Saturday, November 4, 2017

World of Warcraft: What's Next Panel Recap

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1. I'm on a BOAT!

2. Um not gonna lie, the Horde probably started it.  Maybe by accident. Possibly.

2.  Kul Tiras doesn't look all that interesting.  Just more of the same Alliance architecture.

3. Drustvar looks kinda cool.

4. Weren't we fighting Zandalari like 2 expansions ago?  Why would they join us now?

5. I may be biased, but I feel like Zandalar looks way cooler than Kul Tiras.  It has a very Mayan-esque feel to it that Horde players don't see EVERYWHERE.  It seems more unique.  Also dinosaurs.  The environments look amazing.  So lush and green and jungley.

6. The blood troll chicks look sexy AF.


8.  Disappointed about no fox people in the video.  Sad panda.

9. Can Vol'jin not be dead?  He was a cool dude.  Of course I am completely loyal to the Banshee Queen but Vol'jin could come back and be like her adviser or something.  Which makes me wonder how Thrall feels about all this shit going on lately?  Haven't seen much of him.

10.  It's interesting that they are gating the new allied races behind a story.  I haven't decided yet if it's good or bad.  Just interesting.  Since it's something you only have to do once, I think most people won't be too pissy about it.

11. I do really wanna play a Nightborn though.  I always thought they looked pretty cool.  Night Elves are my favorite race but they're filthy Alliance so playing a Nightborn would be a good second.

12. I really hope either the Nightborn or the Zandalari trolls can be druids.  It's cool to know they're planning more allied races than the initial six.  There are so many possibilities I would want to play at some point.  Naga, ethereal, fox people...  My god a fox druid.  That would be so cool.

13. Scaling leveling zones might be interesting for some people, but I have Loremaster and there's no way in fuck I'm doing any old zones again.  It shall be dungeon leveling for me.

14. This Heart of Azeroth thing sounds complicated.  I miss the days when we could just get a new armor piece, reforge it to our best stat, and that was that.  None of this extra trait shit.

15. I don't like the sound of the Island Expedition thing.  I'm not really a fan of any cooperative gameplay (except raiding). I'd rather do something like this by myself.  The fact that there's an added factor of racing against an AI makes it even less likely for me to do it.  I'd rather be able to take my time.

16. Ugh PVP.  Yuck.

17. I'm on the fence about removing the distinction between PVP and PVE servers.  I HATE PVP and I swore I would never go to a PVP server ever.  However, some of my friends are on PVP servers, and lots of great raiding guilds are on PVP servers.  I'm glad they included a toggle to opt out of PVP because if there wasn't one I might have to actually quit the game.  I feel like this will open up a lot of opportunity that wasn't there before.

18. I don't think the dungeons should be faction-specific while leveling. You're just going to be stuck doing the same 4 dungeons over and over again.  And when you get to level 120, who the fuck is even going to be doing dungeons anymore?  Unless they have kept the Mythic+ system, in which case it's not quite so bad.

19. Oh yeah Mythics are still a thing.

20. The Freehold dungeon is giving me some Pirates of the Caribbean vibes.

21. I really want a gold-armored undead dinosaur mount, please.

22.  Did anyone else catch that Kezan, the tropical goblin home island, is going to be a dungeon?  I'd actually be really interested in doing that.  But didn't it like blow up or something?

23. Oh wait yeah he's talking about Kezan now.

24. Could blood trolls be one of the future planned allied races?  That would be cool.

25.  We'll be fighting Azshara!  I'm looking forward to this continuation from Legion's story.

26.  Yes, it matters who wins, you dirty slut.  Get out.

*pics lifted right out of the virtual ticket*

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