Another Stroll Around My UI!

Your user interface is very important.  It’s how you get information about the encounter, know who and when to heal, and react to threats.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or unrecognizable from the original UI.  It just has to be functional for YOU.  Ask 10 people what their UI looks like, and you’ll get 10 different answers.  What they all have in common is that their UI is optimal for what they do, because everyone plays a little differently.  I’m not going to go over what my UI looks like and how to get it, I’m going to go through what raiders (specifically restoration druids) should have on their UI.

This one is mine.

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world of warcraft druid ui restoration raiding purple
This is what my UI looks like while I’m raiding. As you can see, its’s very purple. It’s my favorite color so I love it. My UI is also very functional. I don’t like a lot of clutter in my UI. I only see what I need to see.

wow restoration druid raiding purple world of warcraft ui user interface

Here’s a color-coded breakdown of every UI element. In the upper right corner, the Bartender4 micro menu is greyed out because it only lights up when I mouse over it. The picture below is how it appears when I mouse over it.

bartender4 micro menu world of warcraft wow ui
The nice thing about all these addons is how they’re all so customizeable. Sizes, colors, even what the addon shows are all customizeable.

The main addons that make up the bulk of my UI appearance are:

1. Quartz
2. Deadly Boss Mods
3. Bartender4
4. Shadowed Unit Frames
5. WeakAuras 2 (go to this page for all my WeakAura strings!)
6. VuhDo (go to this page for a copy of my VuhDo setup!)
7. Skada Damage Meter
8. SexyMap
9. Chatter
10. ArkInventory

world of warcraft ui user interface druid purple

Here is what my UI looks like when I’m out of combat. All the raid-based addons are gone. You get a better view of what Chatter looks like in the bottom left. The menu fades out when I’m not mousing over it.

world of warcraft ui bank arkinventory druid purple
This is what it looks like when I open my bags and bank. As you can see, once again, very purple. I love how it has a button to stack everything in your bank for you so it’s organized. Also if you right click your Reagent Tab, it will automatically deposit all the reagents in your bag into your bank. It’s very convenient.

I love my UI very much. I finally feel like that, for now, my UI is absolutely perfect. I’m sure something will come out that necessitates some sort of change, but it’s perfect for now.

If you want me to tell you in detail how I have something set up, email me or message me in-game and I’ll try to help you!

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