Saturday, December 19, 2015

On the Seventh Day of Animemas... true love gave to me...

7 Cybernetic Soldiers!

ghost in the shell squad hot girl anime section 9
Ghost in the Shell is a great classic anime.  Each operative has their own specialty and they work so great as a team (perhaps because of the whole cybernetic telepathy thing).  I remember seeing the first Ghost in the Shell, though at the time I didn't understand it because I was far too young.  I watch the other Ghost in the Shell shows and anime as they got dubbed and I loved it.  Motoko was such a strong woman and I was like fuck, I want to BE her.  One day that purple hair will be mine.  I'm also super excited the series is still going.  They made the new movies and they're making the live action movie (thought the jury's still out on that for me because of the whitewashing, but I'll reserve judgement till I see it).

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