Baneglow Strategies for Family Fighter

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These are simple strategies to defeat Baneglow for the Family Fighter achievement.  Note that you can fight all these pets regardless of whether their world quest is up or not, so you can grind out the whole achievement in one day if you really want to.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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1. Humanoid Havoc

Squirky (2, 2, 2)
Flayer Youngling (1, 1, x)
Any Humanoid pet

Bubble. Stampede. Fish Slap twice. Stampede. Bring out Youngling. Focus. Spam Blitz until Baneglow dies.

2. Draconic Destruction

Nexus Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Stormborne Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Any Dragonkin pet as backup

Arcane Storm. Mana Surge. Tail Sweep until Nexus dies. Bring out Stormborne. Mana Surge.

3. Fierce Fliers

Sentinel’s Companion (2, 2, 1)
Dread Hatchling (2, 2, x)
Sky Fry (2, x, x)

Moonfire. Soulrush on cooldown. Spam Dark Talon until Companion dies. Bring in Dread. Shadow Talon. Consume Corpse. Shadow Talon. Arcane Blast until Baneglow dies.

4. Unstoppable Undead

Soulbroken Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Fragment of Desire (1, 2, 1)
Fragment of Suffering (1, x, 2)

Arcane Storm. Amplify Magic. Spam Spiritfire Bolt until Whelpling dies. Bring out Desire. Soulrush.

5. Critical Critters

Nibbles (2, 1, 2)
Rapana Whelk (1, x, 1)
Shimmershell Snail (1, x, 1)

Drain Power. Bone Bite twice. Howl. Bite. Pass. Bring out Whelk. Dive. Spam Ooze Touch until Whelk dies. Spam Ooze Touch.

6. Magical Mayhem

Empyreal Manafiend (1, 2, 1)
Arcane Gorger (x, x, 1)
Mana Wyrmling (x, x, 1)

Arcane Storm. Arcane Blast three times. Surge of Power. Bring out Gorger. Mana Surge.

7. Elemental Escalation

Kirin Tor Familiar (2, 2, x)
Jademist Dancer (2, x, x)
Jadefire Spirit (2, x, x)

Arcane Storm. Spam Arcane Blast until Familiar dies. Bring out Jademist. Spam Jade Claw.

8. Beast Blitz

Moon Moon (1, 1, 1)
Feline Familiar (1, x, x)
Thaumaturgical Piglet (2, x, x)

Moon Tears. Howl. Spam Moon Fang until Moon dies. Try to get a second Howl off if you can. Bring in Feline. Spam Onyx Bite.

9. Aquatic Assault

Moonshell Crab (1, 2, 2)
Tiny Blue Carp (x, x, 2)
Emerald Turtle (1, x, x)

Moon Tears. Amplify Magic. Spam Arcane Slash until Crab dies. Bring out Carp. Mana Surge.

10. Mechanical Melee
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (1, x, 1)
Lil’ Bling (2, x, 1)
Tinytron (1, x, x)

Call Lightning. Switch to Bling. Make It Rain. Inflation. Bring back Sunreaver. Laser until Baneglow dies.

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