Mount Parade

Blaugust Day 12

Blaugust 2015

WoWhead just published a post giving a sneak peak at the future mounts and pets we can expect to see in the future.  I LOVE collecting pets and mounts so I am over the moon about this.

Legion Collector’s Edition

world of warcraft nibbles pet legionworld of warcraft illidari felstalker mount legion

Nibbles and the Reins of the Illidari Felstalker are rewards from the collector’s edition of Legion.  They are soooo cute.  After half a dozen imp pets, we finally get a puppy companion pet. Warlocks will now be able to match their battle and companion pets (I do that on my hunter :3).  The Felstalker looks so scary, like you could ride up on someone and bite their head off.  Is it just me or does it kinda look like the Predator?

Legacy of the Void Collector’s Edition

legacy of the void collector's edition

This is the LotV collector pet.  I don’t play Starcraft so I’m not really all that excited about it.  I guess it’s kinda cute but it almost looks like a recolor of Lil KT.

In-Game Shop

world of warcraft brightpaw shop petworld of warcraft grove warden moose mount

Ah, what everyone loves to hate.  These lil buddies come from the shop.  Brightpaw is that cute kitty and the mount is the Grove Warden, wardens of the primordial groves of the Emerald Dream.  It looks like an appropriately druid-y mount so I may have to snag one.


world of warcraft blizzcon murkidan pet

All hail Murkidan!  This has got to be the cutest thing…  I have to say this might be my favorite of the Blizzcon Murk pets.  Purple is my favorite color, guys.

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