Corrupted Blood of Argus Strategies for Family Fighter

Corrupted Blood of Argus
corrupted blood of argus family fighter pet battle achievement guide
These are simple strategies to defeat Corrupted Blood of Argus for the Family Fighter achievement.  Note that you can fight all these pets regardless of whether their world quest is up or not, so you can grind out the whole achievement in one day if you really want to.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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Pet Addons

1. Humanoid

Fiendish Imp (1,1,2)
Ashleaf Spriteling (1,2,x)
Terky (x,1,2)

Cast ImmolationAcid TouchStampedeWild MagicPoisoned BranchNether GateBurn.

2. Dragonkin

Wild Crimson Hatchling (1,2,1)
Spawn of Onyxia (x,x,2)
Crimson Whelpling (x,x,2)

Sorched EarthDeep Breath.  Pass.  Deep Breath.  Pass.  Lift-OffBreath.

3. Flying

Ji-Kun Hatchling (x,x,1)
Ikky (x,1,1)
Firebat Pup (x,1,1)

FlockParalyzing VenomShriek.  Manually swap your Hatchling back in to soak Void Gate.  Black Claw.  Flock.  Paralyzing Venom.  Shriek.

4. Undead

Ghostly Skull (x,1,x)
Unborn Val’kyr (x,2,1)
Blighted Squirrel or Infected Squirrel (whichever has less health, with Stampede)

Pass.  Curse of DoomHaunt.  Bring the Skull back in manually to soak Void Gate.  Stampede.  Ghostly Bite.

5. Critter

Three rabbits/hares with Flurry, Dodge, and Burrow, >291 speed.

Dodge.  Flurry.  Burrow.  Then use the rotation Dodge, then Flurry twice.  Start with Dodge after every rabbit is swapped.

6. Magic

Enchanted Pen (1,1,1)
Disgusting Oozeling (1,1,2)  (Jade Oozeling also works)
Abyssius (x,2,2)

Foreboding CurseAcidic GooCorrosionOoze TouchScorched EarthMeteor Strike.  Switch to Pen.  If enemy Nether Gate is up, use Evanescence.  Otherwise use Quills.

7. Elemental

Molten Corgi (x,1,1)
Terrible Turnip (1,x,2)
Stout Alemental (2,2,2)

This strategy is a little shake because of RNG.  If your Turnip dies sooner than expected, you’ll have to restart the fight.

Puppies of the FlameSuperbarkSong of the RootWeakening Blow twice.  Manually swap the Molten Corgi back in.  Puppies of the Flame.  Superbark.  BubbleExplosive BrewBarrel Toss twice.  Pass.  Puppies of the Flame.

8. Beast

A beast with >291 speed with Stampede. I use Argi, because he’s cute.
Summit Kid with >291 speed (2,1,1)
A Zandalari with >291 speed and Hunting Party and Black Claw or Exposed Wounds.

Stampede.  ChewHeadbuttComeback.  Comeback.  Black Claw/Exposed Wounds.  Hunting Party.

9. Aquatic

Gulp Froglet (x,x,1)
Left Shark (x,2,2)
Gahz’rooki (1,x,2)

Pass.  Pass again.  Dazzling DanceRain DanceGeyser.  Switch back to Left Shark manually.  Dazzling Dance.  SwarmBite twice.

10. Mechanical

Cogblade Raptor (2,2,x)
Darkmoon Zeppelin (2,2,2)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1,x,2)

ScreechDecoyFlyby.  Flyby.  Decoy.  Breath.  Breath.  Flyby.  Explode.  Bring in your Cogblade Raptor manually.  Batter.  Spam Breath.

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