Azeroth Dudebro

A lot of people in the community have been up in arms about Blizzard’s new miniseries on YouTube Azeroth Choppers. Firstly, I wanna preface this post by saying that I’ve actually watched American Chopper before. My mom used to watch it so sometimes while she was watching it I’d sit down and watch it with her. Not something I’d specifically turn on the TV to see but if it was on and I was bored, I’d watch it. You know?

The big criticism of it is that it’s basically about middle-aged men designing and building motorcycles and playing rock music in the background and that it excludes a lot of the playerbase. I can see where people are coming from when they say that. It’s a concept that by and large would probably appeal to males more than anyone else. To some it may seem like the more Blizzard does, the more they’re making it seem like World of Warcraft is only a game for guy, and not meant for US. And by us, I mean females.

Being a bit annoyed by Azeroth Choppers, I totally get. Don’t even get me started on Chris Metzen’s “boys trip” comment he made at Blizzcon last year. I totally get the righteous fury. But I think in the case of Azeroth Choppers, it’s maybe a bit… misdirected? I guess maybe I’m out of the norm as far as female WoW players go, but I tend to have a kind of “guy-ish” mentality at times.

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I DO like rock music, and I DO think motorcycles are cool (though I’d never ride one; fuck that noise, literally), and I do think that the promo photo for Warlords of Draenor with the main orcs lined up and looking like a rock band was kinda cool. I say the words bro and dude a lot and I don’t get offended when someone says cunt. Maybe I’m more easygoing than some girls.

My point is that they’re not excluding WOMEN in particular. Maybe they’re just excluding people who don’t like motorcycles and rock music, but not necessarily women. If they, for instance, collaborated with the animators of My Little Pony and made a short film with all the major Warcraft characters as ponies would you be complaining so much? Would you say “You’re excluding men and it’s not okay, bro!”  I really don’t think so.

My point is, that it’s all about perspective. What someone thinks is lame, someone else might think is totally awesome. Maybe the next big thing Blizzard does, is going to be something more aimed at a female playerbase. But I really don’t think getting so angry at something fairly small is gonna make them listen to the stuff that we as women ask for. That My Little Pony thing I pitched earlier? Let’s make that happen. That would be AWESOME.

Let’s think of cool things Blizzard could do to make us happy. Here’s some things I can think of:

  • My Little Pony-style animated short
  • Anything related to My Little Pony
  • Turn all the major female characters into a pop band and have their voice actresses record a song and make a music video for it (bonus points if they look like ponies)
  • Some sort of contest, like an art contest or a poetry contest, and the winner gets to custom design a pet or mount
Ok so maybe I have My Little Pony on the brain a little too much, but my point is that that’s what I like. Someone else might not like that. People don’t like Azeroth Choppers. I get that. Other people do. Maybe the next thing that rolls around will be something that appeals to those who don’t like Azeroth Choppers. But can we all please just stop complaining and play our game?

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