A Raiding Primer

Blaugust Day 24

Blaugust 2015

With the advent of LFR and the group finder, it’s easy to jump into a raid these days.  People who might not have otherwise seen that part of World of Warcraft’s content now have the opportunity to experience what raiders experience.  But just because it’s easier and more accessible, that doesn’t mean anyone should jump into any raid unprepared or expect anyone to carry you.  Raiding, whether hardcore or LFR, is a team effort, and everyone needs to pull their weight.  I have some tips for raiders, whether beginning or into heroics (mythic raiders probably don’t need my help XD).

1. Do your research.

Make sure you know what to expect in the fights you’re about to do.  Watch a video, read the description, or for the love of Illidan, read the dungeon journal.  Preferably a combination of these three.  You don’t want to be the one in the raid failing to mechanics.  There are plenty of guide videos for all difficulties on YouTube and some very good sites with detailed descriptions of boss fights.  Google is your friend.

2. Come prepared

One thing my guild frowns upon is expecting other people to provide your consumables for you.  They are not that expensive and it sucks to be called out by addon saying you don’t have the best stat food.  Believe me.  I’ve been there.  Bring the correct potions, flasks, runes, and food for your class and spec.  They really do help.  Don’t be THAT guy.

3. Have required addons

Some guild have required addons for raiding.  This usually requires a meter (like DBM or BigWigs), a meter (like Recount or Skada), and sometimes some sort of boss-specific addon like Iskar Assist.  If you’re not sure what your guild requires, ask!  Also please at least make sure you have DBM if you’re doing LFR.

4. Listen

If you’re doing an LFR and someone types something out that is relevant to the fight, listen to them.  Don’t ignore it because it’s LFR.  Some people want to succeed.  If you’re in a guild raid with a voice chat, listen to the raid leads and do what you’re told.  If you have a new idea for a strategy, I’d whisper the leader about it or ask permission to suggest it, just to be polite.  Keep Vent clear for important callouts.  Don’t be chattering about stupid things.  Keep typing chat to a minimum too so your guild knows you’re serious.

5. Learn

It’s important as a raider to be able to learn from your mistakes.  Use the recap button to learn how you died, and don’t die from it again.  Learn how to upload and analyze logs.  Keep an eye on your meter of choice to see how you’re standing in terms of numbers.  Numbers aren’t everything, but they DO matter.

I hope that with the new accessibility of raiding, that we get fresh new blood into the raiding scene.  But don’t jump into it willy nilly.  Make sure it’s something you can commit to.  There’s going to be other people counting on you.

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