Favorite Extensions for Chrome for Privacy, Security, and Convenience

I am a Google Chrome user, but I would never be able to use it without some important extensions that make my life easier and my Chrome experience better.  Some of them are for privacy, some for convenience, and some are for good old shopping.  I hope this might give you some ideas on what to add to your browser.  Some of these have versions available for browsers other than Chrome, so if you don’t use Chrome, fear not!  Your browser might have an equivalent extension.

1. Adblock for YouTube

chrome extension adblock for youtube privacy tracking ads
This one gets rid of any ads in a video on YouTube.  If you do want to support a creator and view their ads, you can choose to turn it off.

2. Adblock Plus

chrome extension adblock privacy tracking ads

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this.  It removes ads from every web page.  If you want to show ads on a page, you can whitelist the site to view their ads.  Make sure you whitelist this one!

3. Amazon Assistant for Chrome

chrome extension amazon assistant shopping easy
This one is pretty nifty.  You can take a product from any website and add it to an Amazon wishlist of your choosing.  I like to shop around so I’ve definitely found this handy.

4. Amazon Wish List Total

chrome extension amazon wish list total shopping easy
This one just keeps a running total of the cost of a particular Amazon wishlist.  It kind of makes me sad because it shows me how materialistic and broke I am.

5. Disconnect

chrome extension disconnect privacy security tracking ads
This one removes social media icons from all websites you visit.  I personally love it because it reduces a lot of the clutter on a website.  I’m not the type to share things to social media and I prefer a crisper layout.  It also keeps websites from being able to track you.  Like Adblock, you can whitelist a site and see all the icons on it.  Remember to whitelist this one!

6. HTTPS Everywhere

chrome extension https everywhere privacy security

For those who don’t know, https is a security protocol that shows a web page is secure.  This extension forces all website to be secure and use https encryption.  At least that’s how I understand it.

7. Just Delete Me

chrome extension just delete me privacy information
This is a godsend if you’re paranoid like me.  I HATE having my personal info floating around, and if I have an account on a website I no longer use, this extension helps you to delete that account so it no longer has your information.

8. LastPass Password Manager

chrome extension lastpass passwords manage encrypted
Another one I couldn’t live without.  This keeps a highly encrypted list of all your passwords, and auto fills them in when you go to a website.  It is incredibly useful.


 9. Personal Blocklist

chrome extension personal blocklist easy get rid of website
This one’s pretty simple.  If you do a Google search, this will give you an option for blocking a certain website from coming up in the results.  Mostly I use to to block EVERY country’s version of Pinterest, because it annoys the heck out of me.


 10. PureVPN Proxy

chrome extension purevpn proxy vpn easy privacy security
Another one I use because of my paranoia!  This makes it much more difficult for people to track your location and IP address, plus more security features.  I also use their non-browser VPN service, which you can take a loot at here.  This is an affiliate link.


11. Session Buddy

chrome extension session buddy easy tabs saving
This one is super useful if you’re like me and stay up way too late getting lost researching in the Google rabbit hole.  This lets you save all your tabs so you can come back to them another day.

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