Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Girl Cave

Blaugust Day 21

Blaugust 2015

So, this is where the magic happens.  I'll go from left to right and say what all my gear is and links to where I got it.

My left desk is from Wal-Mart that I got a few years ago.  I don't know what model it is but I think you can still get it.  It was less than 100$.  It's a little unsturdy but it's lasted through a lot of abuse.  I kind of want to repaint the top.

girl gamer setup desk pc

My keyboard is a Logitech and I was in love with it from the time I saw it.  I had a black one that was the same model but just a different color, and I literally paid extra to buy my new one because it wasn't in production anymore.  You can probably get it on eBay.  I prefer wireless peripherals because I'm pretty cord-phobic.  Next to it is a remote for my TV.

My monitor is an HP, featuring a wallpaper of Sinon from Sword Art Online.  I have pink sticky notes on it because I love sticky notes, and perched on top of it is a Logitech webcam.

My mouse pad is just a puppy with headphones that I randomly got at Wal-Mart one day, and my mouse is a Bondidea N86.  I LOVE this mouse.  It comes is pretty colors (I cart around a blue one is my school bag for use with my laptop), has 5 buttons which is plenty for me, and it's wireless.  It's very responsive and you can turn it on and off to make the battery last a good long while. It's the perfect size for my small hands.  I did have a Razer Naga Epic wireless mouse but I hated it and bought another one of these to use with my PC.   That's how much I love this mouse.

The little pink clock is one I've had for years and years.  I truly do not remember where I got it, it's so old.  There's usually a bottle of Mountain Dew next to my monitor.  In my drawer I just have little things like tape, envelopes, batteries, stuff like that.  Under it in the nook is a container for discs, because my older games are on discs.  Behind it where you can't see is a USB hub with my cable for my wireless headset plugged into it, my external hard drive (a 1 TB ADATA), my X-Box controller receiver, a flash drive, the dongles for my keyboard and mouse, and my webcam.

And now the crown jewel of my desk setup: my PC.  It's custom-made from Cyberpower PC because if I tried to put it together myself because I would have broken something.  Here's the specs:

Case: Red Bitfenix Prodigy
Hard drive: Western Digital 1 TB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790
RAM: 16 GB something or other
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97N-WiFi
OS: Windows 8.1

girl gamer setup desk pc

Onto the next desk!  First is a stuffed Beanie Baby (remember those) that I use to hold my Skullcandy headset.  Next to it is just a little holder with a few pens it it (yes that's a Ravenclaw pen because I'm totally a Ravenclaw), scissors, my Skullcandy earbuds, a bookmark, my iPhone (which is absent because I took the pictures with it), and next to it a thing of sticky notes with my authenticator on it.

Usually my laptop is up in the closet but when I'm working on something on it it's on this desk.  This desk I also got from Wal-Mart not too long ago because I needed more desk room.  My laptop is a HP Envy 15 inch that I got new last year for school, but I may trade up for a gaming laptop in the next few years.  Next to it is a blue version of my other mouse and a mouse mat that I believe came with the mouse.  Lastly, in the corner is a little mirror I use to put in my contacts and do makeup.

My wall has a few things on it.  Taped to it is a sheet with a list of what pets give what buffs for hunters because I cannot remember that crap.  Next to that is a checklist of the stuff to do daily/weekly in WoW because I LOVE lists.  My pin board has a WoW calendar, appointment cards, and a receipt telling me about my library books that were due years ago that I swear I will read and take back.  Last on it is a sheet listing my bills so I know not to spend 50$ the day before a bill is due.

I love my desk and the setup.  I do want to get a legit L-shaped desk sometime but this is good for now.  No I don't have 3 monitors and a shit ton of crap on my desk like a lot of gamers do ("You only use wireless peripherals, you're not a real gamer!" -,-)  but I like how I have things set up.

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