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I recently purchased Black Ops 3 for PC, and I’ve been playing it almost non-stop ever since.  It’s overall a pretty good game but has a steep learning curve.  This is coming from someone who’s never played a Call of Duty game for any length of time.  I do have Advanced Warfare but I didn’t play much of it and found it difficult to learn.  Black Ops 3 is still difficult to learn if you’ve never played a CoD game before, but I found it pretty enjoyable.

I purchased the game for PC.  At first I tried playing it with a controller and found that my aim was rubbish.  Then I started using a mouse and that’s a little less rubbish.  I’m not very good at aiming and my mouse goes every which way, usually everywhere but where my target is.  Even so, this game was a good introduction to the franchise.

I completed the campaign in about 12 hours.  I actually really liked the campaign.  The story is interesting and has some good twists and turns.  You pick your person and do a little bit of customization, and they lead you right into the opening scenario.  You end up passing out and wake up with robotic shit you can kill people with.  It’s pretty sweet.  The narrative goes into some pretty deep conspiracies and philosophical stuff, which I only barely understood and can get a bit weird.

The edge the campaign has over multiplayer gameplay is that it does a good job of explaining things to you, like how to use your abilities and which situations would benefit from them.
call of duty black ops 3 review
The game is visually weird.  The campaign has a bunch of crow imagery, and it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s actually happening and what’s just happening in your character’s head.  OR… is it ALL happening in your character’s head?  You don’t even fucking know.  There’s also a lot of gore.  During the opening scenario you get a front row seat to your character getting viciously dismembered.  You also see some cool skeletons and corpses with the noses cut off.  So that’s cool.

The campaign doesn’t have much replay value.  You finish the story and you’re done.  You could go back and play on a different difficulty or gender, but really, why the fuck would you want to.  I can only take so much gore and crows.

Multiplayer is not so nice.  It doesn’t explain mechanics or terms at all, which would probably be less shitty if I’d actually played a Call of Duty game before. But I haven’t.  All these acronym are ridiculous.  I can’t figure out how to use a scorestreak.  I only just figured out how to use the Black Market.  It doesn’t tell you a god damn thing.  And the aiming sucks.  Or maybe I just suck at aiming.

On a personal level I don’t like most of the maps because I’m generally just not that good at the game, but objectively the maps are nicely designed and have lots of nice hidey holes.  It takes a while to memorize them.  Infection is the best map for sniping.
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Speaking of sniping, the game has a good array of guns.  A lot of the guns feel the same, but it’s a matter of finding the one that fits you best.  Personally I like using the HVK-30 and Drakon.  I basically just sniped my way through the campaign.  Visual customization isn’t very user friendly.  OR I’m just not very creative.  Arctic camo for all the things.  After each session of playing the campaign, I’d still hear bullets for an hour.  I haven’t played zombie mode because I can’t even with zombies.  I don’t do zombies.

If you’re good at aiming and have good reaction time (unlike me), multiplayer is awesome.  You can pick a specialist and pick outfits and it’s like Barbie but with guns.  Mostly I just cuss a lot.  I usually play Outrider with Sparrow because I like blowing things up.

Some specialists are really annoying to go against. The Firebreak is the most annoying thing ever, and Gravity Spikes is awful.  They just jump and can kill a while group of people.  My little exploding arrows can’t compete with that.  I wish you could change a specialist’s gender like you can with your campaign character.
call of duty black ops 3 review
Speaking of that, I am really glad I can pick my campaign character’s gender.  I don’t think other CoD games gave you that choice.  Even while you’re playing as the female, though, it still feels like the man’s story.  It’s like you’re playing the dude but wearing a girl suit.  Your character is kinda-probably a lesbian, and I don’t know if they’re just being super progressive or they were just too lazy to change it.

Though the game has reasonably good graphics, it does have issues.  The game can be super laggy even when your internet itself is fine.  It also has some pretty bad screen tearing sometimes.  These bugs should have been rooted out before the release of the game and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Sometimes the game is nigh unplayable.

Overall I really enjoyed the game.  It is fun and has an engaging story when you don’t have dead corpses in your face.  Campaign doesn’t help prepare you for multiplayer, which has a steep learning curve and can make you want to pull your own hair out.  If you have good aim, though, this is a game you’ll probably like.

Pics from Google because I realized too late that Steam doesn’t archive screenshots like WoW does. Or I haven’t figured it out.

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