Sunday, December 13, 2015

On the Second Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

2 Priestesses!

inuyasha kagome kikyo anime priestesses miko

Ah, Kagome and Kikyo, with poor InuYasha forever stuck between them.  I remember the first time I saw InuYasha.  I had absolutely no idea what anime was, and earlier that day this girl I was in school with (elementary school, so I was young) had told me the story of Bloody Mary and I was generally terrified.  So I turn on the TV, see this on, turn the channel to it, and see.... Urasue the nasty witch on the screen.  It scared me shitless and I turned off the TV and hid in my room.  Of course, soon after I started watching it and found I really liked the show, after I got over my Bloody Mary fear.

I used to hate Kikyo.  I thought she was a spiteful bitch.  But the more I saw her on the show, the more I felt sympathy and started understanding her motives.  I didn't like Kagome much either.  To me she was just a weak damsel waiting for InuYasha to save her.  It's obvious Kagome has power, and it killed me she wasn't learning how to use it.  I like them both now, and I'm glad their stories finally got wrapped up in The Final Act.

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