Deceiver’s Fall Guide for Restoration Druids

As always, keep in mind this is not a comprehensive guide.  It contains information pertinent to healers.  I have linked complete boss guides below.

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Restoration Druid Guide Index Page

1. Kil’jaeden
kil'jaeden deceiver's fall guide restoration druid resto
The final boss of the raid.  Talents I recommend are Displacer Beast, Flourish, and Cultivation.  Spring Blossoms and Inner Peace both work well for this fight.  The raid will be stacked most of the time, and you may be able to fit in enough Tranquilities to make the talent worthwhile.  Take your pick.  KJ will cast Rupturing Singularity, which causes a purple orb to slowly drop from the sky.  There will be a purple pool on the ground showing the landing zone.  Stand NEAR but NOT in it.  He will also cast Armaggedon, which makes swirls of fire on some places on the ship.  You need to have someone soaking all of them or it does raidwide damage.  They also apply a DoT so don’t soak two in a row.  You can use Displacer Beast to get to one quickly if you need to.

At 80%, KJ will fly up and the first intermission begins.  He will cast Focused Dreadflame, which will launch a beam of fire in their direction.  Stand in it so you all share the damage.  He will also cast Bursting Dreadflame, which puts a large circle at the foot of the player which does damage when it goes off.  Get to the edge of the ship so no one else is in the radius.  In the next phase, KJ casts Shadow Reflection.  Three players will get big and then drop an add.  Most groups stack near the boss so these will easily be AoEd down.  In intermission two, the platform goes dark.  You must find Illidan to gain his sight so you can see the adds.  The darkness applies the debuff Choking Shadow, which can make healing difficult.

In Phase Three, KJ drops a rift and also begind casting Darkness of A Thousand Souls.  When the cast is almost up, dip your toe in the rift circle so Darkness doesn’t hit you.  Keep an eye on the Demonic Obelisk, which will detonate in a cross section of fel energy and will hurt and knock you back.

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