  So, without further ado...

blizzard watch podcast

1. Blizzard Watch

This is the podcast that goes with the blog.  The first part is news and after that they answer questions sent in by listeners/readers.  I usually just listen to the news part and stop after that because I'm not really interested in the questions.  If you're looking for a quick update on the news, this is what you should listen to.  They also have a spin-off podcast called Lore Watch, so check that out if you're into lore.

justice points podcast feminist gaming2. Justice Points

This is one of my favorite all-time podcasts.  It started out as a strictly WoW podcast and has since broken out to tackling many video game topics.  It is a podcast that brings a social justice and feminist perspective to video games and the industry.  I don't always agree with everything they say, but it always makes me THINK about things I wouldn't have thought about before and consider my own perspective.

team waffle podcast druid
3. Team Waffle

This is a druid-focused podcast where they discuss druid things.  I main a resto druid so of COURSE I have to rep for my class!  They discuss PVE and PVP so if an episode is PVP focused I usually skip it.

final boss raiding podcast4. Final Boss

A raiding-focused podcast.  They do a lot interviews with top players of all classes, and periodically do spec-focused episodes where they discuss how a particular spec/class is doing.  As a raider, I really enjoy this podcast.

darkmoon herald podcast world of warcraft

5. Darkmoon Herald

This has to be the most unique podcast I listen to.  It has this cool Darkmoon Theme and the bumpers and intro are awesome.  They are so put-together, it really is like a newspaper in audio form, but cooler.  Maybe like a Darkmoon Faire town hall meeting?

What podcasts do you like?

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