Bastion of Shadows Guide for Restoration Druids

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Shadow-Lord Iskar

shadow lord iskar guide

This fight has a special job for healers: possessing the Eye of Anzu in order to dispel Fel Bomb.  It is likely that one healer will be designated to dispel.  Usually a tank will hold the Eye during the downtime it isn’t being passed around, and will give it to the healer who is in charge of dispelling.  Dispelling from a single target will dispel everyone, so you can send the Eye back to the tank for interrupting.  If you are not using the addon Iskar Assist (which you should), be sure your raid frames are set up to show the debuffs and create a macro for your extra action button so you can pass the Eye.

There will be two groups for most of the fight: ranged/healers and melee.  I generally recommend keeping your mushroom under melee.  Displacer Beast may be helpful if you have trouble with your reaction time, but if your reaction time is good, then Feline Swiftness is perfectly fine.  During the Phantasmal Winds, popping Dash and Stampeding Roar will keep you alive.  If there are multiple druids in your group, you can set up a Stampeding Roar rotation so that it is always available during Phantasmal Winds.

2. Socrethar the Eternal

socrethar the eternal guide

Socrethar is basically a tank n’ spank so there isn’t a whole lot you will need to worry about.  Definitely spec into Typhoon so you can use it against the ghosts.  It will buy you some time for kiting.  It may become necessary to use Dash or Stampeding Roar to run around until your DPS take the ghosts down, but it shouldn’t come to that.  People will be spread out for most of the fight so I would keep your Mushroom under the tanks/melee for the most part.

It may become necessary to dispel Shadow Word: Agony from the tank once it reaches too many stacks.  Your raid leader can decide how many stacks they can handle.  Players with Gift will need significant healing due to the damage debuff.  The Soulbound Construct cannot be healed in Phase 2 so make sure it’s healed up before the phase shift.  There isn’t anything that will require super good movement.  Usually you will just move out of the way when Socrethar targets you and you should be right as rain with plenty of time to move.

3. Tyrant Velhari

tyrant velhari guide

This fight can be a bit of a heal check.  Velhari will put an absorption shield called Touch of Harm on everyone.  You will need to outheal it with big single target heals like Healing Touch.  Don’t dispel it unless the target is in danger of dying.  In the beginning the ranged and healers will be spread, so place your mushroom under the melee and tanks.  Later the whole raid will be stacked during the burn phase and you will need to move your mushroom quite frequently during the movement to avoid the despoiled ground.

You and your fellow healers may wish to set up a cooldown rotation for the edicts in Phase 2, as it hits quite hard.  Phase 2 also means you have to deal with font, so you may want to keep your mushroom under those affected by it, who will usually stack at a designated marker..  It’s really up to your discretion.  There aren’t any major movement obstacles so any movement talent will do you dandy.

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