Defense of Dazar’alor Guide for Restoration Druids

We’re back for some more Restoration Druid Boss Guides! If you’ve read my other guides, you know the drill.  I don’t go totally in-depth. I speak only from a restoration druid’s perspective, therefore DPS-only mechanics or anything that doesn’t pertain to what I’m doing is not generally mentioned.  If you want a more in-depth guide, there are plenty out there. This is only from personal experience.

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1. Champion of the Light

Recommended Talents: Inner Peace, Incarnation, Flourish

Cool Stuff This Boss Drops:
Cowl of Righteous Resolve
Gloves of Spiritual Grace
Bracers of Regal Devotion
Desecrated Blade of the Disciples
Ward of Envelopment

Depending on your faction, you’ll be fighting either Ra’Wani Kanae if you’re Alliance, or Frida Ironbellows if you’re Horde. Their moves are exactly the same mechanically. This is a two phase fight where you start by fighting the boss, then she changes seals and then you switch to the adds. Hit the boss during Seal of Retribution, and hit the adds during Seal of Reckoning. If you do either of these wrong, she’ll gain stacks of Zealotry.

The main tank mechanic is Sacred Blade which adds a stacking DoT to the main tank. Because a tank needs to stay on the adds, tank swapping isn’t really a viable option as the adds NEED to stay away from the boss. Tanks can really cheese this by just running away during a long cast, the debuff falls off, and she’ll run back to them.

As a healer, Wave of Light can be the most annoying thing. It’s a big sparkly gold wave that emanates out from the boss. You need to avoid it because it DOES hurt. Keep an eye on where the boss is so you can always see if there’s a wave coming at you and you can move accordingly.

If you’re someone who likes to DoT things to help out, do not DoT the boss. She will switch Seals, and there are times you do NOT want to be damaging her. DoT the adds instead.

Judgment: Reckoning is a big raidwide damager. This would be a good time for a cooldown like Tranquility or Incarnation.

The Crusader adds will cast Blinding Faith, which you will need to turn away for or be disoriented. As a healer, you could actually do the whole fight turned around. You don’t need to be facing your heal target after all.

When the boss is below 30% health, she will cast Avenging Wrath, increasing her damage by 30%. I recommend that you take Inner Peace so you have Tranquility available for this if you need it. If you have trouble you can opt to spec into Incarnation.

On Heroic, the boss gains the ability Divine Protection, where she puts a bubble on one of the adds for six seconds.

On Mythic, the boss will sometimes cast Prayer for the Fallen, which causes all the adds, whether you’ve killed them or not, to just drop what they’re doing and begin casting a powerful ability, depending on what kind of add they are. Crusaders will cast Divine Mallet. You need to dodge the hammers. Disciples cast Angelic Renewal. It’s a heal that will heal the boss back to full, and you NEED to interrupt it. Adds that have already died will die again once their cast is either complete or interrupted.

TLDR: Avoid pretty yellow waves. Turn around for Blinding Faith. Don’t DoT the boss. Save big cooldowns for Judgment: Reckoning, and/or the last 30% of the fight.


2. Grong

Recommended Talents: Inner Peace, Incarnation, Flourish

Cool Stuff This Boss Drops:
Stretched Sinew Waistcord
Grongpelt Vest
Cursed Monkey Palm

Once again, the mechanics of the fight for both factions are the same, but the Horde Version is named Grong the Jungle Lord, and the Alliance version is called Grong the Revenant. Some of the ability names are different also, but they do the same thing.

Grong builds Death Energy / Rage. He gains it at an increased rate when his health goes below 70% and 40%. When he reaches 100 Rage / Death Energy, he does Death Knell / Tantrum. When he casts Tantrum is a good time for big cooldowns like Incarnation and Tranquility. There will be Apetagonizer Cores / Necrotic Cores dropped into the fight that a player can pick up and use an extra action button to hit him for 5% of his health and forces him to cast Death Knell / Tantrum early (you want this because the higher his energy is, the more it hurts).

Grong’s big tank mechanic is Necrotic Combo / Bestial Combo. He does three random attacks in a row (either Bestial Smash or Rending Bite). Bestial Smash does damage and makes subsequest Bestial Smashes hurt five times more , and this also stacks. Rending Bite is a heavy bleed. The solution for this to tank swap in the middle of the combo, as he is about to repeat an attack. The goal is to avoid any tank taking two of one of these moves. On Heroic and higher, he will finish the combo with Bestial Throw, where he picks up the tank and throws them at a random person. The landing, called Bestial Impact, will do distance-based damage to anyone nearby. The target of the throw will be marked and will need to get far away from the rest of the group.

Grong will target a random melee player with Deathly Slam / Reverberating Slam. This does damage within ten yards of the player, and after a few seconds, that area will explode (called Deadly EchoReverberating Echo) with more damage and a knockback. Don’t be on this area. It’s clearly marked.

There will be adds throughout the fight appearing on the outer edges of the room. Alliance get Death Specters and Horde get Apetagonizers. They spam Death Empowerment / Apetagonize at the boss and raise his energy. Interrupt that cast and kill them as fast as possible. They also use Voodoo Blast / Megatomic Seeker Missiles, which both send out target missiles at the raid which do a ten-yard AOE damage pool where they land. They will target ranged players. Move out of the pools and try to drop them somewhat near each other. When the adds die, they explode with Spirit Dispersion / Lightning Detonation. Don’t be within 15 yards of this and don’t kill adds near the boss or they give him energy.

On Heroic and Higher, Ferocious Roar will do damage AND fear a target not standing within five yards of an ally for 15 seconds. Use /range 5 in DBM to make sure you’re near someone when this cast goes off.

TLDR: Save big cooldowns for Death Knell / Tantrum. If you’re a target for Bestial Throw, get away from the group. If you’re a target of Voodoo Blast / Megatomic Seeker Missile, get away from the group. In Heroic or higher, use /range 5 to make sure you’re within 5 yards of another player when Ferocious Roar goes off.


3. Jadefire Masters

Recommended Talents: Inner Peace, Incarnation, Flourish

Cool Stuff This Boss Drops:
Cranedancer Leggings
Mestrah’s Singing Spaulders
Phoenixfire Staff

Once again, names differ on this boss. The Horde will fight a monk named Mestrah and a mage named Manceroy Flamefist, while the Alliance fights Ma’ra Grimfang and Anathos Firecaller. Let’s just call them Monk and Mage for simplicity.

The Monk needs to have less health than the mage at all times, or else she gets buffed by Harmonious Spirits. She uses an ability called Whirling Jade Storm, which does fairly heavy damage to the raid. She stop as soon as someone gets her with a melee attack.

She also uses an ability called Multi-Sided Strike. On Normal, only the tank needs to deal with it, but on Heroic and Mythic, it will effect everyone else too. What she does is teleport the player into the air onto a green platform surrounded by six smaller little green platforms. Three monk images will appear in succession, and then charge out toward the tank in the order they spawned in. The images will always flash before they charge so you know which one to face, and it always goes in the order blue, then green, then orange. You need to face the images because if you are facing away when it charges at you, you take damage. If you successfully face the image charging at you, you gain a debuff that increases you damage and healing done for 20 seconds, which does stack.Once the mechanic is over, you’re teleported back down and given the Tested debuff. The tanks should taunt off one another to make sure the Monk isn’t hitting the tank with the debuff. It will be much easier to deal with this mechanic if you turn with the mouse and not your keyboard.

On Heroic and higher, the monk spawns adds called Spirits of Xuen, that will chase down random players, with the abilities Tiger Paw and Pounce. Don’t be too near the targets of the adds so you con’t take cleave damage. You can CC the adds with Entangling Roots and Mass Entanglement.

The Mage will spam their tank with Fireballs, which stack up the Rising Flames debuff. The debuff explodes with Burnout once the debuff drops off. If there are too many stacks of Rising Flames, the Burnout will wipe the raid. The tanks will need to switch to keep their Rising Flames debuff stacks from getting too high.

The Mage will also Blink away, use Fire Shield, and start casting Pyroblast. Everyone has to switch to him to DPS away the shield, then interrupt the cast to keep Pyroblast from going off.

Make sure to dispel the Searing Embers debuffs off players.

On Heroic and higher, the Mage will make Magma Traps on the floor. It will explode and send you into the hair, which DOES hurt and may kill you. If it doesn’t kill you, it debuffs you to take 100% more damage from all future Magma Traps you step in. Don’t step in Magma Traps. DPS will pop them as needed, so make sure you’re using Ironbark and HoTting them up.

The bosses will sometimes attack together and combine their power. At 30 Power, they cast Living Bomb, which spawn inside a smoke cloud. The smoke cloud breaks line of sight. You will have to go into the cloud to kill the bomb before it explodes, or to heal anyone inside the smoke cloud. There’s also a rotating Beam the spins around from the bomb that you have to avoid.

At 60 Power, the bosses do a fun maze called Rings of Hostility. They will knock you back if you try to step in one, so don’t try to walk through them. Everyone gets ported to one side of the room, and you have to go through the maze to the other side, where there’s an ice wall you will need to DPS down. The wall has four weak points. The boss is on the other side and will need to be interrupted once you get part of the wall down. In the maze, there’s also red swirlies called Phoenix Strike you will need to avoid. On Heroic, only one weak point on the wall is attackable at first, and a ball spawns in the maze you can bring to the wall to activate another weak point if the first one is in a bad spot. The maze is also probably best done by using a mouse to turn.

At 100 Power, the bosses transform into animals (a Jade Serpent and a Phoenix). The Phoenix does pulsing damage through the rest of the fight and continues to use Rising Flames. The Dragon does a frontal cone attack called Dragon’s Breath. On Heroic, the Dragon’s Breath leaves fire on the ground.

TLDR: Learn Multi-Sided Strike, CC tiger adds, dispel Rising Flames, don’t step in Magma Traps and heal those who do, and stand in smoke to heal people attacking Living Bomb.

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