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fairy bloom freesia review steam game cute anime manga girl
I really wanted to like this game.  It’s about a cute, badass fairy who protects a forest.  This sounds like the perfect game.  Unfortunately, its faults doomed it.

This game is painfully repetitive.  Each level is basically where you beat up slimes that are attacking you.  That is ALL it is.  Every once in a while you’ll get visual novel-style cutscenes with some story but most of the game is just beating up slimes, which is made difficult by the highly clunky controls.  It’s difficult to do anything in the game because the control buttons are just so odd.  You can change them, but I’m lazy, and I shouldn’t have to.  In what word does having the Z button mean ‘accept’ sound like a good idea?
fairy bloom freesia review cute anime manga Lita character girl
The game does a bad job of explaining the controls and systems.  The only way to know what each button does is to look at the manual, which most people don’t do when they pick up a game.  I was confused before I decided to peruse it.  It also does a poor job of explaining the different stats and special skills.  There’s a blurb about each one but it’s difficult to know which one to pick or which ones to to put mana into, or even how the skills all relate to each other.  I was just doing it randomly.  The combat system is way too complicated for a game like this.

There is little variety in the enemies or stages.  Most of the enemies look the same and I noticed very little distinction between the different stages of the game.  BUT, and there is a but, I only made it though 30 minutes of gameplay before I called it quits.  I could have given it more time, but the game really made me want to pull my hair out and I figure my time would be better spent elsewhere.  Perusing the Internets, I can see that there are more different levels further on.  Unfortunately, the monotony of the ones I experienced drove me away.  Maybe if there was more variety earlier on I would have been more impressed.  I’ve read that the game takes about 2 hours to complete, but I don’t want to put my fingers and brain through that.  I just can’t.
fairy bloom freesia review cute anime fairy girl lita cutscene
The game’s story is simple.  Lita, the fairy, guards the forest.  Two humans come to the forest in search of part of a tree, but if they take it, Lita’s father-type figure will die… for some reason.  So she decides to beat everyone up.  But the human king wants the part of the tree to do something really bad with it.  I dunno, I don’t really get it.

There a few good things about this game.  The graphics are super cute.  They’re anime-style and everything is shiny and sparkly.  The backgrounds, while repetitive, are gorgeous.  It’s like Hayao Miyazaki and Final Fantasy had a baby.  The forest background really reminds me of Bugdom (remember Bugdom?).  Lita is cute as a button.  The visual novel cutscenes are manga style and about what you’d expect.
fairy bloom freesia review cute fairy steam game forest anime manga

The music is cute but also repetitive.  I didn’t notice much variety but what music there was was cute and added some levity to the game. I appreciated it.  You can buy the soundtrack on Steam.

Overall, I wanted to like this game.  I just couldn’t get over the repetitiveness and clunky controls.  However, the game did get mostly positive reviews so maybe I’m just being overly critical and not giving the game a fair chance.  I just don’t wanna torture myself like that.

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