Chamber of the Avatar Guide for Restoration Druids

As always, keep in mind this is not a comprehensive guide.  It contains information pertinent to healers.  I have linked complete boss guides below.

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Maiden of Vigilance
maiden of vigilance boss guide restoration druid tomb of sargeras resto
This fight is pretty fun.  The Maiden is a guardian who, like most things in Warcraft, somehow got corrupted by a thing.  Talents I like to run are Cultivation, Flourish, and Inner Peace.  The big mechanic on this fight is the infusions.  You will either get light infusion or fel infusion.  Your raid leader may split the groups or not split the groups and trust everyone to not fuck up.  My group splits.  We have light on one side and fel on the other and we never cross sides until we get the opposite debuff.  If you ARE hit by the opposite debuff, always go to the RIGHT of the boss to get to the other side.  That way people of opposite infusions will never touch.  If you touch someone of the opposite infusion, you will get a bomb on you, which is a bomb that will force you to jump down the big hole.   When the timer is about halfway up, hit the big button so you get blasted back up.  She will periodically cast another infusion and move to the other side of the hole.

Another ability is the hammers, either Hammer of Creation (light side stack on tank) or Hammer of Obliteration (fel side stack on tank).  When the boss switches sides, Essence Fragments will come around the circle.  If you get the ball of your color, you get a buff.  If you get one of the opposite color, you get a bomb.  If you’re bad at avoiding the bad balls, just stand on the golden line and they won’t touch you.  You’ll still get some buffs because the splash onto nearby people when others gather them.

2. Fallen Avatar
Fallen Avatar boss guide restoration druid tomb of sargeras resto
The Fallen Avatar can be a bit of a bitch.  Talents I recommend are Inner Peace, Flourish, Cultivation, and Displacer Beast.  There is a Maiden, whom the tanks will have to worry about.  When the boss casts Rupture Realities, get toward the outside of the room so you take the least damage from it.  He will give players the Unbound Chaos debuff.  Groups like to deal with this differently.  Some groups drop the debuff in a circle, some go in a straight line toward the boss, or toward the back of the room.  Ask your raid leader if he has a preference.

You may also get targeted by Shadowy Blades.  Get to the side of the room so it will hit the least amount of players as it comes toward you.  In Phase Two, you will deal with Dark Mark, where two players will get a purple circle around them and after a few seconds it does damage and sends them up into the air.  Do not stand on tanks with this.  Stack with others so the Dark Mark damage is shared.  Someone in it by themselves is gonna die.

The end phase gets a bit sketchy with healing so be prepared to burn your mana.  What makes this fight so bad is the Maiden, but you won’t have to worry about her.  If you have free time, spam Wrath on her while she is casting Cleansing Protocol, but do NOT DoT her because you need to get off her as soon as the cast is interrupted.

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