Arcing Aqueducts Guide for Restoration Druids

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It’s time for boss guides again!  We’re going in the same order that the LFR queues go, just to make things easier.  Note that after the first 3 bosses, the next 4 are in non-linear order and can be completed in any order.  Also note that I do not do mythic raiding, and these guides will pertain to difficulties up to and including heroic, but not mythic.  These are not complete fight guides, just tips specific to healers and restoration druids.  If you want a full rundown of mechanics and strategies, I recommend visiting WoWhead or YouTube for more in-depth guides.

1. Skorpyron
Skorpyron boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

Skorpyron is a pretty easy fight, and a good introduction into the Nighthold.  It’s a straightforward fight that isn’t too difficult to heal.  As far as important talents go, you want to be running Cultivation, Spring Blossoms, and Cenarion Ward.  I also recommend Typhoon in case you get heal aggro on the scorpion adds.  There isn’t a whole lot of damage at once that goes out so we don’t a shorter cooldown on Tranquility.

Most people will be fairly stacked together, so it’s a good fight for Efflorescence.  Keep it under the melee.  Don’t stray too far toward the edge of the room, or adds will come into the fight.  If there is a large amount of adds, the outgoing damage will be increasingly difficult to heal, especially on the tank  Stand behind the Broken Shard to prevent the knockback and damage caused by Shockwave.  Don’t stand directly in front of the boss or you’ll be hit by Arcanoslash.  The tanks are typically hit by this, and gain stacks of Arcane Tether.

The boss will periodically cast Focused Blast, which does damage and will stun you.  Don’t get hit by it.  If you do, you are not only stunned and lose out on healing others, but it also forces other healers to heal YOU.

2. Chronomatic Anomaly
Chronomatic Anomaly boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

I’ll be honest here. I still don’t quite understand all the mechanics of this fight.  I just heal things, okay?  But here is what advice I have to give.  Talent choice here should be Cenarion Ward, Inner Peace, and Cultivation.  Displacer Beast is a good idea to move out of swirlies and quickly move your Time Bomb debuff out of the group if you are doing Heroic.  You can also Displacer Beast right past the Temporal Orbs.

Though you will have the group stacking during Power Overwhelming which would make Spring Blossoms beneficial, I feel like the reduced Tranquility cooldown from Inner Peace is the better choice.  However, it probably doesn’t make too huge of a difference.  I usually don’t bother placing down my Efflorescence until the Power Overwhelming phase just because everyone moves so much.  As always, keep Lifebloom and Rejuvenation rolling on the tanks, use your CDs and it should be an easy fight.

3. Trilliax
Trilliax boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto

Trilliax is another fairly easy fight.  Run the standard Cultivation, Cenarion Ward, and Spring Blossoms.  You may want to switch out Spring Blossoms for Germination because you have to constantly move your Efflorescence.  You could also take Inner Peace so you can Tranquility during most of the Annihilations or if a Scrubber goes off.  All three talents would be handy for this fight, no single one stands out.  It’s a good idea to make sure you have Displacer Beast, which you can use to move out of Annihilation or move toward your Arcing Bonds partner quicker.

Don’t stand in front of the boss as the tanks kite him around the room.  Pools of purple will appear.  They do damage, so don’t stand in them.  Pieces of cake will appear around the room which players will need to eat, and those players who eat the cake receive a ticking health debuff.  Make sure you keep HoTs rolling on them.  When you are effected by Sterilize, stand near the Scrubbers, which will cause them to clean up the Arcane Seepage pools faster.  If you get Arcing Bonds, stand near that person.  You can HoT yourself and use damage reduction cooldowns if it becomes necessary to part from them, such as to avoid gunk on the ground.  If the Scrubbers gain 100% energy, they explode, and a raid member will have to click on it to destroy it.  Those players will need to be topped up.

If you click on the Succulent Feast, the cake with the light on it, you gain a damage absorption shield to make it easier to absorb damage from clicking the Scrubbers.  The boss will cast Annihilation, which you need to avoid.  I’ve found it’s easiest to stand about a third of the way between the boss and the edge of the room.  HoT yourself up and don’t worry about running thought the Arcane Seepage pools.  Keep your Efflorescence under the melee since everyone else will likely be spread out.

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