Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the Tenth Day of Animemas...

...my true love gave to me...

10 Sailor Scouts!

sailor moon scouts group squad magical girls anime
Sailor Moon was my first anime love.  I remember getting out of kindergarten and making my mom wait until Sailor Moon was over before I would leave my grandpa's house (he babysat me after I got out of school).  I had lots of episodes on VHS, and the movies too.  I am so glad they redubbed the original series.  It's like my childhood coming back to life.  I get to see them in their uncut glory, but in English (I hate watching subs).  I like Sailor Moon Crystal, but it feels too rushed to me, and I don't like the lack of character development.  I'm looking forward to the next couple seasons, because S and SuperS were my favorite seasons of the original series, but I hope it's not as rushed.  I also hope the the Amazoness Quartet become the Asteroid Senshi like in the manga.

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