Changes to Restoration Druids in Battle For Azeroth

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I’m sure some people logged in on the day of the prepatch on Tuesday and didn’t even recognize their class anymore. They had to relearn everything from the ground up.

Thank fully for us restoration druids, not much has changed for us. I’m sure we’re all breathing in a deep sigh of relief. There were a few changes, to such things as cooldown and duration, but for the most part, it’s all pretty recognizable.

The following abilities/talents were just straight-up removed:

Killer Instinct – This ability granted 100% of your Intellect as agility when you shifted into Cat form or Bear form. I don’t really care about this either way. I mean I’m a tree, I only go Cat form when I’m running toward the site of my raid group’s last wipe, and I never used Bear form.

Living Seed – This is the secondary effect from Regrowth, where if your Regrowth critted it would put a bloom effect on the target, which would restore 25% of the original heal. I don’t really care about this either.

Healing Touch – Did anyone even use Healing Touch?

Regrowth’s Passive Crit – Regrowth had an additional 40% chance to crit. I don’t really care about this either. I only use Regrowth with a Clearcasting proc anyways.

Displacer Beast – I’m so sad over this. I loved Displacer Beast. It let me cheat so many mechanics. Now I have to actually be aware and stuff.

Moment of Clarity – Well there goes my free Regrowths.

We now have the following new abilities/talents:

Hibernate – A basic sleep that only works on Beasts and Dragonkin. Are we actually going to be CC’ing things now? I remember having this way back in the day but it was taken out for some reason.

Soothe – Dispels enrage effects on the enemy. Dang it, now I’m gonna have to have this crap on my bars and my raid will expect me to do stuff.

Photosynthesis – But why though? I don’t cast Lifebloom on myself. Who does that? If it blooms early when on someone else, I just have to expend extra mana refreshing it sooner. I see no point to this.

Tiger Dash – A crappy consolation prize for losing Displacer Beast.

The following abilities/talents were somehow changed:

Ironbark – Cooldown has been lowered from 1.5 minutes to 1 minute.

Swiftmend – Recharge time lowered from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.

Tranquility – Now adds a stacking heal over time effect.

Innervate – Duration raised from 10 seconds to 12 seconds.

Rebirth – Now has a two-second cast time, but it now restores 100% of the target’s health instead of 60%.

Abundance – Used to effect Healing Touch, but with that being removed, it is now connected to Regrowth instead.

Flourish – Now extends HoTs 8 seconds up from 6, and and it now increases the rate of our HoTs by 100% for 8 seconds. I assume it’s meant to compensate for the loss of our artifact ability.

Stonebark – Now reduces the cooldown of Ironbark by 15 seconds, down from 30.

Bear Form – Armor buff raised to 220% from 200%, and Stamina buff is down to 25% from 55%.

Frenzied Regeneration – Nerfed. A lot. More of an issue if you do Mythic+ content, which I don’t.

Cat Form – Autoattack damage bonus of 40%.

Regrowth – Lower mana cost, which is nice, but it also was nerfed from healing 350% of spell power to 150% of spell power, and the additional HoT now only heals for 30% of spell power, down from 60%.

Wild Growth – Another lowered mana cost. Also now heals for 59.5% of spell power, down from 238%.

Germination and Stonebark are in different spots in the talent tree now.

Other Changes:

Obviously our Artifact has lots all of its cool shiny stuff. That means we are saying goodbye to Tranquility while moving. May it rest in peace.

Some abilities that weren’t on the global cooldown (GCD) now are, which means we’re gonna have to fix our macros, ya’ll! These abilities were changed:

Dash (1.5 seconds), Wild Charge (0.5 seconds), Frenzied Regeneration (1.5 seconds), Tiger Dash (1.5 seconds), Incarnation: Tree of Life (1.5 seconds), Innervate (1.5 seconds), Rebirth (2 seconds cast time)

As you can see, we weren’t completely gutted, but we will have to modify our playstyle somewhat to account for the loss of our artifact traits and some small changes to our toolkit. We’ll all get through this trying time together.

What does this mean for us?

Well, it means that Flourish is still a great talent because the heal over time effects from Tranquility can now be altered with it.

Abundance is now a more viable talent. I like to have the extra cushion of Cenarion Ward, but I’m interested to see what the numbers are. I’m still a bit leery of it since mana management is always an issue and maintaining enough Rejuvenations to make the talents worthwhile may be a pain mana-wise.

It also means… I’m gonna have to update my guides again. Joy.

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