Durian Strongfruit Strategies for Family Familiar

Durian Strongfruit
Durian Strongfruit Strategies for Family Familiar Simple strategies to defeat Durian Strongfruit for the Family Familiar achievement in World of Warcraft.
These are simple strategies to defeat Durian Strongfruit for the Family Familiar achievement.  You can only fight these trainers when their World Quest is available.  These strategies assume all of your pets are level 25 and of Rare quality.

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Durian Strongfruit’s Team:

1. Aquatic Acquiescence

Eternal Strider (1, 2, 2)
Shore Crab (2, 1, 2)
Moonshell Crab (1, 1, 2)

Pump. Cleansing Rain. Pump. Water Jet. Pump. Pump. Water Jet.  Us what you can of Strider (first two enemy pets should be dead by this point). Bring in Moonshell Crab for Beaky.  Shell ShieldMoon Tears.  Spam Arcane Slash until Beaky goes down.  The Shore Crab is only for backup, since Strider should be able to solo the first two.

2. Best of the Beasts

Periwinkle Calf (1, x, x)
Albino River Calf (2, x, x)
Feline Familiar (1, x, x)

Spam Deep Bite. When the Periwinkle dies, bring in Albino and spam Water Jet. Keep doing that until the pet is used up. When Albino dies, bring in Feline and just spam Onyx Bite.

3. Mousing Around

Darkmoon Rabbit (2, 1, 2)
Rapana Whelk (2, 2, 1)
Shimmershell Snail (1, 2, 1)

Huge, Sharp Teeth!. Stampede. Keep using Stampede and use Huge, Sharp Teeth! when the bleed falls off. When the rabbit dies, swap to whelk. Shell Shield (keep up the buff), Dive on CD, and fill with Absorb. When the whelk dies, bring in Shimmershell. Keep up Shell Shield, Dive on CD, fill with Ooze Touch.

4. Dragons!

Nexus Whelpling (1, 2, 2)
Stormborne Whelpling (x, 2, 2)
Lil’ Tarecgosa (2, x, 1)

Tail Sweep. Arcane Storm. Mana Surge. Switch out to Stormborne Whelpling and cast Mana Surge again. You can take out both pets by keeping up Arcane Storm, and switching between both pets and using Mana Surge. When both whelplings die, bring in Tarecgosa, maintain Arcane Storm, and spam Arcane Blast.

5. Ragnaros, Watch and Learn

Jademist Dancer (1, 2, 1)
Pandaren Water Spirit (1, 1, 1)
Jadefire Spirit (2, x, 1)

Rain Dance. Acid Rain. Spam Steam Vent. When Jademist dies, bring in Pandaren and cast Whirlpool. Water Jet twice. Healing Wave. Whirlpool. Spam Water Jet until Pandaren dies and bring in Jadefire. Spam Jade Claw and use Healing Flame if necessary.

6. Flock Together

Gilnean Raven (2, 2, 1)
Dread Hatchling (1, 1, 1)
Teroclaw Hatchling (2, 2, 2)

Alpha Strike. Call Darkness. Nocturnal Strike. Use Call Darkness and Noturnal Strike on cooldown, and fill with Alpha Strike. Bring in Dread Hatchling when your raven dies. Use Call Darkness when it falls off, Nocturnal Strike on cooldown, and fill with Peck. When your pet dies, bring in Teroclaw. Use Dodge when the enemy Lift-Off comes off cooldown. Keep up Nature’s Ward and use Alpha Strike as filler.

7. Murlocs, Harpies, and Wolvar, Oh My!

Curious Oracle Hatchling (2, 1, 2)
Crusher (1, 2, 1)
Wretched Servant (2, 2, 1)

Spam Water Jet until Hatchling dies. If Beaky has not come out yet, bring out Crusher and spam Acid Touch. If Beaky is out, bring out Wretched Servant. Cast Weakness, them spam Nether Blast.

8. Master of Magic

Brightpaw (1, 1, 1)
Arcane Eye (2, 2, 2)
Syd the Squid (1, 1, 1)

Arcane Blast. Arcane Storm. Prowl. Maintain Arcane Storm, Prowl on cooldown, and fill with Arcane Blast. This should take you most of the way through the first two pets. When Brightpaw dies, bring in Eye. Drain Power. Mana Surge until Eye dies. For Syd, Bubble before Beaky does Lift-Off, and fill with Water Jet.

9. Roboteer

Lifelike Toad (1, 1, x)
Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (1, 2, 2)
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry (1, x, x)

Water Jet. Healing Wave. Spam Water Jet. Healing Wave when it comes back up. Keep doing this until Toad dies. Bring in Dragonling. Thunderbolt. Decoy when Stun Seed is about to bloom. Spam Breath. Use up what you can of Dragonling against Beaky. Decoy first round and when Lift-Off is available. Bring in Micro-Sentry and spam Laser.

10. The Lil’ Necromancer

Bone Serpent (1, 2, 1)
Fragment of Anger (1, 2, 1)
Spirit Crab (1, 1, 2)

Call Darkness. Bone Barrage. Nocturnal Strike (probably won’t hit). Bone Barrage. Switch to Spirit Crab once all Bone Serpent’s abilities are on cooldown. Whirlpool. Shell Shield. Snap. Whirlpool. Snap. When Beaky comes out, switch to Fragment. Spirit Spikes. Spiritfire bolt twice.

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