Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blizzard Social: What's Next Panel Recap

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1. He's calling it, but didn't they scrap that and call it the Blizzard app instead?

2. Gotta say I'm so glad they added the invisibility feature on the app.

3. I really wish there weren't so many apps for phones.  There's like 3 or 4 official apps tied to Blizzard games.  It would make things so much easier if they would just combine them into one app.

4. The new Profile feature for the Blizzard desktop app gave me some Facebook vibes.  Like you get random friend requests on Facebook so you go to their page to creep them and see if they're worth adding.  This sounds like something similar.  I don't have a lot of friends in the Blizzard app so this might be a nice way to learn more about someone.

5. The ability to change your avatar and include links sounds like a good networking tool.  You can include Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and presumably any other website.  I do with you could have the ability to upload a custom avatar though.

6. I think the Blizzard Groups feature looks interesting but I can't really think of a time I'd want to use it.  Like a group chat?  It could be useful for guildies who want to talk even when they're not all playing the same game or on the same server, but then you'd have to be Blizzard app friends with all your guildies and that would be annoying.

blizzard blizzcon social what's next panel

7. The interface looks a lot like a slightly streamlined version of Discord.  It had text and voice chat.  I think they just wanted to make their own proprietary version of Discord and keep everything in-house instead of people using a third-party voice program.  I think that's a good idea, but having to have all those people on your friends list would just be... daunting.

8. I don't know about being able to chat with people on my phone.  If I'm not actually on my PC playing the game I don't want people bugging me about it, you know?  I feel like there has to be a line between the game and your real life.

9. It's nice they updated the buying interface and added a gifting option.  I've heard that it was difficult to gift someone something, but I haven't done it so I don't know.

blizzard blizzcon social what's next panel gifting

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