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Blizzcon Opening Ceremony Recap: Embrace the Awesome

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I'm back with my Blizzcon recaps!  As always, I will not be recapping everything Blizzcon goes over, as many sites will be doing that already.  I will be picking out the information I find the most interesting or am most hyped about, and give you my take on it.  Without further ado, let's get to the awesome!

1. Poor Mike Morhaime tries his hardest but I can tell he's nervous. He's stumbling over his words a bit but he's a fucking champ.

2. I don't even play Heroes of the Storm (YET!), but Alexstrasza is a badass motherfucker.  The cinematic way giving me some Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire vibes with Alexstrasza flying around the castle running into shit.

heroes of the storm Alexstrasza blizzcon cinematic

3. I don't play Hearthstone either but I enjoyed the cinematic.  When I saw the opening to the tunnel, it did make me think of the kobolds (aka the little candle fuckers in Highmountain), and it showed them and I was like 'called it'.  Also the Hearthstone set it so cute.

4. I feel like the 'Blizzard theme park' thing was kind of a tease at the beginning, like they were going to make it an actual thing, but then wait no it's an Overwatch map.  Well-played, Blizzard.  How AWESOME would a Blizzard theme park be though?  I'm thinking animatronic murlocs yelling 'mrglglglglgh!' at anyone who passes by.  Did anyone else notice the building called 'Snaxxramas'?  Gold.  Having the cinematic pan out at the end, showing Overwatch characters watching it on TV like a commercial was also a cute touch.  Bastion says, 'Beep boop?' and Torbjorn says 'For the Horde!'  Indeed my dude.

blizzardworld blizzcon cinematic ceremony

5. It's about time we got a new support hero.  The ones we have are GOOD, but the roster seems slightly limited.  Moira looks like a pretty interesting hero.  It's the classic story of science going too far and losing human emotion.  Science should be to benefit everyone, but here's an example of someone losing sight of that.  I like when Overwatch explores the story of Talon more, because we don't know a lot about it thus far.  Also I was thinking Moira sounds somewhat like Demona from Gargoyles (where my Garg fam at?!).  Moira's 'shadow step'-esque move seems like Reaper's shadow step thingy (never played him so I have no idea what it's called.  I thought Mercy was the one who worked on him, but what if it was Moira?  She sounds like a psychotic, egomaniacal bitch and I love it.

overwatch moira blizzcon opening ceremony

UPDATE: After some Google magic, it WAS Moira who did her scientific witchy-woo on Reaper and made him reapy.  I am so good.

6. I laughed out loud when Reinhardt's voice actor just ninjaed the stage.  I was like oh. my. god.  Fucking hilarious.  I'm so glad Blizzard has such a great sense of humor and you can tell the Overwatch voice actors especially have so much fun with their characters (you can find them being silly in videos on YouTube).

7. I liked the cinematic even though I don't play Reinhardt.  He's still a cool character and I love how just... fun-loving and cheery he is.  During the battle scene, I was like, 'Oooh look at all the Bastions.'  During the cinematic I had the feeling the other dude in armor was probably going to die.  It also struck me how much of a dickbucket Rein was being, just abandoning his squad to take all the glory for himself.  Then the other omnic dropped from the sky and I though it looked like an Orisa prototype.  I recognized some of the scenes from the Eichenwalde map.  I figured during the cinematic that the other armor guy was probably gonna bite it in some heroic way, causing Reinhardt to have some sort of emotional epiphany that changes his outlook on life.  Towards the end, my god it was sad.  If I was a more emotional person I would have cried like a baby.  We get to see how Reinhardt got his scar and ended up actually in the Overwatch game.  So like... at the end, does the suit of armor still have the dude's body in it?  That's kinda gross.  I feel like it would stink.  And who is this random redhead?  (I watched Panser's reaction video to this cinematic and she mentions she has the same tattoo as Torbjorn.  His daughter maybe?  They're both redheads.  NOTE: I knew Panser would cry.  No hate on her, I love her, I just know she gets very emotional and I knew before I watched that she was gonna cry because I almost cried.)

blizzcon opening ceremony reinhardt cinematic eichenwalde

8. Ice cream?

9.   Ooooh I see where this is going.

10. That was a pretty cool effect with them reversing all the cinematics.  I know a lot of players have been wanting a Vanilla play experience for a long time (I have heard so much 'back in my day' shit from classic WoW players).  I won't be playing it but I think it's awesome for the people who will.  The one thing I'm concerned about it that it will take away from current expansion players and there will be less people to play current content with.  I think people will understand now why Blizzard took such a hard stance with projects like Nostalrius, because they were planning to do the same thing and wanted no competition (which is understandable since it's their game).

11. I NEED that Shadow plushie.  It's so cute.  Even though I have no more room for plushies anywhere.  Or money for them.

blizzcon opening ceremony shadow plushie

12. Jaina's still angry.  Kul Tiras looks cool but I'm kinda disappointed it's Alliance-only. Guess I'll have to fire up my old Alliance druid to take this continent for a spin.  Of course, the Horde-only continent of Zandalar does not disappoint and I'm excited to explore it.  Snake people, dinosaurs, tentacles.  What's not to love?  And trolls.  I do love trolls.

blizzcon opening ceremony zandalar battle for azeroth

13. Void elves!  Dude I so wanna play a void elf.  They look so awesome!  I am kinda disappointed that they took this expansion all the way back to the Horde vs. Alliance.  Haven't we learned to get along by now?  If there is a clear winner, then where would WoW go from there?  Although, I feel like going back to the conflict that started it all will really bring out the nostalgia feels for the old-time players.  FOR THE HORDE!

14. The animation in this cinematic is so detailed like what the fuck.  LOOK AT THAT WORGEN DETAIL.

15. TORBJORN!  Wait no that's just a redheaded dwarf. Never mind.

16. The Alliance siege weapons look pretty badass.  Not gonna lie.  I wish they would have showed more of the night elves since I do love night elves.  If night elves weren't Alliance I'd play one of them because I'm basically a night elf, all treehugging and shit.

17. Ooooh Sylvanas is pissed.  YES MY QUEEN SLAY.  Her banshee mode looks super awesome.  I hope we see more of it.  Her call of 'FOR THE HORDE!' in her resounding banshee voice sent chills down my spine.  It made me want to pick up a sword and skin a gnome.

blizzcon opening ceremony cinematic battle for azeroth sylvanas horde banshee

18. I didn't even REALIZE that was Anduin until his helmet got knocked off.  He uh... he growed up.  Is he legal yet?

19. Anduin's 'For the Alliance' moment was cool and all but... Sylvanas was still way cooler.

20. Clearly, Sylvanas is more excited for this challenge than scared.

battle for azeroth cinematic blizzcon opening ceremony sylvanas horde

Bring it, motherfuckers.

*pics clipped from Blizzcon live feed*

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