Bliz, y u teeze mee?

I will freely admit it: I am a mount whore. I love mounts. If I can ride it, I want it. I want multiples of it. In different colors. It’s quite a problem.

I don’t know why or how it started. At some point I developed quite an obsession for mount collecting. And you have to admit, in the lull between expansions what BETTER thing to do than hunt down mounts? There’s hundreds in the game. It’s like Pokemon. Gotta catch em all.

world of warcraft mount journal
I think I have a problem…

I am about 40 mounts shy of the 200 mark, and it absolutely kills me. Seriously. I have a SPREADSHEET. I made it myself. But not only do I already have all these mounts I still need to get, but Blizzard is teasing me with mooooore. Blizz. Why you tease me? Why?

world of warcraft mount datamine fiery warhorse
Pics from
world of warcraft mount datamine stormcrow
On the one hand, I am SUPER excited for these new datamined mounts. They look completely awesome.
world of warcraft mount datamine bug silithidAt the same time though, it’s kind of daunting knowing that when the next expansion comes out, there’s gonna be some much to do still in the realm of mount collecting, on top of the mounts I still have to get now. Hence, the spreadsheet. If anyone wants a copy of the spreadsheet, shoot me an email.
It was hinted that the horse could be a RAF mount, and the Ravager could be a store mount. But I’m not sure about the Stormcrow. I think it could be linked to the Arakkoa, or maybe the Draenei given its blue color. But at the same time there won’t be flight in Draenor so why would there be a flying mount? I have no idea.
We can speculate to hell and back, but right now I’m gonna do what I know I can do. I’m gonna follow my spreadsheet, do my instances, do my Argent Tournament dailies, and get as many mounts as I can until Warlords drops.

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