Bodhi Sunwayver Strategies for Family Familiar

Bodhi Sunwayver
bodhi sunwayver wow pet battle strategy guide world of warcraft family familiar legion
These are simple strategies to defeat Bodhi Sunwayver for the Family Familiar achievement.  You can only fight these trainers when their World Quest is available.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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Bodhi Sunwayver’s Team:
Salty Bird


1. Aquatic Acquiescence

Slithershock Elver (1, 1, 1)
Moonshell Crab (1, 1, 2)
Snarly (2, 1, x)

Deep Bite until there’s one round left on Whirlpool. Dive. Deep Bite until there’s one round left on Whirlpool again, then Dodge. Repeat until Itchy dies. If there’s one last Whirlpool to avoid, use Dive. Otherwise use Deep Bite until Salty Bird uses Hawk Eye, then Dive. Spam Deep Bite until your Elver dies. Bring in Crab. Moon Tears. Spam Arcane Slash until Salty Bird dies. Shell Shield. Arcane Slash until your Crab dies. For the last pet, alternate Consume and Surge until Grommet dies.


2. Best of the Beasts

Lurking Owl Kitten (2, 1, 1) (a Wind Rider cub with 2, 1, 2 is better if you have it. Just Lift-Off when Whirlpool has one round left)
Feline Familiar (1, 1, 2)
Fel Pup (2, x, x)

Rake. Feathered Frenzy. Spam Quills until Itchy dies. Spam Quills and Feathered Frenzy on cooldown until Kitten dies. Bring out Familiar. Stoneskin. Prowl. Spam Onyx Bite until Salty Bird dies. For Grommet, maintain Stoneskin and spam Onyx Bite until Familiar dies. Bring out Pup. Diseased Bite until Grommet dies.


3. Mousing Around

Darkmoon Hatchling (1, x, 1)
Shimmershell Snail (1, 2, 1)
Nibbles (2, 1, x)

Flock. Peck twice. When Salty Bird comes out, Flock. Peck until Hatchling dies. Bring out Snail. Ooze Touch until Bird dies. When Grommet comes out, maintain Shell Shield. Dive. Ooze Touch until your Snail dies. You may not need Nibbles, but if you do, just Howl and Bone Bite until Grommet dies.


4. Dragons!

Phoenix Hawk Hatchling (2, 2, 2)
Nexus Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Dream Whelpling (1, 2, 1)

Flyby. Quills. Lift-Off. Quills. When Bird comes out, Flyby. Spam Quills and Lift-Off until Hatchling dies. Bring out Nexus. Arcane Storm. Mana Surge. Tail Sweep until a pet dies. For Grommet, use Nexus Whelpling. Maintain Emerald Presence, Healing Flame if needed, and spam Emerald Bite.


5. Ragnaros, Watch and Learn

Zephyrian Prince (2, x, 2)
Jadefire Spirit (2, 1, 1)
Your highest health Elemental, because it will be taking backline damage. I chose Soul of the Forge because it has 1831 health.

Call Lightning. Spam Slicing Wind until Prince dies. Bring out Spirit. Healing Flame when needed, then on cooldown. Maintain Emerald Presence. Spam Jade Claw until Spirit dies (should be able to get to Grommet and be about halfway health). Do the same for Grommet. If you need a third pet, bring it in and clean up with it. For Soul of the Forge, I maintained Stoneskin, used Flamethrower, then Deep Burn.


6. Flock Together

Ikky (x, 1, 1)
Sentinel’s Companion (2, 2, 1)
Antoran Bilescourge (1, x, 2)

Black Claw. Flock. Do the same for Salty Bird. If Ikky dies before Salty Bird, bring out Companion and Soulrush. This should finish off Salty Bird. Moonfire and spam Dark Talon. Soulrush when you can. If you need Bilescourge, just spam Bone Bite and Consume Corpse if you need to.


7. Murlocs, Harpies, and Wolvar, Oh My!

Harpy Youngling (2, 1, 2)
Father Winter’s Helper (2, 1, 2)
Sister of Temptation (1, x, x)

Flyby. Slicing Wind. Lift-Off. One last Slicing Wind if needed. For Salty Bird, immediately bring out Helper. Gift of Winter’s Veil. Call Blizzard. Ice Lance until Salty Bird dies. Do the same for Grommet. If Helper dies, bring out Sister. Shadow Shock until Grommet dies.


8. Master of Magic

Jade Owl (1, x, 1)
Mini Mindslayer (2, 1, 2)
Hungering Claw (2, 1, 1)

Slicing Wind twice. Life-Off, Slicing Wind until Itchy dies. For Salty Bird, immediately bring out Mindslayer. Amplify Magic. Mana Surge. When Grommet comes out, Life Exchange. Bring out Claw. Spiked Skin. Foreboding Curse. Spam Shadow Shock until Grommet dies.


9. Roboteer

Robo-Chick (1, 1, 1)
Tinytron (1, 1, 2)
Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 (1, 2, 1)

Overtune. Supercharge. Peck. Spam Peck until Itchy dies. Immediately switch to Tinytron. Fire Shield. Lightning Shield. Spam Arcane Blast until Salty Bird dies. Do the same for Grommet. If you need a third pet, bring out Varmint and use Rabid Strike, Extra Plating, and Metal Fist.


10. The Lil’ Necromancer

Blighthawk (1, x, 1)
Fragment of Desire (1, x, 1)
Scraps (2, 2, 2)

Slicing Wind twice. Lift-Off. Spam Slicing Wind until Itchy dies. Bring out Fragment. Soulrush. Spam Spiritfire Bolt until Fragment dies. Bring out Scraps. Death and Decay. Spam Bone Bite. Consume Corpse if needed. If your Soulrush causes a stun and the enemy pets switch out, just follow the strategy and you’ll win anyway.

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