Deadmines Pet Battle Challenge Guide

These are simple strategies to defeat the pets for the Pet Battle Dungeon: Deadmines quest.  You can pick up this quest once a week.  These strategies assume your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality. I do not recommend trying to level any pets this way. Best to use full level pets.

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Stage 1. Foe Reaper 50
deadmines pet battle challenge foe reaper 50 guide recommended world of warcraft wow
Though this is technically a boss battle, it is not too difficult. You can use any elemental type pet with strong elemental attacks.  I recommend a Pandaren Fire Spirit, Fel Flame, or something similar.  This guy does AoE damage that will effect your backline pets, so use a throwaway pet for the third slot (I like to keep another strong Elemental in the second slot in case something goes sideways and the first pet dies).

Stage 2. Terrible Tunnel
deadmines pet battle challenge unfortunate defias guide recommended world of warcraft wow
Unfortunate Defias – For this is used a group of three nice frogs.  You can use just about any kind of frog.  Any pet that is Aquatic Type with Critter abilities will be able to mow this guy down.  I soloed him with a Benax.  I recommend keeping a pet with Beast and Flying abilities in one of your other slots to deal with his backline pets a bit quicker.
deadmines pet battle challenge angry geode guide recommended world of warcraft wow
Angry Geode – Anything with good Aquatic damage will work here.  I use a good old fashioned Rip + Blood in the Water combo, like Toothy or Chuck.  Keep a pet with Beast and Flying attacks in your backline to clean up the enemy backline.

Stage 3. Mining Monkey
deadmines pet battle challenge mining monkey guide recommended world of warcraft wow
A good mech is what you want here. I like to bring pets with Shock and Awe and Ion Cannon, so I brought a Darkmoon Tonk, a Menagerie Custodian just in case, and a random third pet to help clean up the backline if needed. Just burn the monkey down.

Stage 4. “Captain” Klutz
deadmines pet battle challenge captain klutz guide recommended world of warcraft wow
I used the Unborn Val’kyr melt method for this guy.  I had my Val’kyr in my top slot, pass the first turn because you get stunned, then use Curse of Doom, then Haunt.  I switched to Ikky (you can use any Black Claw + Stampede move pet here), used Black Claw, then Flock.  He melted easily.

Stage 5. Trash Pets
deadmines pet battle challenge klutz battle monkey bird rat guide recommended world of warcraft wow
Klutz’s Battle Rat – I use a Zandalari Kneebiter, and used Black Claw and Hunting Party.

Klutz’s Battle MonkeyAlarm-O-Bot works well on this fight.  Use Interrupting Jolt, then Decoy, then spam Batter.

Klutz’s Battle Bird – This guy is easily taken out by using a Nexus Whelpling, open with Arcane Storm, then Mana Surge.  You could also use a Stormborne Whelpling.

Stage 6.  This is just some random roleplay.

Stage 7. Cookie’s Leftovers
deadmines pet battle challenge cookie's leftovers recommended world of warcraft wow
The best pet against this guy is a Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling.  I always keep two on hand because they’re just so great.  Use decoy and mash Breath, and you’re good to go.  If your first Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling dies, any Dragonkin can finish up.

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