Sunday, December 24, 2017

Changes, Updates, Announcements!

I've been a busy beaver writing and making (admittedly choppy) graphics for my new ventures!  I have several announcements so I'll go one by one.

1) Blog

I've been making small tweaks to the blog layout.  Just small stuff like adding links and tags and trying to streamline it a bit.  I've been adding stuff to my pages and trying to keep all the stuff updated. I made a page which lists all my addons and all relevant posts, so check that out if you want to see anything like my UI or addon strings.

2) Guides

I have updated all my Restoration Druid Guides to be compliant with 7.3.2!  The Guides page is updated so going there will take you to all relevant druid guides.  Also, Restoration Druid Guides for Antorus, the Burning Throne are also forthcoming and will be up soon.

3) Twitch and YouTube

I have officially made the graphics for my Twitch and YouTube channels!  There are no videos up right now but I will be posting Let's Plays and other gaming content shortly.  I'm really excited to go forth with this next step and I've been planning it for a long time!  I'm the kind of person who researches something to death before I do it, and I find that my problem is I commit to doing something, research it so I can make it perfect, then it's never perfect enough and I never actually DO it.  I have been researching a lot into creating successful YouTube and Twitch channels, and I don't think there's anything else I can without actually MAKING the content. So, streams and videos will be forthcoming!  All that's left is to actually stream, I have everything else set up.  My goal is not to make money or become famous.  I just want to share my passion for gaming and become part of a community.  I admit I'm terrified to start streaming and making videos because of my crippling social anxiety and general tendency to be afraid of new things, but this is something I really want to do.  I will also be Restreaming to both YouTube, Mixer, and Smashcast from Twitch, so if you prefer those platforms, that will be available!

4) Donations!

Right after I said I'm not interested in making money, I'm telling you how to give me money!  I do not EXPECT or require anyone to give me money.  No major content will ever be gated behind a paywall.  If someone likes a guide or video I make and want to throw me a dollar, I've made that available. I have a donation link, Patreon link, and GameWisp link in the sidebar to the right.  I know people tend to look down upon creators who try to monetize their content, but I think if someone appreciates something I make and they want to help me out a bit, then that should be an option.  I will also at some point make a special page on my blog thanking my Patreons, GameWisp supporters, and top donators.

If anyone has a suggestion regarding this blog, YouTube, Twitch, streaming in general, or my Patreon/Gamewisp, please let me know!

Happy Non-Denominational Winter Holiday and I hope everyone has a great new year! ^_^

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Surrender to My Will

Or, What I Think of Moira's Addition to Overwatch

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skin
We've had plenty of time now to play around with Moira.  Some people love her, some people hate her.  Personally I love her.

Moira is versatile and powerful.  She can function as a healer or as a DPS.  I think she does best as a secondary healer to a more powerful main healer, like Mercy.  She seems to function best as the team's floater, filling in where needed.  Neither aspect of her is a powerful as, say, a character dedicated to that particular role, but she is no slouch.  I like being able to pick whether I want to send out a damaging ball or a healing ball.  That her healing is directly tied to how much she is able DPS tether someone is an interesting mechanic, though it does get annoying if you're the kind of person who prefers to stay farther back.  It can be hard to do enough damage to recharge your heal beam.

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skinCan I just say though that I like the noises her balls make?  The DPS ball makes a sort of goopy noise, and the heal ball makes a sort of bing noise.  If you've played her, you know what I mean.  I like to send off a bunch of balls in the base area before the doors open at the beginning of the match, and I just giggle to myself.

Moira also has an interesting look.  She is not the overtly sexualized female character you see in video games.  She has a much more androgynous look, not unlike David Bowie.  She has a very strong face and short hair, paired with a smaller chest.  I like the diversity of this game's female characters.  You have your Widowmaker, who is literally all ass with her tits practically showing.  And that's okay.  There's nothing wrong with that.  You also have your Mei, who is heavier-set but no less compelling.  And you have Moira, who is more masculine looking.  The diversity is great.  There is no standard big ass big chest look that all the women conform to.  They seem more like real women.  (Not that a woman who does have a big ass and chest is somehow worse, it's just that not all women look like that.)

guide opinion playstyle skin

overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skinI have found a playstyle that usually works as Moira.  I generally like to hang back behind my team.  I send out damaging balls first to whittle down the enemy some.  As my team charges in, I make sure I have a meat shield and start spamming my damagers, offhealing as needed.  If you are the main healer, you will need to concentrate more on heal balls and keeping the team topped up.  Only damage as much as you need to recharge your healing.  Also stay back more, because the enemy team will target you if you are the main healer.  Only get close to the enemy team if you have the rest of your team to shield you.  As far as Moira's ult, it doesn't really do that much damage unless you are under the effects of Orisa's Supercharger or Mercy's damage output buff, or if the enemy is Discorded by a Zenyatta.  If none of those are true, then it's best to just use it to heal your team.  It's wasted otherwise.  Moira seems to be better at defense than attack.  I wouldn't play her on an attack map.  I at least seem to do better when I can park her in a general area that is somewhat protected and throw balls out, emerging when needed to heal.
overwatch moira guide opinion playstyle skin
It can be very difficult to angle Moira's balls the right way.  You have to angle them just right or they will bounce right in the opposite direction of where you want them to go.  I suggest going into a training match and getting a feel for how the balls angle themselves.  In the beginning it's really difficult to get them to go where you want them to.  It almost feels like you wasted a ball because it turned in a bad direction.  If you want to throw out a healy ball, I would try pointing it somewhere it will bounce in a small space, like between two walls, so it won't bounce away from the people who actually need it.  It takes practice.

Can we talk about Moira's outfits for a second?  She has such cool outfits.  I really like her whole aesthetic.  You can really tell from what she says and how she carries herself that yes, she is better than everyone else, and no, she is not afraid to show it.  She has SUCH an acidic personality, and I love it.

All of this is stuff I learned from playing Moira coupled with my own playstyle in general.  Some people may have other ways of playing her that work for them, and I'm sure the way I do it is definitely not the best way.  Watch YouTube videos and streams of people playing her.  Take her for a spin in quick play.  Find the way that suits you best.  Or she may not be the character for you.  That's okay too. I love playing Widowmaker even though my aim is shit.  Just play what you think is fun.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Brave Witches Review

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Brave Witches group review anime panty girls

I'm back with another anime review!  Today we will be taking a look at Brave Witches.  It is a spinoff of Strike Witches.  If you're not sure what that is, think Girls und Panzer, but with witches and panties.  It takes place in an alternate World War II era, though instead of fighting each other, the countries of the world are fighting alien invaders called Neuroi.  For some reason, as happens in almost every anime like this, teenage girls are fighting deadly battles.

The world of Brave Witches has, as you might guess, girls called witches.  They have magic powers, like creating shields and healing.  With the help of magic-powered machines that allow them to fly in the air, they fight the Neuroi with machine guns and other cool weapons.  They also grow animal ears and tails when they use their powers, because reasons.  They also do not wear pants.  Like what are pants.  There are a few references to the characters and events of Strike Witches in this anime, which takes place between Strike Witches season 1 and 2.  If you are a fan of that show, you will spot the references.

This show packs a LOT of characters into a small amount of episodes.  Their are 10 members of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing (the main character's squadron).  Most of the characters get very little exploration or development.  It's difficult to learn their names when you never really get to know them.  Several characters in the show are also unlikeably stupid.

Brave Witches group review anime panty girls butts

The character you see the most of is Hikari.  She is the main protagonist.  She is a very hard worker with a lot of stamina, but a woeful lack of raw magical power.  She has to work twice as hard to be half as good as anyone else.  She idolizes her sister Takami, who is a powerful witch and somewhat of a war hero.  Though she has a sunny personality and works hard, she is just not that smart.  You know that phrase, "Work smarter, not harder"?  She doesn't work smart.  She is also very green when it comes to combat, since she pretty much fell into the 502nd completely by accident.  There is a subplot of Hikari gaining confidence and experience that is enjoyable to watch.  She improves with every fight.  Her journey of personal growth, more than the battles with the Neuroi at times, make this show heartwarming and fun to watch.

Gundula Rall is the squadron leader of the Brave Witches, and while we see a lot of her, we don't really get to know her.  She is a firm but fair leader who doesn't really engage in combat much and prefers to lead from a base of operations.  She reminds me of Minerva McGonagall.  Sasha is the group's main tactician.  She's a hardass, and sort of like the group's mom, but like the mean mom who doesn't let you do anything fun ever.  Waltrud would be a fun character if she wasn't such a womanizer.  Every word she says is a come-on to one of the other girls and it's really creepy and offputting.  Anywhere else, she would have been turned in for sexual harassment.  But it's an anime, so I guess that makes it okay?  Edytha is the group's trainer.  She is the one who knows how to work smarter, not harder.  Nikka is a moron who is always breaking her flying unit.  She is one of those characters who is unlikeably stupid.  Georgette is the group's main healer.  Kanno is another witch from Japan who is unfortunately really mean and stuck-up.  She's not a very likeable character.  I think she's supposed to fill the mean but not really mean person with a heart of gold role, but she is pretty much just mean.  Sadako doesn't engage in much combat but also acts as the group's cook on base.  Obviously this is a LOT of characters to keep up with.  I didn't memorize most of their names and most of their backstories aren't explored.

This series has SO much fanservice it is unreal.  It still has less fanservice than Strike Witches though.  There are so many panty shots.  There are also camel toe shots.  I really should have done a panty shot count but that would have killed my soul.  As you might expect, there is some subtle (and less than subtle) girl on girl action here.  Even with all the fanservice, it seems to be a friendship and rainbows show DISGUISED as a fanservice show.  You come for the panties and stay for the friendship.  For some reason, the witches lose their powers as they approach their mid-20s, which really seems to be a metaphor for how a woman becomes less valuable as she loses her beauty and youth, which is SEXIST.  A girl grows up and suddenly becomes less useful.  Like really.

Brave Witches group review anime panty girls neuroi

The military aspect of this show is kind of funny.  Obviously none of this stuff would fly in a real army.  The witches put on magical boots with propellers that let them fly.  In some ways this show just chucks available WWII-era technology straight out the window.  In other ways, it's somewhat of an homage to World War II.  The ships and weapons used are all real WWII-era weapons and historical ships.  The girls are named after historical pilots.  For some reason, females of a higher rank are called 'sir'.  Toward the end of the series they're called 'ma'am'.  I don't know why they flip flop back and forth.  Even when meeting with high-ranking male officials, they STILL don't wear pants.  And don't get me started on the blatant disrespect and insubordination that these girls engage in a few times toward higher officials.  I know that would not go down well in real life.  But this is ANIME, with ANIME logic.

Okay, I know I've been shitting on this show for the better part of this post, but I actually did really like it.  It's heartwarming and cute.  The main point of the anime, besides the war with the Neuroi, is girls from different countries coming together and forming friendships.  The show doesn't get very dark, so if you want to see a cute but not particularly intelligent comedy with heartwarming moe military action, this one is for you.  There's a good mix of slice of life vs. combat.  I just wish there had been more episodes to fit in more of the slice of life aspect and get to know the characters more.  The show's animation is very well done, if not somewhat standard for an anime.  The landscapes and cityscapes stand out as being very pretty and well-done.  They're very detailed, almost like looking an a painting of a real European city.

Brave Witches group review anime panty girls flying cgi

The combat sequences make use of CG animation.  It's almost too much, because the CG doesn't look that good to be completely honest.  They should have left out some of the CG and opted for more hand drawn animation instead.  I don't like either of the songs used in the anime.  They're not BAD.  They're just standard.  There's nothing that stands out of makes them interesting.  The opening sequence is pretty standard shots of the main character working hard at life stuff and showing cameos of the other characters.  There's nothing special about any of it.

This show tries to be comedic at times, which usually fall flat.  Maybe it's funnier in Japanese?  Some of the comedy comes from the pervyness, which is don't find funny 99% of the time.  Some more of the comedy comes from how unintelligent a few characters are, which I also do not find funny.  Most of the comedy falls very flat for me.

Overall, I did like this anime even though I have a lot of criticisms for it.  If you like anime like Girls und Panzer or C3, this might be the anime for you if you don't mind the panty shots.  It's really cute and shines at showcasing genuine friendships and character development (at least for one character).

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