Sunday, November 5, 2017

Overwatch: What's Next Panel Recap

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1. This evil bitch is experimenting on a bunny.

overwatch moira bunny experiment bitch cinematic

2. I still think she sounds like Demona from Gargoyles.

3. Can Tentacle Moira be a skin though?

4. "I think it's cool, but I dunno how I'm gonna use these tentacles..."  I know how.

overwatch moira concept art early

5. I like Moira's more androgynous feel.  She gives me a David Bowie in the '80s vibe.  I'm glad the Overwatch team don't feel compelled to make all their characters as bodacious as Widowmaker, because women do have these varying body types and we don't all have long legs and huge asses (though those who do, you rock girl!)  I feel like there's a lot more representation for all types of people in Overwatch than there is in most other games.

6. I think Moira's Oasis skin looks gorgeous.  The white and gold with purple accents is super pretty.

overwatch moira concept art skin

7. Holy shit that glam skin.  It's looks like a candy raver on acid threw up rainbows all over the paper.  It's terrible and awesome at the same time.  I guess they were getting David Bowie vibes too.

8. Moira's toolkit seems a bit OP.  Looks awesome.

9. "Stop off for a burger and some Death Wings at Snaxxramas."  I'm literally dying right now. 😂

10. They put a fuckton of detail into this map.  It's like a love letter to the fans of their other games.  I think it's actually really sweet.

11. There should be a skin of Widowmaker dressed as Sylvanas Windrunner.

12. Symmetra's new Halloween skin is very Deathwing-esque.  Perhaps it would have fit better in the Blizzard throwback skin series?

13. Torbjorn as Magni!  That is so hilarious.  But why did they make Widow look like Nova?  I mean Nova is cool and all but NO!

*pics capped from the virtual ticket*

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