Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pre-Legion Goals Revisited

So, a while ago I did a post on my goals to get done before Legion hits.  I thought since Blizzcon is over and we have a better idea of what we're dealing with when Legion comes around, I would revisit my goals for Legion and reevaluate them as needed.

Firstly, the ones I listed before...

Old Goals

1. Level as many pets as possible to level 25.  I have somewhere in the realm of 600 pets, and maybe less than 200 are 25. I have some work to do.

I am still doing this.  I am making good progress on this goal, doing my dailies, leveling, and upgrading all of them to rare slowly but surely.  This has happened.

world of warcraft battle pets count collection

2. Obtain as many mounts as possible.  Keep my running list of mounts to get and keep doing my mount circuit every day/week on multiple alts.

Still working on this too.  I'm making slow progress and am now in the realm of 208-210 mounts, depending on which character I'm on.

3. Do legendary ring quests on my alts.  This is just for giggles.  I'd like to maybe keep one alt on each part of the quest and keep em moving like a train.

I give up!  I may yet grind it out on my main but besides that I find that I just don't care that much.

4. Find a guild I fit better in for Legion raiding.

Working on it...

5. Acquire Draenor Pathfinder achievement.


6. Finish up Loremaster achievement.  All I need is Draenor Nagrand and Vash'jir.


7. Do any achievements I can reasonably do.  This includes the raiding achievements I don't have yet, which is most of them.

Not really doing this much, but if I happen upon an achievement, then yay.

8. Deck out all my alts in hexweave bags.


9. Level all my alts to 100.  This will be easy since all my alts are at least level 95.


10.  Get all Draenor reps to exalted on my mage, then get working on all the older reps I don't have yet.  My mage is my rep toon that I like to do all my reps on.

I'm almost done getting reps to exalted on my druid.  I think I may retire my mage as my rep toon since she isn't my main anymore so there's not much point in grinding reps on her and my druid.

New Goals

1. Get all the transmog

Collect as much transmog as possible.  Since we get the awesome new transmog system I won't be hoarding it for long.  Thus far I've been collecting sets listed on WoWhead because I'm not that creative but maybe I can have more creativity when it comes to my transmogs.  There are great blogs that do transmogs, like Kamalia et Alia and Bubbles of Mischief.

2. Moose

Complete Heroic or Mythic Archimonde and acquire the Special Moose of Specialness.  My ilv is thus far 700 and I don't know if I will manage to get into a raid group doing it or maybe go the #FriendshipMoose route.

3. Tanaan Pet Battles

I want to defeat all of the wild Tanaan legendary pets.  I haven't done a single one.  How awful is that?

So I will continue to work on the old goals I haven't accomplished, and also my new ones.  What are the things you want to get done before the Legion invades?

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Random Picture Dump Thursday

world of warcraft flying druid lag bug

Fly like an eagle... to the sea.  Bugs are great.  Didn't manage to catch the flying murloc bug though  :(

world of warcraft murloc

I haz a purple butt.  Is that a white turd coming out?

world of warcraft murloc

This is what happens when you combine Inflatable Thunderfury with the Murloc Wand.  Just glowy hands.

world of warcraft garrison mission fail

What the actual fuck, Warcraft?

world of warcraft mining cart

Stupid lazy miners are leaving their carts around!  I don't pay them for messiness.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Legion Druid Class Changes

The many gifts provided by nature must sometimes be reciprocated. Restoration druids seek order in the world by tending directly to its many life forms. Friend to flora and fauna alike, restoration druids celebrate birth and growth. Where there is decay, they bring rejuvenation. Where there is abatement, they summon regrowth. Life not only needs protection—it needs nourishment.

To foster this harmony, the restoration druid builds a bond with the things that grow, gaining inspiration from the flower’s bloom, the seed’s sprout, the mushroom’s spores, and the tree’s growth. Like nature, the restoration druid perseveres through patience and persistence, the foundation upon which all life is built and sustained. They use this power to mend wounds and provide persistent remedies that keep their allies from falling.

Finally, we get the changes we druids will be seeing in Legion.  Of course we were saved for (next to) last, because we are the best.  To see a full breakdown of changes, see the list of resources below.  I'm going to just be touching on stuff that jumps out at me.

Druids are getting an "affinity" talent row, allowing us abilities of other specs.  I don't really see the point in this.  They're taking abilities from specs that don't really fit into that spec's playstyle, and now you have to CHOOSE which ones you want back?  That's some bullshit, to me.  Basically we have to choose between Feline Swiftness and Ysera's Gift.  We just can't have nice things.

Resto druids are getting a new Harmony.  It says "Your healing is increased by 10% for each of your Restoration heal over time effects on the target."  I'm not sure I fully understand.  So, our healing is ONLY increased on that one target we have HoTs on?  I feel like maintaining all those HoTs will be a pain in the ass and a mana drain.  I feel like the Mastery we have now makes more sense, but we'll have to see what it looks like on the beta.

In terms of abilities, they are taking Genesis out.  I'm happy for the change, since I personally never used it and it was basically a useless button.  However, I do acknowledge that it was very useful when I wasn't geared and you needed an oh shit button during dungeons.

What is replacing it is Flourish.  This looks like it could be an interesting ability, though I don't know a situation when I would want to use it.  It's probably something I would just bake into a macro and let happen on its own.

There is also going to be a small change to Wild Mushroom.  It is being replace by Efflorescence.  It is basically the same spell without the mushroom animation.

Mana values are also being changed.  Instead of using a flat amount of mana, spells will cost a certain percentage of your mana.  I think that will make it easier for leveling healers.

Only Feral and Guardian druids get Stampeding Roar in Legion.  I can see the fantasy in that decision, but it still sucks because it was a great utility.  Remember the Garrosh fight?

Balance druids are finally getting the Eclipse mechanic removed.  I am super happy about this.  I'll be honest: I am terrible at Balance.  Maybe it's because of the mechanic, maybe it's something else, but no matter how I gear up I've always been terrible at it.  I'm hoping the removal of this mechanic will maybe help me be a better DPS, because I can't only heal all the time and I feel like a useless sack of fat and bones when I switch to DPS and do no damage at all.

I still have a concern about the Feral Artifact: the Fangs of Ashamane.  It does make the feral form look super badass, but what about ferals who have taken Claws of Shirvallah?  Will that talent be taken out?  If so, what was the point of it?  I actually really like it.

Overall I'm a bit skeptical about the change to restoration, even though there aren't very many.  I'll have to see how it plays before I pass judgement.  Who knows, they may be great changes.

Here are the pictures of the Druid Artifacts.  They look amazing.

world of warcraft legion scythe of elune concept art balance druid
Balance: Scythe of Elune
world of warcraft legion fangs of ashamane concept art feral druid
Feral: Fangs of Ashamane
world of warcraft legion claws of ursoc concept art guardian druid
Guardian: Claws of Ursoc

world of warcraft legion g'hanir mother tree concept art restoration druid
Restoration: G'Hanir, the Mother Tree

Other Resources

I recommend reading the posts here and here by Lissanna at Restokin.  I also recommend this post at Sometimes A Tree.  They go into detail about the changes well and about what it could mean for our class.  Wowhead does a very good explanation of the druid changes here.  And here is the original post on the World of Warcraft website.


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Pictures from Wowhead.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

World of Warcraft: Legion - Game Systems

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1. Artifacts

blizzcon 2015 legion artifact progression

It appears that artifact weapons might have special abilities?  The example was the affliction warlock weapon, the Deadwind Harvester, which is a soulstealing weapon.  That means attacks cause you to do increased damage for a time.  So I'm wondering if all the weapons will have flavor abilities like that.

You upgrade your item using Artifact Power, which can be gained through multiple means.  These include bosses, PVP, rare items you loot, and rare spawns.  I'm wondering if there is a cap, or is it unlimited?  I like the ability trees that the weapons have, it's like in the shape of the weapon and vaguely reminds me of the web of abilities you can give party characters in Final Fantasy X.  I'm also wondering if the tree you've created is linked to the weapon itself or your spec.  If you switch to a different spec, maybe you have the same spec but a different version for PVE and PVP, can you have different weapon trees for each spec or is it locked regardless of spec?

You can socket Relics into your weapon to increase its base abilities.  I'm curious if there's a limit to how many you can use or if you could like upgrade 1 ability 100 times and it's perfectly fine.  I can really see people who farm more being able to stomp over people who play less and haven't gotten as many relics.

2. Class Halls

blizzcon 2015 dreamgrover legion world of warcraft

Ok, I really want the druid class hall to be in a giant tree.  Just throwing that out there.

Of course, 5 minutes later we get... The Dreamgrove.  Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous, but I was really hoping for a giant tree.  Maybe it has a giant tree.

blizzcon 2015 legion class champions world of warcraft

Class Halls will have Class Champions in it, which I think is a really neat idea.  We've been meeting and bonding with these characters and now we can work alongside them in a way we haven't before.  Class Champions I am hoping for for druids are maybe Aviana, Cenarius, Malorne, Malfurion, Hamuul Runetotem, Choluna, Theresa Barkskin, Morthis Whisperwing, Thisalee Crow, Keeper Taldros, Arthron Windsong, or Rayne Feathersong.

blizzcon 2015 class features legion world of warcraft

There will be events in your class hall.  And I feel like I called it because that guy in the bottom picture looks like Taldros.  Finally we are getting armor stands to show off old tier sets, which people in the transmog community have been calling for forever.  Druid get something called a Dreamway which I guess is some sort of portal to other natural places in the world.  So if you wanna go on a nature sightseeing adventure I guess that's where it's at.  Warriors get a sparring arena which sounds pretty dope.  Every class get a 'Death Gate' ability to portal to their class hall and then return to where they were, which sounds awesome.

3. Demon Hunters

blizzcon 2015 demon hunters legion world of warcraft

They talked a bit about Demon Hunters but didn't really say anything they didn't say before.  To me, they just look like melee warlocks.  I'm interested in what they do with them but right now I'm not so excited.  I am, however, excited to create one because they look super badass.

I wish they'd somehow managed to come up with a second spec.  Maybe something that has the glaives, but maybe they float in the air and you attack from a distance with a glaives by controlling them telekinetically?  If anyone's seen RWBY, think how Penny controls her knives but on a bigger scale.  (On a different note, Blogger wants to replace 'glaives' with 'laxatives'.  Sure, why not.)

4. Classes

I'm glad they're simplifying the class abilities.  They're doing away with the majority of the charges, runes, and all that crap.  I think that should make it much easier to play the classes.  Especially for me, because I don't really play melee much so not having to worry about runes and stuff will make it easier on me.

I enjoy the class fantasy aspect of the game.  As my druid, I am a nurturing healer, fixing you with the power of leaves.  As my mage, I am a scholar seeking the secrets of the universe.

I like what they've done to disc priests, by making Atonement their primary mechanic.  Right now you can be Atonement but you don't have to, but now they'll be just Atonement healers which I think is great to distinguish them from Holy.

I don't have a rogue but the ninja fantasy they're going for with the Subtlety rogue kinda makes me want to play one.  I might use my boost on a rogue.

Basically, Demonology warlocks are gonna be MOAR DEMONS.  I think that sounds so exciting, to just send out a horde of demons to gank someone.  If anyone has played City of Villains, I'm thinking that the new demo warlock should be something like a Mastermind and you just have your own mini army.

As far as the changes to Guardian Druids, I don't really care.  Dodge, health, it's all fine and dandy.  Everything is bears.

I don't play a shadow priest, but the new class fantasy for them with the Old Gods and Insanity does sound really cool. I may have to fire up my old priest and give that a whirl.

They are revamping talent trees again and making new talents and taking old ones out.  I'm interested to see what they do but it's not something I'm really hyped about yet.

5. Professions

blizzcon 2015 legion professions world of warcraft

They are making changes to professions, and trying to make them more immersive.  I think that's a fine idea but I'll have to see how they implement it.  Most people don't like what they did for professions in Warlords, but I really like how they streamlined it all.  I don't want it to be a big ordeal.  Professions get their own big storyline, but what about alts?  I don't want to do the same questline on every one of my Enchanters.  Come on now.

I feel like the shared nodes thing is really going to tank markets for ore and herbs.  Prices will be dirt low.  Part of the fun of gathering is the competition!  Of course, being a druid, I'm usually the jackass bat swooping down and stealing someone's flower, but still...

Recipe Ranks are... interesting.  But I kind of like just learning one recipe and that's that.  I don't want it to be all complicated.  Also, I think this may screw up markets as well.  Only the people who have learned the final tier of a recipe will be able to sell their stuff, except people buying stuff for alts of course.

blizzcon 2015 legion professions recipe ranks world of warcraft

However, I am loving what they did to the UI.  It was a much needed change.  Now you won't need addons to see what stuff you don't know because it's just right there.

The Obliterum mechanic sounds like a good idea.  Something different to do with the 10 rings you made before you go the one  you wanted, plus you can upgrade gear and maybe make it last a little longer.

I think the Vantus runes sound cool.  Say your raid group is having a real shit time on a particular boss, well you can just bring a rune to the fight and maybe that will give you the edge you need to get that kill.  I think that will help out a lot of groups with their progression.

Aww, Nomi's all growed up, guys.  That's a really cute flavor thing that sort of ties the expansions together.  We were in Pandaria.  We did something there and now we're somewhere else but there's someone who remembers us being there.  You know?

My druid is a vegetarian!  Can I get some tofu bacon?

Haha fishing.  He was so accurate when he said fishing is about what you're gonna watch on your second monitor.  I always either listen to a podcast or watch Netflix while I fish.

6. Items

blizzcon 2015 legendaries world of warcraft legion

Legendaries will be dropping in Legion, apparently as random world drops.  Remember in the Incredible where the bad guy says something along the lines of, "When everyone's super, no one will be."?  Yeah I feel like that.  When everyone's running around with a legendary, will they be legendary anymore, or just an ugly shade of orange.  At least it used to be a SPECIAL ugly shade of orange.

Duplicate personal loot can be traded now.  Thank GOODNESS.  I swear I'll save my rolls for just 1 boss, roll on it, and they the same pair of bracers for the 10th time and it makes me want to punch babies.  At least now someone can use it instead of just DEing it.  (Another note:  you know you play too much WoW when you are sorting things to recycle and in your head you think disenchant instead of recycle...  Yes, I do this.  I'm disenchanting a pile of cardboard.)

blizzcon 2015 transmog ui legion world of warcraft

TRANSMOG GUYS.  I am so glad they are changing this.  It's great for us fashionistas but us collectors are dying.  Now you just save the look and toss it.  I'd love it if they added a way to sort by color and style, or create your own categories.  They could really go far with this.  I'm glad the UI shows how the item actually looks on your character instead of just the item's icon because that could get very confusing very fast if you have a big collection.  They are retconning every item you've ever gotten from a quest and giving it to you automatically when you log into Legion.  I... what?  You can do this?  They are really going above and beyond to fix the transmog system.  In addition, every item you have in your bags, bank, and Void Storage automatically gets added to your collection.  With no clothes, my void storage will be empty.  And thank Cenarius, we can hide our shoulder now.  Halle-fucking-luja.

THE TABARD CLOSET HOLY SHIT.  I have a collection of tabards on my mage, so... Blizzard, you are my bae.  Will we also get tabards retroactively that we may have earned but deleted?  I hope so.

I am really excited about some features and iffy about others, but it's looking really promising right now.

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I almost feel like I cheated because Blizzcon was a goldmine.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

World of Warcraft: Legion Content and Overview

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This is going to be my recap post of the Legion panel, just the stuff that jumps out at me and I have commentary on.

1. The Broken Shore

blizzcon 2015 legion content overview broken shore

So instead of the questing in the new starting area like we've done in the past, the Broken Shore is going to be a 40-person scenario, with two teams of 20 split Alliance and Horde, working together.  This sounds a little weird to me, but it IS an interesting idea.  I feel like the queue times are going to be horrendous.

2. Demon Hunters

So these guys will start at level 98, and go through their starting zone.  They are going with Illidan on a mission to Mardum to retrieve the Sargerei Keystone from Sargeras's most loyal demons.  It is a planet shattered into thousands of pieces, kind of reminiscent of a cross between Netherstorm and the fiery bits of Tanaan Jungle

blizzcon 2015 mardum demon hunter world of warcraft

I mean.... can we get some doom jokes please?  Mount Doom? Temple of Doom?  Indiana Illidan and the Mardum of Doom?

Demon hunters will steal their abilities from the demons they slay.

Demon hunters get their own epic mount called the Felsaber, given to them by Illidan himself.

blizzcon 2015 demon hunter felsaber illidan

When you return to the Black Temple after you mission on Mardum, you are imprisoned by Maiev Shadowsong in the Vault of the Wardens.

3. Demons

blizzcon 2015 demons world of warcraft legion preview

We got some skurry new demons to fight.  I don't know if they're exclusive to the DH starting zone or if we'll be fighting them throughout Legion.  But they do look really badass.  I hope that warlocks get some new demon looks as well.

The Broken Isles

We were given a closer look at the different zones we'll see in the new continent.

4. Val'Sharah

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art legion world of warcraft

Described as a beautiful, forested, Druidic paradise.  But there's a darkness creeping in.

Here we'll be meeting Elothir (spelling?), a grand master treant druid.  I'm like... can I have that form? Pretty please?

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art elothir tree druid

Because Val'Sharah is such a druid-centric zone, it's only fair we get new models.  Because druids are just better in every way.

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art moonkin owlbeast form balance druid

We also get a new swim form!

blizzcon 2015 val'sharah concept art druid travel swim form

I would not want this guy creeping up on me while I was swimming.

5. Stormheim

blizzcon 2015 stormheim concept art

Stormheim is an interesting-looking zone.  It looks kinda of like maybe... Nevada?  I mean I've never been to Nevada, but I've seen pictures.  Or maybe Canada.  Never been there either though...

The Vry'kul call this rugged, treacherous land home.

blizzcon 2015 stormheim concept art vry'kul

We will also be exploring the Kvaldir and the Val'kyr.  There will be Val'kyr in this zone, so I have to wonder if Sylvanas is going to try to sway them to her side.  When her Val'kyr die, she will too.  Is she going to try to ally more to her cause and extend her life and the life of her Forsaken?

blizzcon 2015 stormheim concept art stormwing drake

There is also a new dragonflight called Storm Dragons, living in the peaks of Stormheim and Suramar.  I hope we get to have one of these as a mount.

They shows a video of the different areas of the zone, and one of them had a carving of a face on a tree, which reminded me of Game of Thrones.  It's a nice little reference, though I don't know if they did it on purpose.

6. Azsuna

blizzcon 2015 azsuna concept art

Azsuna looks serene on the outside, but it is a cursed and haunted land.  It was destroyed by Queen Azshara herself prior to the Sundering.  Why would she do that to her own people?  We'll also meet the remnants of the Blue Dragonflight. Mage was my first main so I've always felt a kinship to the blue dragonflight and I'm interested to see what's up.

As a side note, they somehow changed it so that view distance is much farther than it was before.  I always have max view distance and I like seeing what's around me, so I feel like that's going to be a welcome change.

blizzcon 2015 azsuna concept art naga

The naga will be playing a part of this zone.  There will be new types of naga, as well as new naga models.

blizzcon 2015 azsuna concept art ruins

I have to say I am loving what they're doing with the ancient Night Elf architecture.  It's true to what we've seen before, but it really does have that ethereal, Greek feel they're going for.  It really makes me want to race change all my characters to night elf.

7. Highmountain

blizzcon 2015 highmountain concept art legion world of warcraft

Highmountain looks very.... mountainous.  I just don't like mountain very much because they're a pain in the ass.  And I'm not a huge fan of Tauren either.  Of course I will still do the zone but it may take me a longer to warm up to it.

blizzcon 2015 highmountain concept art tauren drogbar

Three clans of Tauren, direct descendants of those who fought during the War of the Ancient, have been living peacefully here.  Until the Drogbar have risen up from their caves and stolen their most sacred artifact which has fractured their unity.  But look.  That guy has moose horns.

blizzcon 2015 highmountain concept art harpy

Highmountain is also home to some badass-looking harpies.   It looks like they got a model upgrade too.

8. Suramar

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art legion

Suramar is where we're ultimately going to end up.  The zone took a big hit during the Sundering, but thankfully the city itself still stands and thrives.  It was protected by a spell cast by the city's most powerful mage, drawing on the power of...

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art legion nightwell

Night elves are really big on wells.  We've got moonwells, sunwells, wells of eternity, and now nightwells.  What other kinds of wells are we going to see?  Will we see Lassie and little Timmy falling down the well?

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art nightborne legion

The power of the Nightwell has mutated the elves into the Nightborne.  God I want to play one of those.  They're a bit like the Drow from Dungeons and Dragons.

blizzcon 2015 suramar concept art starved nightfallen

Nightborn that have been expelled from the city for committing crimes are called the Nightfallen, and they remind me of the Wretched in the Blood Elf zone who have been cut off from the Sunwell.

9. Thal'Drenath

They didn't talk about this zone, as it's unfinished and will be coming soon.


10. Zone progression will be non-linear, so your level will scale with whatever zone you're in.  I'm kind of on the fence about this, because I actually like it being linear and knowing exactly where I need to be.  I find that when I'm left to decide that stuff for myself, I'm not sure what to do.

11. Endgame content will be more fluid than it was before.  There will be constantly shuffling world objectives that you can do throughout the whole continent.  There will be a large variety of missions and rewards.

blizzcon 2015 legion world quests preview

12. There will be two raids at first, the Emerald Nightmare and The Grand Palace of Suramar.

blizzcon 2016 legion cenarius

We get to fight fucking CENARIUS.  My inner druid is crying Nightwell tears right now.

blizzcon 2015 legion grand magistrix

We will also fight the Grand Magistrix of the Nightborn.  She's kinda hot.  I love fighting female bosses because we usually don't see them, and as a feminist, I want to beat up just as many women as I do men.

13.  There will be 5 starter dungeons, culminating in 10 dungeons when you get to 110.  Dungeons will be central to the expansion, according to the devs.  I really hope that's true because I really enjoyed dungeons in Mists but the dungeons in Warlords just don't do it for me.  Except the Everbloom, cuz it's purty.

There will be the Eye of Azshara, Neltharion's Lair, Halls of Valor, Darkheart Thicket, and the Violet Hold.

The dungeons available at max level are Vault of the Wardens, Black Rook Hold, Hellheim, Suramar Noble District, and Suramar Catacombs.

blizzcon 2015 legion darkheart thicket
Darkheart Thicket
blizzcon 2015 legion halls of valor

blizzcon 2015 legion maw of souls
blizzcon 2015 legion black rook hold legion

The goal is to keep dungeons relevant, even at endgame.  There will be a Legion challenge mode, with different scaling and modifiers each week.  And of course, phat loot at the end of the run.

Beta is supposedly going to be weeks, not months, after Blizzcon.

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