Destructor’s Rise Tips for Restoration Druids

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Obviously this is a little late, but I hate leaving things unfinished so I’m going to finish the last 2 parts of my Hellfire Citadel Tips for Restoration Druids series.  You can find it and the rest or my Restoration Druid guides here.  Then I can close the book on it and I won’t feel like a fuckbucket for not finishing it.  Today we’re tackling the Destructor’s Rise series of bosses: Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul’horac, and Mannoroth.  Let’s jump in.

1. Fel Lord Zakuun

fel-lord zakuun restoration druid boss guide hellfire citadel resto
As a healer, there aren’t a lot of special mechanics you’ll need to be worrying about.  It’s a fairly straightforward fight and with a good group you shouldn’t have too much trouble.  It’s a small space so Feline Swiftness should be sufficient to run out of things, and if you find yourself having trouble with placement you can take Displacer Beast.  I recommend saving Tranquility for Seed of Destruction.  You may want to arrange a cooldown rotation with the other healers.

Make sure to focus heals on people with the Befouled debuff, but only heal them to full if they are away from other players.  Keep your Wild Mushroom under the largest group of people, which will generally be the melee.  There isn’t a lot of room for movement in this fight area so you’ll be more or less grouped together the whole time.  You may be targeted by Seed of Destruction, so when that happens, HoT yourself up and maybe cast Ironbark or Barkskin on yourself.  Stand still so you don’t walk into your own waves and die.

2. Xhul’horac

xhul'horac boss guide restoration druid hellfire citadel raid resto
Healing this fight is either going to be very easy or very hard, depending on how your raid can handle mechanics.  Just one fuckup can cause a lot of raid damage, thanks to Shadowfel Annihilation.  Someone is bound to mess it up, so I would save big cooldowns like Tranquility and Tree of Life (should you use it) for this situation.  Depending on your strategy, your group will likely stay stacked in two groups throughout most of the fight, so just keep your Wild Mushroom under whichever one is taking the most damage.  I recommend Displacer Beast and Glyph of Stampeding Roar because you will need to move Fel Surge and Void Surge out of the group.  Every little speed boost helps and you may want to coordinate Stampeding Roar with any other druids in your group.

3. Mannoroth

mannoroth boss guide restoration druid hellfire citadel resto raid
This isn’t too bad a fight for healers.  There’s aren’t a lot of mechanics specially for us.  There are a few movement mechanics that may present some difficulty, so you can talent into Displacer Beast if you need the extra mobility.  These mechanics are Curse of the Legion (run into melee and dispel yourself), Mark of Doom (run into the pool in the center of the platform and don’t let another player be in your purple circle), Felseeker (avoid the 3 rings), and Shadowforce (use movement abilities to keep from falling off the edge).

Shadowforce will affect multiple players so it’s helpful if you can pop a Stampeding Roar when this goes off, as well as use Dash.  Whatever is necessary to not fall off the platform.  This also makes the Glyph of Stampeding Roar useful.  You will be stacked on Mannoroth’s butt the majority of the fight, so you may not have to deal with Shadowforce at all if you group is facing away from the pillar.  Since you’ll be stacked, you can easily keep Wild Mushroom under either the ranged or melee group.

Stack on players affected by Empowered Mannoroth’s Gaze, which causes Gazing Shadows.  Use a defensive cooldown on yourself or anyone who is taking a lot of damage from it.  There aren’t any big damage phases you will need to use Tranquility on, except maybe Mannoroth’s Gaze, so use your best judgement or wait for your raid leader to call it before you use it.

That’s that for Destructor’s Rise.  Look out for the next and final part sometime next week.  It’s already written, so it will be up!

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