My Favorite World of Warcraft Races

With the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, now available for prepurchase, and with it the release of a few of the new allied races, I thought I would talk a little bit about my personal favorite races.  We all have our biases.  Maybe we always make our characters a particular race (unless forced otherwise due to class restrictions), or we vow to never ever make a character of a certain other race.  I know we all have our preferences.  Maybe these preferences extend across all games with race selection (personally I would NEVER play a human if given another option – I already play one in real life).  Let’s take a look at my top favorite World of Warcraft races!

Night Elves

It may be odd for me to say that night elves are in my top two favorite races, considering I’m Horde for life, but they are.  I wish they were a Horde race.  I love the aesthetic, and how they have FANGS.  FANGS YOU GUYS.  In real life I am a treehugger of the highest caliber, and I really identify with the night elves because they’re also all about nature, balance, and all that hippie stuff, because I too am all about that hippie stuff.  Darnassus also happens to be my favorite city, and if I had to live in a capital city, it would be Darnassus.  Plus their ears make for so many earring options.  You can bet if I had those ears, every inch of ear space would be blinged out.

Favorite World of Warcraft races

Trolls come in second on my list of favorite races.  I love trolls.  I love their accents, and their funky hairstyles, and how the respect nature.  It’s not the same type of reverence as the night elves have, but they still very much respect and care for nature.  They are also the only Horde race that doesn’t look like a COW that can be a druid, and druids are my favorite class.  I also love how chill trolls are.  I feel like I’d be right at home in a group of trolls, sitting by the ocean, around a fire, smoking a bowl.

“You want anudda hit, mon?”

Yes, please, thank you, I would like another hit.

Also they don’t wear shoes.  You know they’re badass when they shun shoes.  And their fangs look so cool.  I’d get a ring for my fangs, with some feathers and diamonds on it.  I’d be Nicki Trollnaj.
Favorite World of Warcraft Races

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