Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Velen's Future Sight WeakAuras

The other day I finally got the legendary trinket, Velen's Future Sight!  I've needed it forever and I finally got it out of a box from the Broken Shore.  I had trouble figuring out the right time to use it and how to click it without disrupting my rotation.  I first made a macro for it, and macroed it into my Efflorescence so I could make sure I used it enough to make it worthwhile.  Then I realized I needed a WeakAura to know when it was up and when it was on CD.  So I did some Google magic and found one!  I needed to tweak it a little but I really like it.  I keep it above my player frame so it's easy to look at without breaking my concentration.

It is a series of three auras.  One glows when the trinket is available for use.  Another one is grey and has a cooldown on it to show you how long until the trinket will be back up.  Another one shows a cooldown for how long you have the buff.  First it appears, then when you use it the cooldown for the buff comes up, then when the buff drops the cooldown on the trinket pops up.  It's super handy.  Right click in the text box, click "Select All", Copy, then paste right into WeakAuras!

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Here are the strings:

velen's future sight weakaura cooldown duration trinketvelen's future sight weakaura cooldown duration trinketvelen's future sight weakaura cooldown duration trinket

You want to tweak the size or where it is but apart from that it is functional.  Happy healing!

Monday, June 12, 2017

VuhDo Setup and Export String mk. II

If you are having trouble setting up VuhDo for your resto druid, you are in luck.  This is a string for my exact setup.  You may want to make it bigger since I do keep it pretty small, but it has all HoTs on it (except Living Seed) and everything is easy to track.  Good luck druids!

vuhdo setup string code restoration druid

I finally added a text box instead of that huge string of code, so simply right click inside the box, click "Select All", and then just paste the string into VuhDo! I hope this makes it much easier for you guys!

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

7.2.5: What Druids Should Know

Resto druids may be getting few changes, but they are big and possibly annoying.  The next patch comes out this Tuesday.

There will be something called the Moonkin Festival, which I am guessing may be some sort of micro holiday?  Either way it sounds cute since moonkin are adorable.  You ever been to the little building in the class hall with the little baby moonkin dancing?  So cute!

All smart heals, including Wild Growth, will now prioritize player targets instead of non-player targets, to which I say... DUH.  Why hasn't it always been that way?  smh

For Restoration druids specifically, our damage ourput from damage abilities is increased by 25%.  But like... why?  I don't understand why.   They're also decreasing healing from all our abilities by 4%.  Whose big idea was that? I'd as soon forego the damage increase from spells I never use and keep that 4% of my healing, since I'm a HEALER.

Our Cultivation healing is now reduced by 16%.  I know that the math folks are gonna be re-analyzing all our talents again to see which one has the highest raw output, since Cultivation may have just gotten nerfed beyond playability.  Our Mastery: Harmony also now increases the healing done by Mark of Shifting.

I don't think druids are being nerfed so bad that we will no longer be a viable raid option.  I do think that we are going to need to do some research and reevaluate some things in order to get the most output and analyze and reevaluate our playstyles.  I know that with the new tier set bonus, our best in slot legendaries are going to change.  I am not a math person so I will leave it to others to figure that out though.  It looks like guardian druids are getting the brunt of the changes though, so don't feel too bad for yourself.  Feel bad for them.

They are adding an item to allow heirlooms to scale up to 110, so it will make those invasions even sweeter for alt xp.  Level another druid.  You can never have too many druids in your arsenal!

They have changed the legendary Aman'Thul's Wisdom, nerfing the Rejuvenation increase from 15 seconds to 9.  I feel like this will no longer be a must-have legendary after the patch.

There are further changes to restoration druids in PVP, but I don't pay any attention to that.  If you PVP, you may want to check out the patch notes.

Read the patch notes in full here.  Happy druiding!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Betrayer's Rise Guide for Resto Druids

Other Nighthold Raid Guides for Restoration Druids:
Arcing Aqueducts Guide for Resto Druids (Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax)
Royal Athenaeum Guide for Resto Druids (Spellblade Aluriel, High Botanist Tel'arn, Star Augur Etraeus)
Nightspire Guide for Resto Druids (Krosus, Tichondrius, Grand Magistrix Elisande)

1. Gul'dan

Gul'dan boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

As can be expected, this fight has a lot of mechanics and it can be hard to fight and heal at the same time.  The nice thing about being a druid is that we have a lot of mobility though.  One thing I notice about this fight is that I run out of mana pretty quickly compared to how long the fight is.  It is pretty long so be smart about your mana.  Don't be careless.  Don't place your Efflorescence down before the previous one expires, don't refresh your HoTs before they fall off on their own, and don't Wild Growth automatically when it comes off cooldown, wait until you actually need to use it.  Make sure you have a mana potion on you.  I recommend running the talents Cenarion Ward, Inner Peace, and Cultivation.  In Phase 1 on Heroic, make sure you dispel Drain as fast as you can.  People may not stay stacked for very long so don't worry too much about Efflorescence.  Eye of Gul'dan is going to be a pain in the butt, and if you get it you can use a defensive cooldown on yourself, same with Flames of Sargeras.  Sometimes you will get Bonds of Fel, and then get Eye of Gul'dan immediately after, which will kill you very quickly.  Kill the Eyes before you break people out of Bonds!  But also keep in mind that there could be a Liquid Hellfire that comes immediately after also and you don't want people stuck in Bonds when that goes off.  On Normal, you can cheese the bonds by going into bear form and breaking out by yourself.  You can NOT do this on Heroic.  I know because I tried.  Our abilities like Dash and Displacer Beast will allow us to move very quickly, like during Flames of Sargeras, Storm of the Destroyer, moving away from others during Eye of Gul'dan, and quickly moving to the middle to soak souls.  Our mobility is going to be our biggest asset in this fight.  While soaking souls, try to get 3 stacks of Soul Corrosion (5 on Normal) before moving out.  Pop a cooldown on yourself if you need to.  Try to save Tranquility for the last phase of the fight because it is going to hurt a LOT (especially during Black Harvest).  You might need to use it earlier if people aren't spread out for Eyes of Gul'dan or other some such shenanigans happens. This is where Inner Peace comes in handy.  You can also stack HoTs on the raid (Rejuvenations, Wild Growth, etc.) and then pop Flourish and then Essence of G'Hanir for a big burst heal.  Make sure you are using Innervate before you blanket the raid in HoTs.  During the fight you will get a spell called Scattering Field, which you should use when Liquid Hellfire is used.

Good luck raiding the Nighthold everyone!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Nightspire Guide for Resto Druids

Other Nighthold Raid Guides for Restoration Druids:
Arcing Aqueducts Guide for Resto Druids (Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax)
Royal Athenaeum Guide for Resto Druids (Spellblade Aluriel, High Botanist Tel'arn, Star Augur Etraeus)
Betrayer's Rise Guide for Resto Druids (Gul'dan)

1. Krosus

Krosus boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

Krosus is a DPS check fight.  The healing isn't too difficult until the end, so save your cooldowns for the last phase when most of the bridge is gone, because the Orb of Destruction is going to be a big pain in the butt at the end.  I recommend taking the talents Cenarion Ward, Spring Blossoms, Cultivation, and Displacer Beast.  The raid will usually be stacked into two groups, so keep your Efflorescence under one of those.  Generally I keep mine under melee.  Keep an eye on your timers and a few seconds before Burning Pitch goes out, run toward the back of the bridge so you can soak swirlies there.  If multiple swirlies are overlapping, you can soak more than one if you stand between them.  When you get Orb of Destruction, use Displacer Beast or Dash to run to the back of the bridge.  The Fel Beams will usually alternate, as in one will be on the right, the next one on the left, the next on the right, and so on.  After one, go to the other side so you can avoid the next one.  Our mobility helps on this fight.  At the end of the fight, almost everyone will be stacked together  so you can keep Efflorescence under everyone and Orb of Destruction is going to be very painful.  Depending on the DPS of your group, Inner Peace may be worth taking if you can fit in enough Tranquilities to make it worthwhile.

2. Tichondrius

Tichondrius boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

Tichondrius can be very difficult, especially on heroic.  The nice thing is that healers do not have to worry much about mana because during the nightmare phase, you get a buff called Essence of Night when you stand in the purple light that regenerates your mana much faster.  Make SURE you get that buff.  Be ruthless about getting that buff.  You need it more than the DPS do.  Carrion Plague will cause constant ticking damage.  Because we will regenerate so much mana, feel free to just blanket the raid in Rejuvenations.  Everyone and their mother gets a Rejuvenation.  You may even consider taking Germination instead of Spring Blossoms because you can just Rejuvenation everyone.  Usually the players affected by Carrion Plague will be standing together, so you can place Efflorescence under them or under the melee group.  When someone gets Brand of Argus (the big green swirling thing), they must stand in a group to detonate it, which will do moderate raidwide damage.  When those swirlies go out, make sure everyone is topped off so no one gets one shot.  When someone gets Burning Soul, ensure they are a safe distance away from everyone else (because it does damage within a certain radius), and dispel them.  It may be helpful to just have all the healers dispel themselves so no one gets blown up by accident.  If you get add aggro by accident, Typhoon them away so someone else can get aggro on them.

3. Grand Magistrix Elisande

Grand Magistrix Elisande boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

This is the kind of fight that makes you angry.  Just because of the mechanics and how repetitive it is.  That being said, it's not HARD.  Just annoying.  Our mobility will once again be useful during this fight.  Make sure your talents include Displacer Beast, Cenarion Ward, and Inner Peace (because everyone is so spread out and moving all the time, which makes Efflorescence pretty useless most of the time).  You may also want to consider taking Guardian Affinity, because Bear Form allows us to cheese a lot of mechanics so the extra defense may be worth it.  It's entirely possible to dodge the Arcanetic Ring the way everyone else does, but we can also avoid it using Displacer Beast or switch to Bear Form and just eat it.  What I tend to do is avoid the first one the normal way, then for the second (which only happens on heroic) I use Displacer Beast to dodge it.  It's also helpful to use Dash or Displacer Beast to quickly get to the spots where the Epocheric Orb will land.  It will do damage to you, so you can go into Bear Form before it hits to mitigate the damage on you.  You can also go into Bear Form to soak some Spanning Singularity (the blue pools on the ground), which will shrink them and make them less of a hassle for the group.  After the pink elemental dies, stand in the pink bubble to get a haste boost.  If you stand in it long enough, you will get a second one right before the bubble goes away.  Use this haste boost!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Royal Athenaeum Guide for Resto Druids

Other Nighthold Raid Guides for Restoration Druids:
Arcing Aqueducts Guide for Resto Druids (Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, Trilliax)
Nightspire Guide for Resto Druids (Krosus, Tichondrius, Grand Magistrix Elisande)

1. Spellblade Aluriel

Spellblade Aluriel restoration druid boss guide Nighthold resto

If the previous three bosses were a cakewalk, this boss is the early check for your raid.
I recommend running Cenarion Ward, Spring Blossoms, and Cultivation, in addition to Displacer Beast.  The Mark of Frost phase of the fight is the most difficult to heal, so if you can get through it with no deaths you're probably fine.  Keep your Efflorescence under the melee group.  Pop Tranquility toward the end of the Mark of Frost phase because many players will have it and it will be very difficult to heal.  It lines up well with your Tranquility cooldown.  It's a good idea to pop Displacer Beast when you get Mark of Frost to get to the designated area if your group has one, or to quickly move your Searing Brand out of the raid.  The tanks take stacking damage so they may call for an Ironbark if they run out of personal cooldowns to use.

2. High Botanist Tel'arn

High Botanist Tel'arn boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

This is another mechanics-heavy fight that is easy to mess up.  Make sure you are running Cultivation, Displacer Beast, and Inner Peace.  There will be a lot of chances to use Tranquility this fight.  Wait a couple seconds before you dispel Parasitic Fetter (and you SHOULD be dispelling it!) to give the DPS a chance to run away in case they get fixated.  Displacer Beast is useful for avoiding Solar Collapse and Controlled Chaos.  Keep your Efflorescence under the melee group since the ranged will likely be pretty spread out.

3. Star Augur Etraeus

Star Augur Etraeus boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

I gotta say, this is a really pretty fight area.  The stars are so purty.  I recommend running Cultivation and Spring Blossoms.  There's not much opportunity to cast Tranquility in this fight.  People will be stacking in clusters, making it a good fight to make sure you're maintaining Efflorescence.  Make sure you're turning around when the Thing That Should Not Be casts Witness the Void.  The nice thing is that we can heal even when we're turned around so you can stay turned around the whole last phase of the fight.  It is a good idea to HoT yourself up and even pop a defensive cooldown when you get Fel Ejection.  Phase 4, with the add, is the most damage heavy so be prepared.  When you get Icy Ejection, get far enough away from other players that they are not in your circle.  On Heroic, the boss will cast Fel Nova, and you need to make sure you are on the very edge of the platform when it goes off or it's instant death.  Displacer Beast will help here.  That means when others screw up, you can point and laugh.  Generally your raid will be divided into ranged and melee groups, and depending on your raid strategy (whether or not the groups are close enough together), you may be able to fit everyone in your Efflorescence.  Otherwise just keep it under whichever group is taking the most damage.