7.2.5: What Druids Should Know

Resto druids may be getting few changes, but they are big and possibly annoying.  The next patch comes out this Tuesday.

There will be something called the Moonkin Festival, which I am guessing may be some sort of micro holiday?  Either way it sounds cute since moonkin are adorable.  You ever been to the little building in the class hall with the little baby moonkin dancing?  So cute!

All smart heals, including Wild Growth, will now prioritize player targets instead of non-player targets, to which I say… DUH.  Why hasn’t it always been that way?  smh

For Restoration druids specifically, our damage ourput from damage abilities is increased by 25%.  But like… why?  I don’t understand why.   They’re also decreasing healing from all our abilities by 4%.  Whose big idea was that? I’d as soon forego the damage increase from spells I never use and keep that 4% of my healing, since I’m a HEALER.

Our Cultivation healing is now reduced by 16%.  I know that the math folks are gonna be re-analyzing all our talents again to see which one has the highest raw output, since Cultivation may have just gotten nerfed beyond playability.  Our Mastery: Harmony also now increases the healing done by Mark of Shifting.

I don’t think druids are being nerfed so bad that we will no longer be a viable raid option.  We are going to need to do some research and reevaluate some things in order to get the most output and analyze and reevaluate our playstyles.  I know that with the new tier set bonus, our best in slot legendaries are going to change.  I am not a math person so I will leave it to others to figure that out though.  It looks like guardian druids are getting the brunt of the changes though, so don’t feel too bad for yourself.  Feel bad for them.

They are adding an item to allow heirlooms to scale up to 110, so it will make those invasions even sweeter for alt xp.  Level another druid.  You can never have too many druids in your arsenal!

They have changed the legendary Aman’Thul’s Wisdom, nerfing the Rejuvenation increase from 15 seconds to 9.  I feel like this will no longer be a must-have legendary after the patch.

There are further changes to restoration druids in PVP, but I don’t pay any attention to that.  If you PVP, you may want to check out the patch notes.

Read the patch notes in full here.  Happy druiding!

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