Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Retrospective

2015 retrospective
I feel like 2015 has been a year of growth for me.  Thought I'm not exactly where I want to be, I am making progress toward trying to be the me that I want to be.

Things I have accomplished this year include:

1. Working out some of the kinks of this blog and posting on it regularly.

2. Making it through a whole year of school.

3. Getting on medication for my stomach troubles instead of just trying to muddle through it on my own.

4. Finally starting to see a therapist.

5. Having a regular job the entire year.

6. Paying off my medical debts.

7. Going to a convention and leaving home for 3 days without having a panic attack.

8. Finally getting around to painting some of my furniture, putting up shelves for my plushies, and generally making my room feel more 'me'.

9. I completed IntPiPoMo and Blaugust.

10. Found a guild to raid with for the foreseeable future.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but this is what I can think of.

I feel like 2015 was just the first step, however.  It will take more work for me to be in a better place emotionally and mentally.  For 2016, I would like to accomplish some things.  This isn't exactly a list of resolutions, because I think resolutions should be more like steps and not end results or you won't ever get them done.

But these are some things I want to do:

1. Read more books.

2. Watch more anime.

3. Play more games.

4. Get healthier, physically and mentally.

5. Get my driver's license.

6. Start a YouTube channel.

7. Save money.

8. Stop spending money on fast food!

9. Continue to post regularly.

10. Make more friends.

I don't think my goals are too lofty.  It's going to take breaking them up into steps to achieve the end result, and it may not even happen in 2016.  It may take longer, but I think as long as I make progress, it's okay that it isn't perfect.

Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

On the Twelfth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

12 Child Ninjas!

naruto 12 child ninjas
I think all of my favorite anime have the running theme of child killers.  I like when the episodes are fast-paced, but Naruto has the same problem that Dragon Ball Z has.  The arcs drag on and on.  There are filler episodes in the middle of epic fights with nothing but talking and exposition, which drives me crazy.  I love that even the secondary characters get episodes centered on them.  But look at that picture.  Poor Kiba's face is hidden by Shikmaru's obnoxious ponytail.  Come on, Shikamaru.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the Eleventh Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

11 Student Councilwomen!

best student council girls anime

Best Student Council is the kind of anime I don't usually like.  Too much comedy silliness.  But I found that I actually liked it.  It's pretty slice of life, without much plot.  Most of the episodes are random crazy shit happening.  But I really like the characters.  Each one has her little specialty and somehow they all seem pretty unique, instead of all being the same game with different hair like what happens in so many large-cast shows.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the Tenth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

10 Sailor Scouts!

sailor moon scouts group squad magical girls anime
Sailor Moon was my first anime love.  I remember getting out of kindergarten and making my mom wait until Sailor Moon was over before I would leave my grandpa's house (he babysat me after I got out of school).  I had lots of episodes on VHS, and the movies too.  I am so glad they redubbed the original series.  It's like my childhood coming back to life.  I get to see them in their uncut glory, but in English (I hate watching subs).  I like Sailor Moon Crystal, but it feels too rushed to me, and I don't like the lack of character development.  I'm looking forward to the next couple seasons, because S and SuperS were my favorite seasons of the original series, but I hope it's not as rushed.  I also hope the the Amazoness Quartet become the Asteroid Senshi like in the manga.

How to Level Multiple Battle Pets Quickly

So I have this method I do every day to level as many battle pets as possible, quickly and efficiently, in quick succession.  I'm making great progress on leveling my little menagerie, even though I'm far from done.  What I'm hoping is that I'll have all my pets upgraded to rare quality and at level 25 by the time Legion comes out so I'm not working on a backlog when I should be working on Legion pets.  Here's my method.

This method hinges on already having a large amount of pets and a large stable of alts with menageries, so this method is not for beginners or newbies.  It is, however, fast.  See this post to see what addons I use for pet battling.  It makes life so much easier.

What I first do when I log in is see what is up on the challenge post in the menagerie.  Rematch loads your team automatically so you don't need to track down the appropriate pets, and the same pets will stay loaded between character switches.  I go through all my alts and defeat the menagerie and Kura whenever I find her. This should give you plenty of pet charms.  I send all my charms to my main character and buy 3 each of Pet Treat and Lesser Pet Treat.

I recommend that your pets be no less than level 10 before you take them to the Draenor trainers to be power leveled.  That's where 1 each of the pet charms come in.  I send them to my mage because that's just easier for me, then go to Pandaria.  The Vale of Eternal Blossoms is the best place I've found to get level 1 pets to level 10.  That's because 99% of the pet battles start with either a strider or a moth.  The moths will usually use a weak attack that won't even kill a level 1 pet.  The striders usually open with a heal (sometimes they open with a poison, so if that happens just end the battle and restart it and they'll usually open with a heal this time).

fast battle pet leveling how to

I have my leveling pet in the top slot and an ashwing moth and a sprite darter hatchling in the supporting slots.  Magic and flying abilities are all you need, so any combination of pets with flying abilities and magic abilities as support is the way to go.  Just smack the enemy once then switch out to the appropriate pet.  With the treats and your safari hat, the pet will be to level 10 in a few battles.  I just level pets for the full hour and stop when they're level 10.  Make sure to bring plenty of bandages.  The only pet I've found this doesn't work on is the bush chicken, because its only ability available at level 1 continues for 3 rounds and by then it gets killed.  So just level that up to 10 with stones and call it good.

After you have some level 10 pets ready to be power leveled, go back to Draenor and engage the tamers.  Make sure to use your second set of pet treats.  Here's a map of my route.

fast battle pet leveling draenor route

After I finish the route, I hearth to Vol'mar, take the portal to Warspear, then take the portal to Orgrimmar, and finally take the portal to Pandaria.  From Honeydew Village I take another route through all the tamers there, including the spirits.

fast battle pet leveling pandaria route

For the most part I use Hazel's strategies.  They work like a charm and the only one I haven't memorized is the one for the Thundering Pandaren Spirit because it's a complicated pain the the ass, so every time I fight it I have to look up the video on my phone so I can follow it.

It should only take 2 battles to get your leveling pet to no higher than 24.  After that I just use a battle stone so I don't waste any valuable pet experience.  Eventually you'll have to use the last 2 pet treats to finish the route, so make sure to keep an eye on the remaining time.

After my entire route is done, if I'm in the mood I'll use the rest of the time on the pet treats and go back to the Vale and level baby pets until it expires.  If I don't feel like it I hearth back to my garrison.  Then go through and use leveling stones on your pets just a few levels under 25, or you could buy stones to make them rare.  Those stones no longer knock down your pet's levels.  I alternate between finishing them off to 25 and upgrading to rare because I don't like to leave them at just under level 25.  Makes it feel more complete to me.

So that's how I do it.  If you need help with a pet strategy just ask me and I'll be happy to help.  Happy leveling!

Monday, December 21, 2015

On the Ninth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

9 Teams of Fighters!

yu yu hakusho dark tournament fighters teams anime
Pics spliced from Google

Yu Yu Hakusho was one of the first anime I watched.  The Dark Tournament was one of my favorite arcs because it showed so much character interaction, and some of the characters that appeared then became supporting characters later.  It was such an emotional arc and you got to know the characters so well compared to earlier arcs.  And let's face it.   Youko Kurama is so pretty.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

On the Eighth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

8 Tanks of Schoolgirls!

girls und panzer chibi tanks anime cute girls

Ah, Girls und Panzer.  This was one of my favorites of the year.  It has a huge cast, so many of the traits between girls overlap, but each team has its own thing and everyone has their own quirks.  Some of the episodes are a bit slice of life, while others are all action.  I wish that the non-main characters had gotten more screen time.  But there is a movie coming out, so here's hoping for some good action.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

On the Seventh Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

7 Cybernetic Soldiers!

ghost in the shell squad hot girl anime section 9
Ghost in the Shell is a great classic anime.  Each operative has their own specialty and they work so great as a team (perhaps because of the whole cybernetic telepathy thing).  I remember seeing the first Ghost in the Shell, though at the time I didn't understand it because I was far too young.  I watch the other Ghost in the Shell shows and anime as they got dubbed and I loved it.  Motoko was such a strong woman and I was like fuck, I want to BE her.  One day that purple hair will be mine.  I'm also super excited the series is still going.  They made the new movies and they're making the live action movie (thought the jury's still out on that for me because of the whitewashing, but I'll reserve judgement till I see it).

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the Sixth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

6 Gunslinging Schoolgirls!

stella women's academy squad girls cute anime

Stella Women's Academy is one of my favorites I've seen this year.  I saw the first few episodes at Anime Detour, and I liked it so I watched the rest when I got home.  Each girl on the team has their own specialty that she brings to the team.  It's a really feel-good story about a person finding her strength.  Not a huuuuge fan of the yuri subtext but it's subtle enough that it's not a huge deal if you're not into it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On the Fifth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

5 Cybernetic Child Killers!

gunslinger girl squad group cute girls anime

Gunslinger Girl is completely fucked up, and I love it.  Some episodes are very slice of life, while others have a lot of action.  It's a really sad show.  Most of the shows I'm featuring in my 12 Days of Animemas have characters who work very well together and have a bond, but the girls on this show don't have much of a bond with each other.  They're very disconnected with each other, probably as a result of their emotional issues and conditioning.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

On the Fourth Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

4 Badass Angels!

burst angel squad group girls cute hot anime

Burst Angel is one of my favorite anime ever.  I have the whole thing on DVD.  The dynamic between the characters is great to watch, especially Meg and Jo.  I like the animation, and the story really hits in the feels.

I Take My Little Turn On The Catwalk

a.k.a new models in Legion!

Druids are getting such cool forms for the feral and guardian artifact weapons.  I'm glad there's so much variety and difference so your druid can really feel like your own.

world of warcraft feral druid artifact appearances wowhead fangs of ashamane

Blizzard did confirm they are removing the talent that turns you into a saberon.  I'm glad they clarified that because I was wondering how they would interact.  I kinda wish they kept it.

world of warcraft guardian druid artifact appearances wowhead claws of ursoc

Wowhead also posted the variants for the balance and restoration druid artifacts.  I don't know if all these models are all the ones there are or if there are more.

world of warcraft balance druid artifact appearances wowhead scythe of elune

The restoration artifact looks fine I guess.  The branch part does lend itself well for being a nature-based healer.  I kind of wish they had made tree form variations instead of weapons.  Imagine the possibilities for a tree!  I could be a healing Christmas tree.

world of warcraft restoration druid artifact appearances wowhead g'hanir

There are also new models for rabbit pets and murlocs.  I have always disliked the boxy rabbit models.  They look like 8-bit rabbits.  The new rabbits also seem to have textured fur and they're soooo cute.

wowhead world of warcraft legion bunny models updated

Also look. The bunny is purple.  IT'S FUCKING PURPLE.  There's a lot of other model updates.  Look here to see them.

Pics from Wowhead.

Monday, December 14, 2015

On the Third Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

3 Tweeny Witches!

tweeny witches anime cute girls

Tweeny Witches is actually something I saw this year, and I really liked it.  It's cute, quirky, and has a distinct Miyazaki vibe.  I love how the three central characters are so loyal to each other and all have their own personalities that kind of clash but it works.  The friendship and loyalty is heartwarming.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

On the Second Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

2 Priestesses!

inuyasha kagome kikyo anime priestesses miko

Ah, Kagome and Kikyo, with poor InuYasha forever stuck between them.  I remember the first time I saw InuYasha.  I had absolutely no idea what anime was, and earlier that day this girl I was in school with (elementary school, so I was young) had told me the story of Bloody Mary and I was generally terrified.  So I turn on the TV, see this on, turn the channel to it, and see.... Urasue the nasty witch on the screen.  It scared me shitless and I turned off the TV and hid in my room.  Of course, soon after I started watching it and found I really liked the show, after I got over my Bloody Mary fear.

I used to hate Kikyo.  I thought she was a spiteful bitch.  But the more I saw her on the show, the more I felt sympathy and started understanding her motives.  I didn't like Kagome much either.  To me she was just a weak damsel waiting for InuYasha to save her.  It's obvious Kagome has power, and it killed me she wasn't learning how to use it.  I like them both now, and I'm glad their stories finally got wrapped up in The Final Act.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

On the First Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

1 White Lion!

kimba the white lion anime

Yay Kimba!  Who doesn't love Kimba?  I remember when I was super young, going to the video store and renting VHS tapes of badly dubbed Kimba the White Lion.  And I had the dubbed VHS tapes of the Sailor Moon movies and always before them during the trailers there was a Kimba trailer.   I kinda want to see if I can find the episodes on YouTube because I barely even remember them.  Who else watched Kimba?

Friday, December 11, 2015

12 Days of Christmas... ANIME!

So I saw this post and I liked the idea.  This isn't strictly an anime blog even though I do talk about anime sometimes, but I still wanted to do this.  Since I haven't watched a lot of anime this year I'm putting my own spin on this challenge.  What I'm going to do is make a post each day with like... groups representing anime I like.  It sounds weird but when I start doing it it will make more sense.  Starting on December 12th, I will be making one post a day for 12 days about anime.

Let the countdown begin...

anime magical girls squad cute