Monday, November 6, 2017

World of Warcraft: Gameplay and Systems Recap

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World of Warcraft: What's Next Panel Recap

This will be my last panel recap, as I didn't watch any other panels.  Blizzcon was a bit meh for me this year, honestly.  I only play 2 Blizzard games, so I only am interested in like... two-fifths of the panels.  But I was fairly pleased with what I saw.  Without further ado... on to the recap!

1. Poor mommy Azeroth getting all fucked up.

2. Of COURSE the goblins and gnomes are the ones who discovered this shit.

3. I feel like this expansion is kind of convoluted.  Like... we're all kicking each others' asses, then we go out and find these two island civilizations that both happen to have awesome navies, and then we both happen to go out on ship battles, all at the exact same time?  It doesn't sound all that interesting to me.  It sounds too tedious, and like this is all coming together TOO perfectly, if that makes any sense.  I like the sense of randomness that comes with just stumbling across an island continent like Pandaria and fighting on it.  This Battle for Azeroth shtick sounds like just more of the same old Horde vs. Alliance nonsense we've been dealing with since World of Warcraft Day 1.  I don't feel like it can be its own expansion.  The entire premise of the expansion with the navies and the islands and the boats sounds almost SILLY.

4. I didn't even like scenarios the first time they were a thing.  These will have to have some bitchin rewards for me to do them.

5. It's cute they wanted the island objectives to be a puzzle and tell a story, but I doubt the average player is going to appreciate the nuance of it.  They're just gonna kill shit and get out.

world of warcraft battle for azeroth island crab

Can I tame this crab on my hunter though?

6. A shadow hunter, a witch doctor, and a berserker.  Possible future subclasses?

world of warcraft battle for azeroth subclasses shadow hunter witch doctor berserker

7. Smart AI?  Nonsense.

8. The Alliance architecture on some of the islands sort of reminds me of Tol Barad.  I hated Tol Barad.

world of warcraft battle for azeroth alliance havenswood

9. We just (presumably) won our war with the Legion, and instead of coming together to rebuild our world and make it a better place... we've all decided to fight over it.  So whoever wins is basically king of the shit hill.  Magni is the only one who knows what's up, but who listens to dwarves?

10. So the Heart of Azeroth is Artifact 2.0, basically.  Once wasn't enough?

world of warcraft battle for azeroth heart of azeroth

11. They seem to be trying to customize the class experience by adding these armor "talent trees", but probably people will just analyze the fuck out of them to see which combination delivers the most output.  Ask Mr Robot will probably have a gadget for that.  So it's really no choice at all, because everyone will have the same cookie cutter build that has the most output.

12. So basically every time we get a new item, we're gonna have to plug it into Ask Mr Robot to find the best combination of gear and traits.  How is this any better than the reforging system?  At least that was simple.

13. What's the point of fighting over all this again?  Why don't we just let the Alliance have the Eastern Kingdoms, and the Horde can have Kalimdor?

14. Will we FINALLY find out what that inaccessible zone toward the top of Eastern Kingdoms is?

15. I will probably NEVER do a War Front.  It sounds way too tedious.

16. Yeah they are DEFINITELY trying to replace Discord!  Integrating voice right into World of Warcraft is a direct shot at other voice communication apps.  Whether it will be implemented correctly so as to draw in the player base away from those other apps is the challenge here.

17. My god can you imagine if there was a voice version of trade chat?  I can imagine all the "anal" spam.  I love anal spam.

world of warcraft battle for azeroth voice app

That concludes the Blizzcon spam (probably).  For more info you can check out great sites like wowhead or Blizzard Watch.  Hopefully the next expansion will be better than I think it will be and I'm just being a downer.

*pics clipped from virtual ticket*

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