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Blaugust Day 23

Blaugust 2015

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a huge fan of lists and organization, and I sooooo am.  I love putting information together into a cohesive piece that I can use to accomplish a goal or task.  It makes me feel very accomplished.  Lately I’ve been slacking on daily/weekly stuff because I’m kind of in the Warcraft lulls that happen sometimes, but maybe this post will help me get back on track.

The first thing I do is garrison stuff on all my alts.  This includes profession cooldowns and doing the mine and herb garden.  While I’m on my alts I use any cooldown materials I have accumulated to craft things to send to my bank alt to sell.

Then begins the circuit of disappointment, wherein I go down the list and kill bosses for no reward whatsoever even though they supposedly drop mounts.  The mounts are a lie.  Best case case scenario is that I do every mount-dropping raid boss on every alt every week, and every mount-dropping dungeon boss every day.  Worst case scenario, I say fuck it and don’t do any, which has been the case lately.  I also like to try to fight the world bosses that drop mounts, like the ones in Pandaria, but I can’t solo them yet and it isn’t always easy to find a group.

Another thing I like to accomplish is running LFRs on my alts that are working on the legendary quest.  As I’ve said before, I keep one alt on each leg of the quest so I don’t get too much burnout.

My druid, mage, and death knight are doing Argent Tournament dailies so I can finish up that part of my mount collection.  I would like to get my paladin doing those dailies as well because there’s a paladin-only mount there.

My mage is doing the quests for the Venomhide Ravasaur.  I’ve been sitting at like 9 teeth for almost a year so I want to get that finished up.  Also, my mage is the only character with a Stable so I make sure I do those dailies.

My druid is the toon I am doing the Tanaan dailies on so I need to make sure I keep doing those so I can get exalted with the factions.  Yes, I NEED to be exalted, for mount reasons.  I also do pet battle on my druid, including the Pandaria and Draenor tamers, to level my pets quicker.  While in Pandaria, I keep an eye out for Warbringers, because MOUNTS.

All while doing this stuff, I keep an eye on the group finder in case any of the guaranteed drop mount bosses are up around Draenor, because I still need three of those.

I make a handy dandy spreadsheet that you can use.  Just replace the names of my characters with you own.  Tell me if there’s anything I should add!

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