Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Day of Shit

Yesterday was the first day of the new semester.

It was not a good day.

I had all intentions of making it a good day.  I showered and scrubbed myself and shaved the night before.  I washed my bedding and cleaned my floor.  This stuff doesn't really have anything to do with school but it gives me a fresh mindset and having a clean environment just makes it easier for me to think.

I went to be nice and early so I'd be bright eyed and bushy tailed for class the next day.  It was not to be.

My chihuahua is 20 years old and she kept me up all night whining and screaming.  I was about ready to lock her in the basement.  Earplugs did not work.  I tried letting her out and feeding her, and then I gave her some dog aspirin and nothing helped.  So yesterday morning I took her to the vet.  He said her heart isn't beating like it should, her shoulders and back legs are shot, she has arthritis, and probably dementia.  He prescribed Tramadol and Previcox for her and pretty much the only thing that can be done is just make her comfortable.

I was afraid he'd suggest we put her down.  I really hope the medication helps.  But after that I had class at 12:20 so I went to class, tired as all hell, and sat for three hours.  The whole time I was yawning.

I feel like yesterday was a big fuck you from the universe to me.  I tried to make it a good day.

Right now my chihuahua is pacing around crying even though I just gave her a dose of pain meds.  It's hard to watch her.  I've had her since I was about 6.  She was my best friend when I didn't have any human ones.  It's just sad for me, like the end of an era.  An era of sleep.  An era of coming home and being greeted by my little girl.  Even though I still have 2 other dogs besides her it's not the same.  I'm scared I'll wake up and she'll be dead.

So I got home, went to bed, and didn't get up until 4 am today when I heard her whining again and gave her another dose of her medication.  I feel helpless.  What the fuck else am I supposed to do?  I have another class in an hour and a half and I'm a little sleepy but I got like 12 hours of sleep so I have higher hopes for today.

Today patch 6.2.1 drops in WoW.  I'm excited about it.  Flying will make life easier when in Tanaan and getting to pet tamers so that'll be good.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear. This only reminded me of losing my dog last year. Things like this are out of our hands, and we can only try and cherish what time we have left with them. She's lucky to have someone like you where she lived so long and is making her as comfy as possible.