Death’s Bargain / Empire’s Fall Guide for Restoration Druids

We’re back for some more Restoration Druid Boss Guides! If you’ve read my other guides, you know the drill.  I don’t go totally in-depth. I speak only from a restoration druid’s perspective, therefore DPS-only mechanics or anything that doesn’t pertain to what I’m doing is not generally mentioned.  If you want a more in-depth guide, there are plenty out there. This is only from personal experience.  It also does not apply to Mythic difficulty.

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Opulence

Recommended Talents: Incarnation, Spring Blossoms, Flourish

Cool Stuff This Boss Drops:
Amethyst-Studded Bindings
Crown of A’akul’s Dark Reign
Goblet of Glittering Favor
Incandescent Silver

This is a two-phase fight. You start in an antechamber and go down a hallway fighting a guardian, then you’ll end up in the boss’s room. The Hallways have traps you’ll need to avoid. Your raid will be split into two groups. One group will fight Yalat’s Bulwark in the east and the other will fight The Hand of In’zashi in the west.

Both Guardians do Crush. Do not be in front of them when they do this. In’zashi has Volatile Charge. If you get it, run it out of the group. Yalat has Flames of Punishment, where he spins around and spits fire. It always goes clockwise. Stack on his butt for this. Every 10% health, the Guardians move on to the next little room and lights the previous room on fire. It’s best to just stack on their butt the whole time.

The hallways have some different traps. Flame Jet are lines of fire that come out of the squares on the side of the wall. The square will open up so you know exactly where to jet will be. Park yourself in the spot where the square is closed. Ruby Beam locks onto a player and follows you around, leaving magma poop on the floor. Take the beam out of the group. Pulse-quickening Toxin is a debuff that does nature damage, but gives you a buff called Quickened Pulse if it ticks while you’re under half health. Hex of Lethargy is another debuff that goes out that will damage you when you move. Dispel it. On Heroic and over, the guardians will Overload at 30%, which basically makes everything hit harder and faster.

At the end of the hallways is a little room with gems in it. You’ll pick up a gem based on your class and spec. Multiple people can take the same gem so you don’t need to fight over who gets what. On Heroic and higher, you get the Thief’s Bane debuff, which you’ll only survive if a healer with the Amethyst has given you Shadow-Touched. The options are:

Diamond of the Unshakable Protector – Tank
Tailwind Sapphire – Heal. Gives Tailwinds buff. Everyone without Amethyst should have this.
Amethyst of the Shadow King – Heal. Buffs your haste and causes your heals to apply Shadow-Touched (keep this up on everyone at all times). At least one healer per side should have this. Restoration Druids are good candidates for this since most of our heals are raid heals.
Ruby of Focused Animus – Ranged DPS
Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight – DPS. For your overachievers who like to be important. They stand away to get a buff, then stand near others to give them a crit buff.
Emerald of Earthen Roots – DPS
Opal of Unleashed Rage – DPS. Especially good for DPS with a lot of cleave abilities.

The guardians should die about the same time. Once they’re down, you enter the main chamber and engage the boss. If you attack the boss without killing the guardians first, he kills them himself and gains Hoard Power, and will get 100% increased damage and health for each guardian you left alive.

Liquid Gold will DoT you and drop some gold poop on the ground when it expires OR it is dispelled. Run it away from the group and then call to the healers that it’s safe to dispel, or dispel yourself. The DoT does a fair bit of damage so throw a Rejuvenation on those affected by it. The boss will spawn adds called Spirit of Gold and they move in a circle toward the edge of the room. If they get to the edge, they start tossing money everywhere, which does damage if it hits you. The adds must be burned down. Wail of Greed is a channel he’ll occasionally do, causing increasing raidwide shadow damage. Make sure the group is all given the Amethyst buff.

On Heroic and Higher, the tanks will get hit with a huge damager called Coin Sweep. They may call out for an Ironbark to survive it. He will also do Coin Shower, which target a player and does damage to a player after 10 seconds, and to everyone within 7 yards. Everyone should get in to share the damage.

TLDR: Stand behind the guardian at all times. Run beam out. Dispel Hex of Lethargy. Don’t stand in Flame Jet. Grab a gem. If you have Amethyst, keep Shadow-Touched on everyone. Dispel Liquid Gold when it’s safe. Help soak Coin Shower.

2. Conclave of the Chosen

Recommended Talents: Incarnation, Inner Peace, Flourish

Cool Stuff This Boss Drops:
Vestments of Indomitable Will
Crest of Pa’ku

This boss also drops three pets:
Enchanted Talon of Pa’ku
Spawn of Krag’wa
Thundering Scale of Akunda

There are four bosses for this fight, and you will be fighting two at a time. When one is defeated, the other active heals back to full and gain a permanent damage buff, while another boss rotates in. There are Pa’ku’s Aspect, Kimbul’s Aspect, Akunda’s Aspect, and Gonk’s Aspect. They all have different abilities. Each aspect has a special ability that continues through the fight even after they die. Before this spell activates, the Loa’s image will appear in the middle of the room a few seconds before it activates.

Each tank will hold an aspect, kept at least seven yards apart from each other. The fight will always start with Pa’ku and Gonk. Paku’s abilities are Hastening Winds (tank swap mechanic), Gift of Wind (should be purged off). The big ability is Pa’ku’s Wrath, where the pterrordax lands on a corner of the room and starts flapping at you. It hurts. Your heal team may want to create a cooldown rotation for this. During Pa’ku’s Wrath, you want to be inside the circle around Pa’ku or take much more damage.

Gonk has the ability Crawling Hex, which will spread to anyone within eight yards when it expires. Players effected by this should run to the edge of the room where they won’t be able to infect anyone else, and either wait it out or be dispelled. Note that this can happen WHILE Pa’ku is doing Pa’ku’s Wrath. Don’t be stacking on people if you are hexed. Gonk will also switch into Raptor Form and use Wild Maul, a power frontal cone attack. Only tanks should be in it, and they may call for an Ironbark to mitigate some of the damage. Gonk’s Wrath created groups of raptors called Ravenous Stalkers, which will fixate on a person. Run away if you get fixated. They can be stunned and slowed. On Heroic and Higher, the Raptors get Pack Hunter and must be kited away from each other.

Pa’ku should be taken out first. Gonk will heal to full and then Kimbul’s Aspect will enter the fight. Next you kill Gonk and Akunda’s Aspect will come in. Kimbul has Lacerating Claws, and cone attack that will stack a bleed on the tanks. They will need to swap to keep the stacks under control. For Kimbul’s Wrath, it will target several players and the aspect will jump out on people and hit them with a bleed. If you’re targeted, get at least 5 yards away from other players.

Akunda drops down Thundering Storm. Move out of them quickly. Dash / Tiger Dash would be great for this since they pop after just a couple seconds. Akunda will also hit players with Mind Wipe, which disables ALL of your spells. Dispel this ASAP. Make sure to prioritize other healers first, then the good DPS. If the bad DPS complain about being dispelled late, tell them to get better. Akunda’s Wrath is a debuff that will target players and make them explode after six seconds. The explosion does a five yard AoE and sends out orbs in all directions. If you get targeted, spread out and go to the edge of the room. Make sure to dodge other peoples’ balls.

On Heroic and higher, Cry of the Fallen will do raidwide damage every time an Aspect dies. Your group may want to assign healer cooldowns for this. There is also Krag’Wa’s Wrath, which happens throughout the fight. A big frog will appear and jump on the player furthest from him. You can move out of the landing zones.

TLDR: Stand inside circle and use cooldown for Pa’ku’s Wrath, run to the edge of the room for Crawling Hex, run away when fixated by a raptor, move out of Thundering Storm, get away from other players when targeted by Kimbul’s Wrath, dispel Mind Wipe, run away when targeted by Akunda’s Wrath, dodge balls, move out of Krag’wa’s landing zones.

3. King Rastakhan

king rastakhan
Recommended Talents: Inner Peace, Incarnation, Flourish

Cool Stuff This Boss Drops:
Seal of the Zandalari Empire
Phantom Stalker Shoulders
Deathspeaker Spire
Mirror of Entwined Fate

This is a four-phase fight. In Phase 1, you start by fighting Rastakhan and his adds he starts with in the throne room. He shares a health pool with these adds, so cleaves and DoTs are good. Scorching Detonation will be channeled onto the tank throughout the whole fight. It explodes for five seconds. The damage scales with the tank’s distance from Rastakhan. The tank needs to run the eff away when it starts. Plague of Toads sends out three adorable hopping toads in a cone away from the boss. Avoid them. On Heroic and higher they leave behind pools which despawn after a little bit. Avoid those too.

Prelate Za’lan has the ability Seal of Purification, which is a laser that will chase around random players. If you get it, kite it around the edge of the room. Siegebreaker Roka has Meteor Leap. He will jump on a targeted player and do massive damage, which scales down the more people are int he impact circle. Stack on whoever has it to share the damage. He also has Crushing Leap for his tank, which is an attack with a debuff that makes the next one hurt five times harder. Tanks should swap for this. On Heroic and higher, there is also Headhunter Gel’wana. His ability is Grievous Axe, a bleed that will only end once the target is topped up to above 90% health.

Also on Heroic and higher, Greater Serpent Totem will park itself on the ground and spray fire at random people. Dodge the flames. Once all the adds are dead, Phase Two starts and Bwonsamdi shows up. Rastakhan starts using Plague of Fire, which puts a ring around a few targeted ranged players which will explode and then spread. Stay well spread out at least 7 yards apart to avoid sharing it. Zombie Dust Totem also comes out and mind controls two players. Kill the totem and CC the two targets.

Meanwhile, Bwonsamdi needs to be tanked. He won’t take any damage so don’t bother hitting him. Aura of Death will stack up a DoT on all enemies within 30 yards. There’s a dark green circle on the ground around him so you can see where not to go. Tanks will need to swap when stacks get too high. Caress of Death will hit his tank with some damage and prevent all healing for five seconds. Try to top up the tank before this is cast and maybe slap an Ironbark on them. Death’s Door will target a random player, and drop a Death Rift when it expires. You’ll need them in the next phase, so spread them where they’ll be accessible, but not in anyone’s way.

Once Rastakhan reaches 60% health, Phase Three starts. Rastakhan gets Bwonsamdi’s Boon, a stacking damage buff. Bwonsamdi goes into the death realm, and takes the nearest half of the raid down with him. It’s a phased version of the throne room. The Death Rifts you’ve been dropping are portals between the realms. In the Death Realm, the goal is to damage Bwonsamdi down to half health as quick as possible. He will be spamming Caress of Death on random players, so this phase gets quite heal intensive if you’re down below, as there is no tank down here. Bwonsamdi uses the ability Inevitable End, which sucks you in and kills you. Before he casts it, run as far away from him as possible. You can use Dash / Tiger Dash to fight the pull.

Dread Reaping spawns little yuck drops which move around the room and hurt quite a bit if they clip you, so dodge them. On Heroic and higher, Bwonsamdi continues to have Aura of Death. You can clear the stacks by going through a portal, but doing this causes a burst of raidwide damage. Call out to the healers beforeyou do it and make sure the group is topped up.

Simultaneously, the top group is still fighting Rastakhan. The new Phantom of Retribution add spams Grave Bolt, which can be interrupted. She also throws out Seal of Bwonsamdi rings onto the floor, which must be soaked by one person. The Phantom of Rage has Necrotic Smash, which does damage within eight yards and gives a healing taken debuff. This will necessitate a tank swap. Both of these adds have Undying Relentlessness. On Heroic and higher, there is another add called the Phantom of Slaughter. He will channel Focused Demise, which will do damage over five seconds and can ONLY be interrupted by the person it is being cast on.

When Bwonsamdi gets to half health, he decides he’s had enough and ditches Rastakhan. The phased group comes back. This is where Phase Four starts. The adds must be cleaned up right away. In addition to his old abilities, Rastakhan learns All Encompassing Death, which spawns Death Rifts in melee. This may get messy. The goal is to pop all your cooldowns and Bloodlust before the Bwonsamdi’s Boon stacks become too high to manage.

TLDR: Avoid toads, kite the laser, stack in Meteor Leap, dodge fire, spread for Plague of Fire, CC mind controlled players, stay out of the green circle unless told otherwise, spread out Death Rifts, run out of Inevitable End, avoid goop balls, soak Seal of Bwonsamdi rings.

*screenshots from WoWhead. Will update with my own once I get them*

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