Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What to do Post Patch 7.0.3

The patch dropped a week ago and I've been dabbling a bit.  I've been obsessively running Ahn'Qiraj for... some reason.  I don't even know why.  It's a bit of a daunting task to go through 11 characters and sort them out.  So, here's what I think should be the first priorities in sorting out your toons post-patch.

1. Bags!

patch 7.0.3 prep bags world of warcraft

Sort out your bags, pronto.  Go though all your toons and make sure to equip all your unlearned transmog items, then vendor those little fuckers.  Make sure you double check what you're vendoring the right thing.  Don't vendor your raiding staff.  Also double check all your little baubles.  Some of them were turned into toys so you may be able to learn it and vendor the extras.  Also considering your extra materials.  Someone might just buy it up and you can make space for the good stuff.

2. Character changes

patch 7.0.3 prep character changes world of warcraft

This may be easy or hard, depending on how many toons you have.  Go through each one and pick talents, rearrange macros, and redo keybinds.  A lot of shit was taken out and a lot added in, so it'll take some doing to get raid-ready again.  Make sure to check a good class resource you trust to get the lowdown on the new du-jour rotations and builds.  Also make sure to redo your bars.  No doubt there's some gaps to fill.

3. Get off your ass

There's undoubtedly some things you wanted to finish up before Legion.  Now is the time to do it, because when Legion hits you don't want to be left behind while everyone's in Suramar and you're still camping Deepholm for that stupid dragon (that'll probably be me).

4. Miscellaneous

Still looking for a good raiding guild for the next expansion?  Now's a good time to find one.  If you multiples of the same class on one realm, consider transferring them to another realm so you can diversify.  I have two druids on Zul'jin and I no longer need them both so I'll be transferring one off at some point.  Make some friends.  Join an OpenRaid group just for funsies.  Enjoy your downtime now, because on August 30, you won't have any.

(For anyone wondering, I will be updating my Resto Druid Guide.)