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Restoration Druid Guide Part 6: Gameplay (7.3.5 Compliant)

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I saved this part for last for a reason.  It's important to have the right tools before you start a construction project, and resto druid is much the same.  Theory is important.  But now, let's get right into the nitty gritty - the part where you actually heal.

Firstly, make sure you're all buffed up and ready to go.  If you're doing a progression fight, make sure your enchants and gems are on point.  Make sure you have Lifebloom and Rejuvenation running on the tank.  Keep those rolling on the tank or tanks at all times.  You can put Ironbark on your tank if they're a bit squishy.  Right after the pull, put down your Efflorescence under a group of at least 3.  Usually the melee are all together so they're good to put it under.  Make sure you have as close to 100% uptime as you can.

Restoration Druid Guide gameplay resto

Heal light to moderate group damage with Wild Growth.  To heal damage on a single target when you have time to cast, use Healing Touch, or Regrowth or Swiftmend if you need something quick.  Apply Rejuvenation to people taking taking steady damage.  I like to put Cenarion Ward on the main tank immediately on cooldown.  If they are taking high damage or you anticipate them taking high damage, throw Ironbark on them.

For high damage phases, pop Tranquility.  If you chose Tree, you can also pop that.  It empowers your spells and makes Regrowth instant, so I usually spam Regrowth on people.  Be aware that this really burns your mana.  You can use Innervate to give yourself some time to blanket the entire group with HoTs and then pop abilities like Essence of G'Hanir and Flourish.  There are some situations that those abilities are very helpful, but I like to just cast them on CD so I'm making good use of them.  If Power of the Archdruid procs, make sure you use it because you get 2 free Rejuvenations.  And make sure you cast Regrowth when Omen of Clarity procs also.

Restoration Druid Guide gameplay resto

If you are going to have to soak damage, make sure you put Barkskin on yourself.  You can even use Ironbark on yourself and shift into bear form if you really need to.  Make SURE that you don't tunnel and forget to heal yourself.  You can't heal anyone if you're dead.  If it becomes necessary you can cast Nature's Cure or Rebirth on an ally, though for Rebirth I would ask permission from the raid lead before doing so.  If many people are dead after a fight is over, you can use Revitalize to get the whole group up at a time.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, comment or tweet me so I can address it.  I am not the end all be all of resto druids so if there's something I should add I'd be happy to do it.  Thank you for reading my guide.

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