Betrayer’s Rise Guide for Restoration Druids

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Gul’dan

Gul'dan boss guide restoration druid Nighthold resto
As can be expected, this fight has a lot of mechanics and it can be hard to fight and heal at the same time.  The nice thing about being a druid is that we have a lot of mobility though.  One thing I notice about this fight is that I run out of mana pretty quickly compared to how long the fight is.  It is pretty long so be smart about your mana.  Don’t be careless.  Don’t place your Efflorescence down before the previous one expires, don’t refresh your HoTs before they fall off on their own, and don’t Wild Growth automatically when it comes off cooldown, wait until you actually need to use it.  Make sure you have a mana potion on you.  I recommend running the talents Cenarion Ward, Inner Peace, and Cultivation.

In Phase 1 on Heroic, make sure you dispel Drain as fast as you can.  People may not stay stacked for very long so don’t worry too much about Efflorescence.  Eye of Gul’dan is going to be a pain in the butt, and if you get it you can use a defensive cooldown on yourself, same with Flames of Sargeras.

Sometimes you will get Bonds of Fel, and then get Eye of Gul’dan immediately after, which will kill you very quickly.  Kill the Eyes before you break people out of Bonds!  But also keep in mind that there could be a Liquid Hellfire that comes immediately after also and you don’t want people stuck in Bonds when that goes off.  On Normal, you can cheese the bonds by going into bear form and breaking out by yourself.  You can NOT do this on Heroic.  I know because I tried.

Our abilities like Dash and Displacer Beast will allow us to move very quickly, like during Flames of Sargeras, Storm of the Destroyer, moving away from others during Eye of Gul’dan, and quickly moving to the middle to soak souls.  Our mobility is going to be our biggest asset in this fight.  While soaking souls, try to get 3 stacks of Soul Corrosion (5 on Normal) before moving out.  Pop a cooldown on yourself if you need to.  Try to save Tranquility for the last phase of the fight because it is going to hurt a LOT (especially during Black Harvest).  You might need to use it earlier if people aren’t spread out for Eyes of Gul’dan or other some such shenanigans happens. This is where Inner Peace comes in handy.

You can also stack HoTs on the raid (Rejuvenations, Wild Growth, etc.) and then pop Flourish and then Essence of G’Hanir for a big burst heal.  Make sure you are using Innervate before you blanket the raid in HoTs.  During the fight you will get a spell called Scattering Field, which you should use when Liquid Hellfire is used.

Good luck raiding the Nighthold everyone!

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