A Stroll Around My UI

Blaugust Day 27
Blaugust 2015

I’ve talked a little bit about my UI and addons before, like DBM, WeakAuras, and Vuhdo.  Now I’m going to go into a bit more depth about my UI.

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This is what my UI looks like with all the bells and whistles out.  My UI is a base of LUI,  heavily modified to my specifications.  Because I’m special.  I removed almost all the frames that LUI comes with, except the one in the top right that has the micromenu.  Under it is my map, which is SexyMap.  Under it I have the quest list.  I use MoveAnything to move the quest list under the map.  My bars are Bartender.  When I’m healing I have my Vuhdo frame in the middle.  I use TidyPlates for the nameplates.  Quartz is the castbars.  To make my buttons pretty I use Masque.  The little yellow stripe on the side holds a lot of the buttons that would otherwise be on the side of the minimap, to reduce clutter.  I hate clutter.

Here is what my UI looks like with some of the clutter faded out.  My bars are faded out.  I have the micromenu and the quests hidden.  One of the buttons above the orb toggles Vuhdo on and off, which is handy.

I have a shit ton of addons.  Here’s a list.

I obviously don’t have all of them on all the time.  I turn them on if I need them at the time, other wise I like to be running as few as possible.

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