The Black Gate Tips for Restoration Druids

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We made it!  The last chapter of my Hellfire Citadel Tips for Resto Druids series.  Now we can close the book.

1. Archimonde

archimonde boss

This is a 3-phase fight in which he will gain additional abilities as you damage him.  I recommend Displacer Beast here because of all the times you’re going to have to move: run away when targeted by Doomfire, running when Allure of Flames is cast, spreading out and grouping up when Shadowfel Burst is cast, moving out of green circles and into light orbs during Desecrate, moving out of the group during Focused Chaos and Wrought Chaos, Shackled Torment, moving out of purple circles when Dreadstalkers cast Consume Magic, and kiting the Void Star.  There is a lot of running and dodging in this fight.

People will be fairly spread out, so keep your Mushroom under the tanks, melee, or the largest group of people.  Use your best judgement.

If you or anyone else break Shackled Torment during Rain of Chaos, make sure you have a defensive cooldown like Barkskin or Ironbark available to you.  Make sure to slap a Rejuvenation on yourself or them so you can heal yourself back up quickly.

You’ll be grouping up with a tank and a couple DPS during Nether Banish, and during that time make sure to completely HoT up your tank, such as with Rejuvenation, Rejuvenation, and Lifebloom.  Keep Rejuvenation rolling on everyone and don’t be afraid to use Genesis if you need to.

Tanks will take heavier damage from Death Brand, especially if they have Shadow Blast stacks, so they may need additional healing and be sure to make good use of Ironbark when necessary.

A glyph I recommend is Glyph of Stampeding Roar.  There will be times when the whole raid will need to move as a unit, so being to pop this will help ensure everyone gets a speed boost at the right time.  If you have multiple druids, you can work out a timing schedule of when each of you will use Stampeding Roar.

There isn’t really one good time to use Tranquility.  There will be many times throughout the raid where you’ll wanna pop your ‘OH SHIT’ button, so I’d only use it when the raid leader calls for it.  Use your best judgement.

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